Current state of high rank


Games change but honestly if you want freedom you need coordination anyway to get something done what better place then lfg, while role enforcement and role queue and role based SR will help the solo queue player a lot more then a lfg system would that forces things on a player that they do not want or need.


Their can be a leag only for role que just like LoL did.
And role que/hero bans/pings aren’t this games only problem.
Their is just no Solo queue anyway… I do have a team to play with, but that doesn’t mean that i’ll play with them 24/7 since it is hard to gater 6 players.
On top of that my friends have team queue accounts only just for the fact that they want to solo que some times and not mess the team SR if they have some bad days.


They need to release 3 support and 3 tank heroes asap, honestly the meta is stale because we only have a few tanks and support heroes, tanks can truelly flex and be rewarding on some maps, supports tho feels like support roster only consist of 3 heroes each time no point in flexing at all i just don’t see why.


That true to an extend.
Lets not forget that they are tanks who just dont see any play.
Not because they are bad, but because the other once are better and have a flat out better team comp when stack’d.


Making the game more restrictive wont lead to a better experience in ranked. Especially when switching on the fly is something the game is known for, its a selling point. Furthermore ranked queue not only forces people to play one role and nothing else, it also forces a team composition with set number from each role.


That’s the thing about it.
Game is forced by team comps as it is. if its 2/2/2 it will be much easier for the devs to balanced things out without killing heroes or deleting roles from getting pick’d.
At the moment, the game is just balanced around Hammond dps team comps or goats multi tank comps. If they nerf goats, hammond team comps will take over and they are role unbalanced as well. One team is 3 tanks 3 supports other one is 1 hammond 1 mercy (Maybe a 2n support) and 3-4 dps.
2/2/2 will lock the game in a way that no role gets ignored. Because atm its just better to stack something (Damage or utility). With currently utility being dominating. I dont want to see one team comp being meta when the other one gets nerf’d, because in 1 month it will feel stale and we can see much more from this game. Since if goats is meta, dps in rank get set in the trash bin, and if Hammond team comps are meta then support and tanks are in the trash bin.
Like we can get back to this post in some time but trust me, the moment they nerf goats it will be hammond and 3-4 dps team comps. If one is just a little better it over takes high rank.

I have no problem if you think this is selfish but i just don’t think its selfish to want = rights for all the roles.

But if one team or hero is dominating in a 2/2/2 it will be much more easier for them to balance it without killing that heroes chances from being used in a different team comp.
Like pros atm wants Brig to be even more nerf’d.
(Video cuts to the pro players interview and skips Jeff & goats vs goats clips from OWL if you want to see them roll back)

Like Brig is already a hero who won’t see any play outside of goats. That itself limits her and team comps. Game is limited as it is, set roles will actually give it a lot more freedom but it will take a season or two to balanced that out as well.

My main point is that, this game can’t balanced goats, without making this heroes weaker for standard team comps.


Brigitte is simply a badly designed hero. It is more than evident.

You are saying it like in its current iteration the game is impossible to balance and they need to force role numbers. All they have to do is make all classes viable. 4 of one, 2 of the other two still means all classes are being played which is fine.


You think Suppot and Tank players will be fine with getting less pick’d?
As you see they are complaining about the armor changes as it is, yet they are the meta.
I’d love it if they at lest made a role que leag and keep there normal one.


Forced roles and 2-2-2 will be complained about as well.


That’s fine. People didn’t like hero limits as well.
In 2/2/2 nothing will get ignored.
I can’t say that the game was made to be a 2/2/2 but that to me feels the most fair way to go about it.
Like OWL is just the same as it was last year. Goat vs Goats.


2-2-2 can be stale too you know. Like 2 sniper DPS. Or 2 flanker DPS. Reinhardt + Zarya. D.Va + Winston. Ana + Lucio. So many times the pairs have been decided from the get go, it can create the same boring scenarios we see now.


But the moment, lets say 2 snipers are meta, then then do something to make it harder on them to use 2 snipers, like when it was 2 dmg boost support meta (Zen & Mercy). Until they hit a sweet spot.
Its better to nerf 2 heroes a little making it bad if you want to run the 2 of them then to nerf heroes to the point that they only start working in that team comp.


You are talking about changing 2 heroes. The current meta is decided by a single hero - Brigitte. Its much easier to curb her into the dirt than changing the entire philosophy surrounding the game.


They changed the games philosophy before. By removing no hero limits.
Its not an unreal thing to expect at this point.
I don’t want to go in circles with this. But im dead set that 2/2/2 will make everyone equally needed then the current meta balancing.
Because as it is iv had my fair share of playing Goats and Hammond dps teams.
If Hammond dps teams goes dominant it will take no time for it to get stale for me.
Like you are talking about limiting the game, yet the game atm feels like its limited and has heroes and team comps who are just ban’d from it to the point that its “phenomenal” that dafran pick’d Torb once in OWL.


That was an exploit. Multiple same heroes. There is no exploit with the current fluid roles, there is freedom.


Exploit that sat for the full closed and open beta on top of that a few seasons.
When in Season one it was meta to play 2 Tracers, 2 Syms and 2 Zens?
Back when Sym gived hp to Zen and Tracer that had 150 hp and Zens orb didnt drop from line of site.
Yaeh no they just saw that it will be much easier to balance the game.
And 2/2/2 will bring that. Like i said, they can’t make the game more stale.
This freedom you are talking about just doesn’t exist.
Sure you can pick any number of roles you wan’t, but will you have a wining chance? Nah because players know what to stack at this point.
If you want Damage you go over damage, if you want utility or defence you need to over stack on that as well. Plane 2/2/2 comps will lose to mix’d meta once.
Because one team with out damage them and the other will out tank/utility them.


The game did not even have competitive mode at launch, it was not finished, pretty easy for something like this to pass.

Of course it does. I can switch from support to Roadhog at any time and influence the game differently. Once the role enforcement and the 2-2-2 comes in place I’ll have the same influence throughout the game. I wont have the freedom to try anything different.

I don’t even understand what you are saying here. Are you saying that 2-2-2 is inherently inferior? Then why the hell do you want it to be the norm?


It had, it was like season 3.
If you look it up you’ll even find post that read.
“Overwatch’ Hero Limit Coming to Competitive Mode” & “Overwatch’s Competitive Play mode will soon limit players to having just one of any hero on the same team.”

What if they made it in a way, that just lock’s heroes out if they are 2 already picked? This will even make it so you have to coordinate with the team before doing so.

As of now its inferior. That wasn’t the case before.

Because it will be easier to balanced therefor keeping it from getting stale. Until they hit a sweet spot.

You want the freedom to swap from DPS to Roadhog.
Yet atm Brig doesn’t have that freedom in high rank.
She and others are just much better stack’d atm.

And like i said its either Hero ban’s or Role que.
No need to derail just for role que.


That was not my point. The game was sold in an unfinished state, it was rushed, they didn’t think the no limits through and there was no competitive scene to help them realize how broken it was. It only disappeared after repeated exploitation, something we do not have now.

I don’t understand what you are suggesting. So if 2 people pick DPS it will lock out the entire DPS class for the other 4? How is this good, it’ll be literally impossible to run 3 of anything so you cant switch off your role.

How do you even know it will be easier to balance? The current mess is because of a single hero. If anything dive was 2-2-2 and apparently Blizzard had to do something to change it. They screwed up. Besides, forced roles will do NOTHING for the tournament players because they are already forced into them by their teams. You are screwing over only the ladder.


Overwatch wasn’t unfinish’d it started development in 2007 and took more then 7 years.
It was just the smarter thing to do (remove no hero limit).
So what, don’t you feel limited if someone pick’d the hero you wanted? i know im kinda setting you up to tell me that you don’t one trick, but still you can’t pick the 5 heroes your teammates are on. You can call it an exploit if you want but it was removed because it was easier to balanced.

You can communicate with your team for switching.

Its not one hero. If tomorrow they remove brig. Something else will be exploited.
And if they add more heroes like Brig that hard counter goats, we will be back to rock, paper scissors.
Like stated before, if goats dies then its dps comps but if it doesn’t its goats.
This 2 team comps already limit the game.

Dive was 2/2/2 because the game has no heroes to fill this rolls. Hammond wasn’t in the game to join dive. The currenct dive comp is unbalanced. It works with 2-3 tanks 1-2 dps and 1-2 supports. Having the option to use Hammond, Winston as tanks, Tracer, Sombra, Genji and Doomfist as DPS and Lucio Moira as supports.
If your team wants to play these team comps, good luck swapping from what ever you played to something you want to pick thats not one of this set heroes without getting on there bad side.

I’m gonna end here and come back tomorrow if i have more things to add up its getting late and this feels more like a chat room atm. Night.