Atheism and The Headscarf Skins

Hey everyone, I’m here to talk about something and I hope that everyone speaks about their own opinion respectfully wether you agree or disagree with me.
As an atheist, I generally believe that women and men are equal and women should not be forced to cover themselves because some invisible make believe man in the clouds says so, that even includes head scarfs. I don’t mind having the Ana and Pharah head scarf skins in the game at all, and whoever wants to use them is free to do so, what’s bothering me, and I believe is bothering other atheists who try to stick to their beliefs, is having mentioned skins show up in the game because I’m forced to look at a symbol of one sided oppression enforced by make believe fairy tales multiple times a day.

So what I wish for is to have an option to choose the skins that show in the game or to block certain skins from showing up in the game, or at least just for now, stop showing these skins all together. Again, these are my beliefs so please, if you want to share you opinion you don’t have to be disrespectful doing so.

If you work in blizzard/Overwatch team or know someone who does and you read this, please show this thread to someone who can help, I just want them to at least know how we feel about this thing. Thanks to everyone who read this and got to the end :blush:

I think blizzard have bigger issues atm. Lol


Greetings,@You ,that’s a reason why skins exsist at least in Overwatch,bcs they are fun,can’t claim for others games,bcs I am playing only Overwatch so,and I like all skins how they look,exactly all,it’s a game,and it’s made to be fun,that’s why we are playing it?I don’t think 98% players into Overwatch would agree with you,that Blizz have to put that kinda option tbh…

Alright get the religious part out of my thread, having an option to choose the hero/skin you want to show up on your main menu is a very cool idea and I’m sure almost all of you would agree to that idea, so let’s try to push this idea alone, not with the religious part to the devs, maybe they’ll like it!! :blush:

As an atheist you dont have belief so what should you care about other people having a belief?


This is what I got from your post.

“I don’t like seeing people expressing beliefs that don’t coincide with my beliefs.”

Full stop. No judgment. That is what you are saying, right? I am not going to tell you that you are wrong. But that is exactly what you said. And if that is what you believe, ummm, I might have some issues with that but I will hold my tongue. To each his own.

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as an atheist i don’t care about others religious believes because to me it’s all made up nonsense and if others choose to believe is none of my business and therefore dress attire don’t concern me unless it’s highly impractical where it causes problems for me or is an outward threat to me in some form or fashion.

because the only belief i have is that harming others is wrong, i hurt nobody as long as nobody is trying to hurt me.

so please, you don’t speak on my behalf when you say you want religious attire to be removed as non-fictional characters can’t harm me in any form or sense.


Well said.

We’re at a stage in life where people are complaining about such silly things that don’t harm anyone. They’re just skins, choosing them to be hidden because of certain triggered individuals is pretty far-fetched.

Why does it bother you exactly? It’s not like they’re in burkas and most people in arid climates wear headscarfs.

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Its a cartoon game, lighten up, have some fun, some things in life are REALLY serious, this is not one of them.

IMHO, your thoughts here are just as restrictive as those who’s customs and beliefs you’re critiquing and judge.

You’re in effect saying, they shouldn’t do (X), because my beliefs don’t align with them. And because my beliefs don’t align with them, I don’t want to see any symbol of that belief.

Some of the worst atrocities mankind has ever carried out have come out of that.

It’s a big world mate, with many many many beliefs and customs to go along with it. Some oppressive, some not, but most falling somewhere in the middle. That is the nature of humankind. It’s full of color and shade in mixed measure.

So if the mere sight of a headscarf in this case troubles you so, my humble opinion is that the problem rests with you, and not the headscarf. You’re unable to separate the fiction you’ve created from the reality that is there.

How do you feel about the women who if asked not to wear it, would take offense. Or those that take pleasure in, and take comfort from, wearing it? How does that fit your narrative? Honest questions here, not trying to bust your chops.

Ultimately, just talking Atheism and other beliefs here…you’re no more right, or wrong, than any other belief system out there. Even your belief in non-belief has a bit of, dare I say, faith to it. At a certain point, all of these philosophies come down to some unanswerable question that you have to leap over to throw down your flag and accept them as their own. That is the nature of all isms.

So if your belief says “don’t wear it.”, and another’s belief says “wear it.” Who’s right?

My thought for you…try to see the beauty in it.

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The Pharah bedouin skin is cultural and not a hijab. The weird thing about the OP’s post is that by definition the atheist doesn’t believe in God…so why would the OP even care? I’m an atheist and I have to agree with Shrinkray here.

What ALL of you seem to miss is that OP made this post as a response to someone else posting about removing the bikini dressed heroes from the start screen as it goes against their religious beliefs to look at undressed women.

So when OP started this thread I think he did it to prove the same point but without people judging based on religion.

But all of you still focus on the religious part of the post instead of the issue he tried to address: Being able to disable having heroes on the start screen or the skins they are wearing

Now discuss the issue or be quiet.


Don’t walk into a bar, if you can’t stand the sight of, or being around, alcohol.

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It’s funny how most of them don’t even notice it’s almost a 1 on 1 copy of indeed this thread :stuck_out_tongue: :


As soon as I read the thread I cringed (at least I know i’m not biased now) at the thought of this and then remembered the other thread. Well played.

God has the greatest sense of humour.

He laughs, as I do at all you atheists.

You think comedy, along with the rest of this universe is a happy accident?

You’re very short sighted.

Eventually you will learn that the reason you, and the rest of the universe is here, is not you.

It’s God.

Fortunately God embraces headscarves, Muslims, and atheists.

Come back with proof when god show himself to the world,until that i will believe in aliens instead.

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lets say i would live in egypt. the sun must be up quite alot. wouldnt it make sense to cover more of the body with clothing to stop the scorching sun from you know giving you sunburns and heating you up alot. also it would be kinda wierd not letting somone pick a skin that reflects some things that are common in the countries or fit the person. like wouldnt it be cool if Brig looked like a crusader in one of her skin