Is overwatch dead?


As long as it gets my point accros i fine with it.


you will lose the fun in gaming with that attitude. Believe me, playing games is way more fun when you try not to tilt etc.
ofcourse you cant “not tilt” for 10hours straight, but for a certain time. You, your teammates and your sr will benefit from that in the end ^^. Its training.


I started late 2017 so I can’t say I ever experienced OW in its prime in regards to the size of the community but to me it seems fully alive & very active compared to other games I play/have played. There are problems that need to be fixed but I think Blizzard are on the ball and can handle it. Sure, they might not be perfect but personally I’m very impressed with them compared to the disappointment that is other game developers. I really regret not playing Overwatch earlier, great game even if some things tilt me.

Side note: I’ve began tilting a lot less recently by engaging less with toxic people (ignoring them, they often stop stop talking and u cant please those types of ppl - makes the game much more enjoyable)


Don’t know that the game is dying, but it seems like they can’t decide if they want to cater to casual players or pros, and try to balance the game for both. I don’t like having changes forced on me because of what people do in competitive when I don’t play it. Some people are gonna quit over that sort of thing, I stopped playing for 5 months myself.


Oh boy, I definitly hope they are!!


No, it’s not dead. Maybe a little boring if you play alone, but with some friends, it is very fun. As far as I know, there a new season starting in just 2 days, which is even better.

  1. You pick a high skill (charge to fire seems to be what determines this :roll_eyes:) hero you can “aim with” or whatever.
    2.) You stand out in the open on a balcony taking potshots and get a kill or two.
    3.) A dva or pharah see you sticking out like a plump hotdog and zoom over and put you back in the spawn room.
    4,)you write a forum post, Is “x” hero op? Therse no counter! Muh aim!
    ( Same goes for standing in front of brigitte while you get circled and comboed to death. lol)
    Muh aim! Muh AIM!!!


Just check Overwatch’s Twitch numbers on a regular day. Most popular streamers dropped the game for good.

It is now normal to see viewership of OW drop below games like PoE, and PoE to be fair is extremely boring to watch. Which clearly points out that OW became even more stale and boring to the point that very few people want to play or watch it.

Last time I played, QP queue time was 6+ minutes in low diamond mmr. A year ago, it never hit 2 minutes, even during nighttime.

The game may not be completely dead yet, but it is clearly dying pretty fast. And Blizzard does its best to hammer every nail into its coffin.

Edit: At the moment of this writing, OW is below PoE, Destiny 2 and FIFA 18 in viewers, with a total of 12k. Which is the lowest I remember seeing it since release.


I really doubt this game is dying as quickly as you claim and unless you have more evidence to back it up other than just Twitch, then your opinion is only speculation. The game does go through quiet patches just like every other game out there, and at the moment it’s nearly the end of the event and also the comp season in a couple of weeks. Players may also be enjoying the E3 events and not be playing Overwatch as much, and I’m sure there are other reasons people might not be on it as much either.

The game also has a revamped report system since this time last year and it’s more common for players to get suspended or banned (whether it’s legit or not). Even some famous streamers have been on the side of receiving this, actually sometimes that’s enough to give up the game if you feel it undeserved.

In the end unless you have research of the game over a longer period, so for now and perhaps a few months ahead, then any claim of “dying” is just dramatisation.


Why do you think it is not enough? Aren’t famous streamers also humans like you and me who play the game?

When people like Wraxu, Dafran, TimTheTatman, ChipSa, Lassiz, Iddqd and many more just move on from the game to something else, not to mention many more long time before them, isn’t that the most obvious proof that a lot of people, even those who made money from it, no longer want to play it in its current state?

From personal perspective, the report system in OW is a joke, worst in the industry BY FAR. One of the reasons I personally don’t play the game more than a week every new season. Getting banned for no reason is the biggest incentive you can give anybody to throw the game into a trashbin.


I think streamers are a bad example of ppl getting tired of the game, I mean most ppl log in do a game or two (or 10 if its going well lol) and move on, but streamers do it for a living, they have to play it for several hours every day, its normal that they get bored faster.

But yeah, I see ppl on twitch make fun of how few viewers OW has lately saying its a dead game, and ofc 90% of them are just your typical twitch assholes wanting to trigger random ppl, but others actualy mean it. They need to understand that viewers on Twitch dont metter, if a guy like Lirik starts playing OW, he will bring like 30.000 viewers with him, but only one extra guy will be playing the actual game.

Hving that said, I love the game but im slowly quitting it aswell, the ammount of assholes (not just in OW, but in all online games) are just too much to have fun anymore


Wrong, they lose players. Happens to all games.


The hype is over, people are moving on.


I played alot. Had fun but it has been going the worst direction possible for a year now. I really do not understand how people thought an arcade game with cheat ultimates can be a competitive game either. I saw no point in that. Blizzard is forcing leagues and all, but it failed, and will fail worse as time passes. It is good as an arcade game, nothing else. I will not get into the toxicity issue as we all know, this game has the worst toxicity around.


actually the community forced e-sport and I like it so I feel sorry that you dont have fun for the game.


Overwatch might be dying , not dead. They were all focused on e-sports and fortnite/realm royale. **[quote=“Schnorrer1-2225, post:1, topic:186, full:true”]
The answer is no. People think that, because they hear from their surroundings that they quit etc.
The thing is many people come to a point where they only play to win. They only care about SR. They dont have fun, but want to climb in elo. This is the point where you should pause the game,because playing feels like a chore at this point. Overwatch is a skill based game like many other games where you get better when you focus and have fun. Maybe you lost today a few games, although you think you get better at the game. SR doesnt equal skill. SR, your elo is just a tool to make games more or less even. Dont care about that. Care about you. NOT your teammates or the stupid numbers SR. You are important. You can get a better player if you want to. You just need fun and focus. Dont waste your energy by wasting it on your teammates. Never say “DOOMFIST SWITCH” or such bs. Its important to focus on yourself. On your gameplay, on your mentality. When you already play, play high quality. Its about high quality gaming. It is better to play just 1 hour a day with all your heart, than 10hours a day while you tilt, rage, sulk and cry. Their are so many points where you can get better, but we dont even realise it. Many people out there think just about Aim. No man. Aim is not even 50% of the game, even when you main widowmaker.
Look at that people who just press TAB to see their gold medals. Maybe start pressing TAB but pay attention to the ULT timer from your teammates etc. GLHF on the battlefield



I don’t think it’s dead I just think it’s nowhere near as fun as it used to be. Doomfist was a horrible addition, one hit kill, stun, fling you all over the place - who ever thought that is remotely fun to play against?

Then there’s the new maps. Rialto is…ok…ish at best. Horizon and Blizzardworld are both awful.

QP always puts you into games just to see a “Defeat” screen - and yes i know it’s not Comp but more than just comp should be enjoyable.

For the most part the arcade is the same as QP, rarely do you get into a match from the start…


That’s incredibly ironic coming form a brig main, especially the stun mention. At least DF needs skill and has a high risk.


Oh god not you again.

Did you start your Mercy main account yet? This is the last time i’m going to respond to you, you’re incredibly boring

Oh and just FYI I find her fun to play because of her style not the shield bash. If you check some of the Brigitte threads you’ll see that i’ve previously stated that I don’t think she really requires it as part of her kit, or if she does, in my opinion, it shouldn’t affect the tanks (people bigger than her).

Anyway run along now, your Mercy needs to be in masters in 13 days


I see Toupher posting and making a hole lot more sense than the mercy/brig mains trying to justify there lack of skill. Brig was a big step in the wrong direction for this game and it makes the game less competitive as a whole. She needs to be completely reworked since just removing her probably isn’t an option.