Preparing game data before every start up 1GB

Finally there is some fix of that bug.

rad_aragon says:

I was having basically the same issue. Then I changed the voice language to match the game language (it was Portuguese BR / English previously) and then it stopped. Not sure why though

It worked for me too. I had text/voice - mylanguage/mylanguage game settings.
I changed it to mylanguage/english. Downloaded 1.3gb with a 500KB/s (my speed is much better, but nm), and now i can start the game without 1GB preparing game data downloading with 0.1 KB/s. BUT the language of game is in english, not in my language. But its ok at least i can play.

Please, tell Daernayc about this, I saw their last message in Preparing game data before every start up - #103 by MILO-2230


For the patch happening after closing the game, we’re looking into it but it’s not doing any actual download after some tests for the moment. For new reports, please start a new thread.

I will tell him, thanks for those informations ! :wink: