Is overwatch dead?


The answer is no. People think that, because they hear from their surroundings that they quit etc.
The thing is many people come to a point where they only play to win. They only care about SR. They dont have fun, but want to climb in elo. This is the point where you should pause the game,because playing feels like a chore at this point. Overwatch is a skill based game like many other games where you get better when you focus and have fun. Maybe you lost today a few games, although you think you get better at the game. SR doesnt equal skill. SR, your elo is just a tool to make games more or less even. Dont care about that. Care about you. NOT your teammates or the stupid numbers SR. You are important. You can get a better player if you want to. You just need fun and focus. Dont waste your energy by wasting it on your teammates. Never say “DOOMFIST SWITCH” or such bs. Its important to focus on yourself. On your gameplay, on your mentality. When you already play, play high quality. Its about high quality gaming. It is better to play just 1 hour a day with all your heart, than 10hours a day while you tilt, rage, sulk and cry. Their are so many points where you can get better, but we dont even realise it. Many people out there think just about Aim. No man. Aim is not even 50% of the game, even when you main widowmaker.
Look at that people who just press TAB to see their gold medals. Maybe start pressing TAB but pay attention to the ULT timer from your teammates etc. GLHF on the battlefield

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I am pretty sure it will be around for atleast 10 more years, blizzard keeps their games quite a long time alive


This is the best Thread I Read so far.
And dont bother about your english, like u wrote on fb, its pretty good - ntl ppl should get your point anyway.


Overwatch is bad and aways hiding its problems dont worry its grttin killed lil by lil to many good streamers quit it. If a game is death on twitch it will slowly fade away.

Like in this new forum you can no longer downvote content just so you know you got a downvote from me if i cude.


Aim being less than 50% part of the game is what bad players like to think.


Not all heroes in the game require aim first of all in order for you to play them. 1 example is Moira .


Look what he is saying. Even for heros who require aim to be effective aim is less than 50% important which is complete BS.

What will happen

  1. You pick a hero you know you cant aim with.
  2. You have great positioning, game sense etc to compansate.
  3. You get no kills anyway because you cant aim.



I main widowmaker and ana, and I got to diamond because of game sense, postioning and overall experience. ofc aim is important, but good aim wont make you climb, this is the reason why I wrote that aim is less than 50%. so think before you write bs


The only reason people are left with the impression that “everyone is leaving” is because people who “leave” are coming to the forums, writing about their complains, but those who are “staying” aren’t necessarily doing the same. So it’s just a case of that exact minority being more vocal than the other one, at least in my opinion.


Yeah , you gave the worst examples. Widow and ana are more like 80% aim based the rest is positioning and game sense . And good aim actually makes you climb along side with game sense, positioning and good communication.


i didn’t think much about people (mainly youtube creators) moving on to other games like Fortnite, but i had recent matches where everyone refused to be a tank when Brigitte is on the other team… even the way to pronounce her name is confusing to some… and i keep on shouting “why is she on Overwatch in the first place?!”

Brigitte is DEFINITELY ruining the game for me, and i never complained about a character or a hero on an online game before…

i mean… Genji, Doomfist and Sombra were challenging to combat but felt fair… but if there is a reason why people are stepping away from Overwatch, Brigitte is an answer i would choose…

today, i just said enough, and moved back to Rocket League… enough is enough… i may even go back to CSGO and Rainbow 6 Siege because Fortnite doesnt make much sense to me…

i do not know whether Brigitte will receive an update soon, i just want to vent my frustration and forget about Overwatch for a while…

Overwatch stopped being fun… for me…


Fortnite and similar games have damaged Overwatch because many players drop into Overwatch and want to play it like such games, they grab a hero and want to frag people and they don’t understand it is a TEAM shooter where you are there to support and synergize with your team to achieve the objective.

This is also made worse by the one trick smurfs who instead of setting an example to new players will stay on their one trick regardless of how countered or weak it is the current objective.

Blizzard need to do something to encourage teamwork which may involve forced role selection.


Knowing Blizzard, i think this game will be really big once the hero pool is increased over time.


Well said. I personally enjoy playing the game more and more. Rating is not going up drastically, but I keep getting better with so many different heroes and in other ways.

A couple of days ago I was in a game where a person just decided to start throwing out of nowhere, and when asked about it, he said he might as well throw if everyone was. I was a bit stunned at first, like where is this guy coming from. No one in our team was throwing even one bit, and I have no idea where he got the idea that people were throwing.

Apparently I’m at the point where I can just politely explain that no one is throwing, and just stop caring about it. Either he throws, or then he doesn’t. I’ll just keep on trying my best. That’s when I realized I’m really enjoying the game, when not even throwers can screw up the fun.


Really good post. It’s true that the current competitive system is too flawed, which makes it too hard to tryhard this game. You will give up at some point because of bad teammates etc.

I will try to enter my next games with this mindset, caring about the nice long fights, not about if I won or lost.


perfect! This is the best mind set. When no one can steal the fun from you.


Having fun at the expense of 5 other people is cancer because if your idea of fun is playing a TEAM based shooter where the entire game is designed around that idea by doing whatever you like regardless of what your team requires you might as well either go play death match or solo queue in games like PUBG or Fortnite.

The issue and only issue in Overwatch are the players and this is the simple truth, they are toxic because they know what they are doing or that simply cannot grasp what this game is and play it like any random arena shooter.

What the OP doesn’t seem to grasp is many players who have left this game or hardly play it have plateaued mechanically and the only improvement they can make is game sense and teamwork and when the environment to do that is denied to them by a toxic, selfish and childish playerbase they stop playing because fun is last thing they can have playing this game.


I mean ofcourse they are games you cant carry, games where leaver and troller harras you, games where people flame you for no reason or games where you teammates pick heroes they can not even play. But in the end we have to remind ourself that we play to improve and to have fun and no one should steal our fun from the game above all not ourself.


Hate to say it Rivah but, you got a downvote on all your posts in this thread from me. Honestly, Schnorrer1 is right on all counts. People tend to forget about the true spirit of video gaming.

Has anyone here ever watched Ready Player One? Seriously, watch it. The movie will teach you a LOT about the true spirit of gaming. It will also show you what a true (if over-exaggerated) example of a salty, over-competitive, rage monster looks like (News flash that’s the badguy).

It’s no use getting salty or raging. If you’re having a bad time in comp and feel yourself starting to rage, switch to quick play, or take a break from the game. Overwatch isn’t your whole life people. Take time to take a load off.

Edit: I’d also like to point out that a lot of streamers quit Overwatch because there is a very vocal minority of salty rage monsters that they just don’t like being around. Seriously, a vocal and toxic minority beside a quiet and reserved majority can really mean the difference. If less people were toxic in the Overwatch community, more people would stay. It’s a fact, just look at League of Legends.


hope not seriously how can i play this game when its dead