Is overwatch dead?


Dying slowly, will get faster at the end of this year. If you are looking to buy a game, go look for a newer game because this trend is over. Blizz milked this cow dry, their team is getting smaller and updates are worse than ever.


That how you describing your opinion?, I though OW is for adults.


Your doomsday preach is getting old and sad pal, no offense.
There are doomsday sayers everywhere, its not an OW trend, it happens everywhere. When a game like this hits so much success and players, after 2 years, there is people that after a sudden shift change (meta change to stun meta) they start getting annoyed and salty and come with “oh old times were better” comments etc.

Yeah all those Dive fans and tripletank/beyblade will scream loud but that doesnt make them right.

Theres a point in the stun meta being annoying though, if you face certain comps and then add Wrecking Ball to the mix … this is going to be a Chaos fest of stuns and people flying. CC and stuns feel cheap and really denies reflexes, reactions and organized team play. You can just sit back, tell your team to attack your target, stun and then bash everything on it and get a successful elim.

I will give this to the doomsayers : Stun/CC metas and heroes are not the right direction. Inventing new mechanics is hard in videogames but theres no pressure. OW team can bring heroes that have mixed mechanics and different flavors without going into full stun/disabling people like nuts.


It aint dead as long as i am playing it, there may be rough times but that’s oke game is’t always gonna be in perfect state, however its in a much better state then it used to be and only getting better.


i would really argue whatever it’s dying

from 2017ish to 2018ish she sold 5m copies of the game

2017 -blizzard announced that they sold 35m copie
ht tps://

2018 blizzard announced that they sold 40m copies
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seems like the game keep growing


Blizzard hides statistics for a reason. They do not want people to see the decreasing number of players. If it was going good believe me they would advertise it all over the place which would bring more people. “Please be my guest and ask them to show monthly player count chart, they will not show it no matter what.”

You can see steam games’ player counts. Why? They do not hide things for the sake of making money. If player count goes down you can see it there, every game loses players after a while. And it is happening here, you can fool yourself all you want but this is the reality.

When the game first released they made a lot of advertising and sold good numbers. But now the sales decreased from 35 to 5. You can not expect sales to go 0 overnight. Next year it will be probably 2. Besides old players are mostly leaving, even korean scene and streamers are decreasing at an accelerating level. So lots of those 35 million owners are not playing anymore.


To be able to conclude anything about game’s state, which in this particular case equals its player base growth or decline, you need much more than just ‘copies sold’: you need data on active accounts, retention rate, average time spent in game, factor out smurfs (single player having several copies of the game is just one active player at a given point in time), etc.

Most of local forum speculations are just hand-waving arguments, some more, some slightly less.


Ever since the CC / Spam meta of season 10-11 everyone has been quitting, having less and less people to play with daily and matches are taking longer to find, please Blizzard make the game fun again, the cluster of instant-death and cc just isn’t fun to play anymore.


Because that’s the nature of games. Your anecdotal evidence for why the game is dying this time will just stack onto the other anecdotal evidence.


what indicates this game dying? by your logic it was dying from day 1…


You can add me if you want to play or something xD

But i don’t really know about the game dying? It’s the same for me with trying to find a game, like it takes up to 5 minutes at some points and it can really get annoying.

I’ve seen many people going to play fortnight instead and leaving overwatch which is kinda sad.

Overwatch is my first EVER real game i’ve started to play since last year in summer i think and tbh i’ve had quite fun, sure the game can be annoying at some points when you’re team is toxic etc, but i really just ignore all of that and continue to play as i want and with what hero i want to haha.

I’ve learned to not take in so much toxic or hate comments from others beacuse it only brings me down and i hate that. I want to be happy and play overwatch and have fun. i LOVE overwatch since it’s my first ever FPS game and i don’t care if people are hating me for it IDFG about others opinions on me, if they don’t like it they can stop complaining and do something else xD

Sorry about my little rant haha i got so caught up in the moment lol xD but seriously i feel the same as OP the game feels like it’s dying and i want improvements from jeff and the overwatch team xD


I dont think that the community is garbage, I believe that the toxic people are stuck in everyones head most.
No one remember that nice genji player who switched off , so that you can play genji. Or that guy who call outs 24/7 without toxic attitude.
We only remember the bad people which blame us for their mistakes etc.

Its important to work on ourself. on our mindset so that we dont get triggered by toxic people. its all training. To everyone: dont get triggered by toxic people, and dont defend/justify yourself. Just mute these toxic people, because whatever you say, you wont convince them, because in their minds you are the evil.

most toxic people can not comprehend the stress in their little brains :smiley: and this is why they get heated so fast


It’s just a broken game. The MMR rating or whatever it is, is a joke. That needs to be reset. I was at 3k took a couple seasons off and no matter how good/bad you do you usually always get around -300/+300 after placements anyways.But the most annoying thing is how they always nerf and buff Heros every season. This season feels like a hanzo/bridgette meta. Just like when Mercy was buffed you couldn’t play another healer at high comp because she was just way better than anything else. Same thing with Roadhog who I used to always play. His hook delatches alot now and you cant even one shot most squishes anymore for the most part Rein and Zarya seem to be the only effective tanks now. DVA just feels useless now


This is a good point. I’ve always thought… if you’re using your limited free time to play a video game and you’re not enjoying it, then ask yourself what are you doing?

If you’re stuck in a toxic mood and raging and not enjoying yourself, you’re continuing that destructive behavior for a reason. You’re frustrated with something in your life and you can’t control it, so you’re looking for an outlet in the game and not finding it that day. Maybe it’s something else, maybe you’re stressed and need to kick back and do something mechanical and hit some buttons. Maybe you don’t feel successful or valuable that day so you look to bolster your self esteem with some POTGs and wins. Whatever is your reason for playing is fine, but pause and assess if you’re enjoying yourself or not - if not, do something else for a bit.

It’s so counterproductive to spend your free time doing something that is making you angry or stressed. Take a break, come back later. Use the game in a way that increases your quality of life.


gta 5 is not popular on twitch but have a huge player base.


agreed agreed and agreed


I played with the same guy 4 times in a row - 3 times as a teammate and 1 as an enemy. I understand Blizzard looks for people close by, for better ping, but considering how many French guys who cant stop babbling in their language I get and how frigging far away I am from France I kinda doubt I am only getting to play with my neighbors.

On the other hand the avoid teammate function I love abusing doesn’t extend my waiting times too much so i dunno


You can pirate GTA making it a free game, overwatch is 40 euro.
Overwatch blew up cause every streamer or youteber played it at one point but then most of them droped it.
Kinda like what’s happening to fortnite atm, but fortnite is free so it’ll stay alive for a little longer.


There are quite a few problems still lingering around, if they persist any longer, this game might take the record of the shortest lifespan of any Blizzard game.


Anyone has the statistics of daily or monthly player count?
Oh wait they are hiding that info for some secret reason :smiley: