Is overwatch dead?


Your a wise man. But this game is just to big not every player wil be like this. And hate them for it you know they mayby dont realise this stuff and keep playing even after 2big tiltnes.


As somone that’s been away from the game for 4+ months iv come back to find the que times are so long compared to the instant joins they used to be so it deffently feels like less people are playing


I don’t think overwatch is dead, but I know for a fact overwatch is dying. I’m a genji and zenyatta main just to make myself clear, but I still know how to play 90 percent of the others heroes. The reason I told you that is so you understand why overwatch is dying at this stage. I’ve been in the game since season 3 and so I’ve been playing before any doomfist was added but when he was, that’s when most things went south for overwatch. Overwatch was one of the most popular games switch nearly everyone streamers that recorded for YouTube like Seagull, Loserfruit, Muselk and other pro or funny players. Back in the old days of overwatch there was abit of toxicity like when an ana sleeps a nano genji but it was fine and you picked yourself up right afterwards because the sleep was dank and you wanted to play more. But then characters like Moira or brigette got added to the game and mercy and torb got a rework. Moira is a stupid hero that have got many gold and plat players into masters by simply holding right click because the length of that beam is the same distance as how far my parents pushed me away and that beam gives Moira fudging healing, not to mention she’s got a dark rasengan to beat your meat. But it wasn’t too bad since she was the only Overpowered DPS healer in the game…then there was brig. Brig was able to stun through rein shields giving dva an opportunity to tactical nuke a fudging team because of a steroid women can just tap rein. But after the rework she doesn’t stun through barriers anymore but that still doesn’t mean you other heroes ain’t fudged. I mean a simple hold right click and press left click can stop ultis, rein charge, doom charge genji deflect, but it doesn’t stop me from being born (why didn’t it). Doomfist is fine because he requires quiet abit of skill to use him and Hammond is cute as shiz but can fudge off cause he’s not a tank just cause he’s got alot of health. Mercy got a rework making her Rez an ability that can barley be used cause you know, Lucio, brig, rein, mcree, dva, junk, widow, Ashe basically any hero that can do 2 damage per second can stop this girl using rez unless the enemy team don’t have monitors or youve played 826 hrs of assassin’s creed to sneak a Rez. They switched out her ultimate for a Valkyrie switch is…fun but completely off the point. Torb got reworked which made him extra op because not you have to get out of the turrets line of sight because it’s flicks onto your hitbox like necros on that pharah, but you aren’t allowed to touch the ground now since there is hot molten fudge you goo all over the ground. The point I’m making here is that overwatch is being forced into such a hard counter that the game can’t be playable if that one character is on the enemy team and the only way you have to win is by mirroring them. OVERWATCH used to be a game of skill and fun but at this point if you have one hard counter then you’re fudged you can’t play that hero that you’re good at. I got to diamond cause of my genji but now I can’t play any of the heroes I want to and I’m good at because someone has a hero that requires no skills and fudges everyone over. If I’m honestly they need to get rid of brigs charge, Moira needs a whole rework or even have a limited ammo instead of limited healing and bring back the old torb and mercy, make mercy valk an ability like torb but give her Rez again. I think that would make OVERWATCH a more playable game again.


Unlike cs or tf2 overwatch is team based with skills.

And yes game is gaming bad popularity and dying.

Its wont die todas. But maybe in 1.5 years. Maybe 2.

Theres Will always be players. And ow can always go f2p so it lives a bit longer.


Not dead, but not to be taken seriously either, unless you play it as a Virtual Teamwork Simulator. Marketing it as an “ultimate team-based shooter” is a joke.


If the forum can be an indication anything then it’s an indication of low activity. It used to be much more active. Same with queues.


The answer is yes.

20 character limit HAH


Less people are playing it for obvious reasons but I still have fun. It’s a great casual shooter that can be a blast if you get a good team where everyone’s in vc, working together.

Of course the game can also frustrate people a lot so it’s understandable why so many have taken a break.


It’s cyclical. People proclaim WoW to be dead every x months also until new content comes out, or significant enough new features. So far we’ve seen about 1 new hero every 3 months or so; I imagine we’ll hear about Hero 30 on PTR by the end of the month or early Feb, and 2019’s edition of Lunar New Year event around the same time. But imo, it wouldn’t hurt to have more regular arcade modes, but we’d need to see a new major game mode; coop vs bot horde? Something like Double Dom, Bombing Run or Onslaught from the UT-verse? Any other main modes people would want to see? if the 6v6 limit could be breached, could have at least some more varied, bigger battles and more interesting comps


Your opinion has been noted, citizen.


Because TF2 tried to be fun more than “balanced” and competitive focused.


TF 2 is a dead game at this point, nothing like it was back in the days.


Not denying it. Their mistake was doing exactly what I stated they didn’t do originally.


This made me laugh.

This game is dying.
Extremely repetitive, lack of maps, lack of actual arcade modes (spin-off games like Lucio Ball or Lucio parkour), not allowing people to play the PvE modes,
a badly designed FOV and still no mod support for a game
that would benefit from it… oh yeah and not much lore because that’s a thing.

I played this game since launch near non-stop and 2018 was the year this game actually died for me even after taking breaks. That’s roughly 2 years of playing while I played TF2 for 7 or 8 years and BFBC2 for almost 5 years.

I’ve been playing Tekken 7 for a while and it amazes me how losing near constantly to good players and spending time in the lab practicing is a lot more fun than Overwatch when it comes to replayability.

If the Devs actually put more effort into the actual game and did not slack off making skins and rebooting events, minus one, then I would consider playing this game. I know I know they fix bugs and internally play test new heroes but that’s something they have to do along with everything else, kinda like buying food for your kids and raising them.


Yes Blizzard is a bankrupting company because of activision now they all sucks


Dying maybe, dead no.

TF2 is 11 years old and gets 50,000 players a day because valve aren’t scared to show the stats, OW, well never know because it’s all cloak and dagger at actibliz


I don’t think that OW is dead or would be in the future but it’s certainly declining and I’m not even afraid of saying that it’s dying anymore as the game just got a permanent 50% price cut. It doesn’t look good at all.


Like i can’t take a game with no role que srs, only time i play is when i have a team to play with, and lets face it, having 5 other people online and ready isnt going to happen non stop. There is no solo queue in this game.

After eatch game i go for a smoke then i queue again and boom, the same players. Like i feel like i know the people who i play with on the back of my hand.


Tbh, this cheered my up, thank you!


Thanks to the latest patch it might as well be. I’m done.