Preparing game data before every start up

Greetings, every time i start the game, I get the “Preparing game data” windows that downloads 137MB of something. Before every single game. Is that a catche problem or whatever and how can it be fixed?


Hey there TheTitan,

This is most likely related to an issue we’re tracking with the App constantly updating some of our games at the moment. The Dev team are investigating the issue right now.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused while this is being worked on.


Getting an update every time I close the game.

Tried testing it out:

  • Load HoTS and close w/o playing a match, close game. No Update
  • Load HoTS and play one match, ALT+F4 or normal close. Update

Is there some way to fix this?

Every time I boot up my pc or go out of sleeping mode and start BattleNet, HotS starts a 137MB update with the version remaining the same: Since I’m running on an SSD, I am obviously not very happy with my hard drive being overridden every time I start this game for no reason whatsoever.


Same bug on same version here.
Runnig on SSD too.
Waiting for a fix :slight_smile:


Hello folks,

Gathering up all the like-minded threads into one place for this issue. While this blue post is both in the US and on the WOW forum, it will probably be the quickest to get updated once there is something to announce. I will attempt to loop back around here to update you all directly as soon as I have more information.



well. i live in 3rd world country with 4th world country internet and i really like this game but this updates are killing me.


It has been broken for over half a week now, can’t you just revert to the previous version of bnet in the meantime that you fix it blizz?

what else do you want? new heroes and events too? cmon bro HOTS is dead for blizz not for its gamers. and now they do care about it because it is damaging the batlle net. don’t het you hopes too high.

Same thing here!!! AUS servers and NA servers.
Started happening at least a week ago (if not more).
I’m really considering not closing the game anymore until it’s fixed. Gonna save my SSD.

Dear GameDev Team ,

Pretty long time passed… and its really hard to mess with SSD space… are you going to fix it soon ? or should we skip the game for a month ?

tnx waiting for your swift reply

Here’s an easy workaround that does not require you to download again and again.

You can open HotS without by opening the HeroesSwitcher_x64.exe.

For most people it’s located in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of the Storm\Support64\HeroesSwitcher_x64.exe

Tip: make a desktop shortcut.

It does require you to logon though (make sure you pick the correct region so you don;t freak out thinking you lost everything).

How is this still not fixed after a month? Every time I launch Heroes of the Storm, it has to re-download ~150mb of data, which takes FOREVER since whatever server is hosting these files is only good for ~100-200kbps, despite being on a gigabit connection.


Because Blizzard doesn’t care about this game and haven’t for a long time. You’ll probably have to wait a few months for a fix.

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Please reach out to Customer Support with this. The issue has been flagged as fixed by the Developers so if you’re still experiencing it, they need to know. Going back to the original article, there are steps to be trying.

This is a platform issue, not game specific. :slight_smile:


I am still having this issue


This is not fixed.
Happens every time I launch the game.
Opens a window saying preparing game data, and takes a few minutes to download something

It’s happening to me too. 5+ min wait to start the game every time.

I love Blizzard, but this bug is there so long it’s beyond ridiculous.

Fix like your games…not working dead and also trash