This reaper buff is way too much


It literally feels like the games just which reaper gets ultimate first now = win. he heals way too fast whilst ulting.

Current state of Reaper is absurd

Play widow and headshot him…


Instead healing buff Reaper should gain 25 hp more (Doomfist to) and buff to dmg as it is joke that Reaper can be instantly shut down, same as doomfist. Buff to healing helps but not when Hanzo or Widow can oneshot him. It is also a joke some lousy scientist with no combat experience as Mei is as resistant as genetically moddified super human. Roadhog and Reinhardt makes at least a little sence since radiation could have changed Roadhog a lot beyond human.


tanks have basically become useless, you we had rein and road go up against him and they couldn’t do a thing about his healing, he literally heals the rein smashes. this isnt any fun anymore, you’re just ruining up the meta and you keep making your game worse, I recommend fixing this because you might soon lose most of your fanbase.


You have tank … Reaper gots close to rein, rein charges catching reaper and pinning him or escaping - succes. Roadhog - hook headshot +ew melee, reaper dead before single move. - flies away, hammond rolls away, Windsor jumps away, Orrisa takes armor and melts reaper pulling him back, Zarya shield … Reaper cannot heal… and this is common standard on platinum I am playing. I don’t know if all plat players have aimbots but they execute it pretty well.


Nice way of thinking :confused:
First of all, to everything you said to kill Reaper, I’d just say Mist form.
Rein takes time to charge, enough for Reaper to side step or shoot 2 times.
Roadhog hook ? If the player makes 1 little mistake and doesn’t kill the Reaper while he’s stun, he dies, as Reaper will be very close and get a huge HP regen.
D.Va flies away ? Like you just show your back and you’re already dead simply because your flight speed isn’t that high so Reaper can hit 2 or 3 shots before you’re totally safe.
Hammond’s only utility is to roll away anyway.
Winston jumps away sure, and become useless because he can’t go in anymore (same for D.Va btw).
Orisa has 400HP, it’s her who’s gonna get melted, especially since Reaper is able to walk, so he can come back to your side of the barrier.
Zarya shield’s down in 1 shot of Reaper, useful if you want to live 2 more seconds.
And above all, there are just cooldowns, so nah all these techniques won’t work every time, except if you want your tank to simply walk across the map and keep its abilities for its own survival.

#7 Def matrix = reaper not doing dmg or healing.
Zarya bubble = reaper not doing dmg or healing.
Good rine shield play = reaper not healing
Brig stun + some poor focus = reaper dead
Mccree stun = reaper dead
Widow/Hanzo headshot = reaper dead
Roadhog hooking a reaper in his team = reaper dead
Ana nade = reaper not healing or having to used his escape
And for reaper ult, i havnt seen a reaper ult go off uninterrupted.
At worst just use one of the best ults in this game to stop an ulting reaper like Shatter, Trance, Sound wave, Grave.
And what about Pharah/Mercy? Reapers sure enjoy them.
Bastion comps? Goats? all work vs him…


D.Va def matrix = 2sec of use.
Zarya bubble = protects from 1 shot.
Good Rein shield play = Reaper knows how to walk, so he juat has to come closer.
Brig/McCree = are you trying to say that every dps that gets stunned dies every time ? Especially since Reaper has 250HP.
Widow/Hanzo headshot = are you saying that every Widow/Hanzo hits head every single time they shoot ?
Roadhog hooking a Reaper in his team = I hope he dies in 1v6 lmao, but it’s not even sure with that buff
Ana nade = yeah it’s the point of the nade, bit as you said yourself, Reaper can escape
And for Reaper ult then explain to me why it has never been reworked if it doesn’t work and never kill anyone ?
I could use the same arguments than you used, Transcendence ? Ana nade. Sound wave ? Nanoboost/damage boost the Reaper. Grav ? How is your Zarya supposed to charge/place her grav if she can’t stay alive ?
Yeah Pharah/Mercy could counter a Reaper, as it has always been ?
Sure everything works, especially GOATS since tanks are now just huge walking hitboxes, perfect to charge Reaper’s ult and oh ? heal him !


i played 10 matches as tank in ctf and reaper is far too OP, he kills’s mech easy, roadhog is just a moving health pack. why buff the biggest tank buster? only orisa can kill him.


Deleting reaper from the game would be a positive step in the right direction or actually making him a skill based hero.

When they buff 20+% on anything on any low skill floor hero, it’s always going to be a bit too far.


So by your logic they need to just trow reaper back in the garbadge like before?
With a record close to 0% pick rate for pro play this year… Yeah no 20% more healing didn’t magicly make reaper a meta must pick. Nor will a melee hero be meta in GM or masters. Because his melee and not with at lest 500 hp… is basicly a flying reaper that can do stuff other then deal dmg and doesn’t need to reload.
Roadhog is just a fat reaper with a CC and self healing on cd.
Bastion is just a mid ranged imobile reaper.
Reaper is just a noob killer like doomfist. Only reason his getting hated right now.
This hero is as easy to cripple as doomfist for the same reason.
His not a release date Brig that took 6 people focusing her just to have a chance to kill her. You can 1 v 1 a reaper even if shes in your face with a lot of heroes as well, but getting range worst on him unlike on Brig because he doesnt have a 500 hp shield that removed all the punish you gived him.
On widow or hanzo you dont need to headshot a reaper to kill him… the headshot just makes is faster.


You forgot to mention that Roadhog can still dmg people from range bigger than 8 meters :slight_smile:


Because no one picked him once every time tanks are meta. And tanks are aways meta up to the point that they stopped needing dps?

Clearly with how tanks and support are a must pick and most are low skill capped, blizzard dont have a problem with making “easy heroes” good. I mean just look at hanzo his a better easier widowmaker. He can do everything a widow does but better on top of having an ok ult, killing barriers, moving/jumping/dashing while sniping.


Is it tanks fault if people never think about picking Reaper to counter a GOATS ?
And sorry to tell you that but in close range (where tanks can do damage), no tank 1v1 a Reaper, and that’s normal it’s his role.
D.Va ins’t just a flying Reaper, since her hitbox it 10 times larger, and she has no self healing.
Roadhog isn’t just a fat Reaper, his shots spread more than Reaper’s and same story for the hitbox, and still, yeah he has a heal that reduces damages but just try by yourself, you’re far from being invincible during that time.
Reaper has always been a character able to do massive damage (especially against tanks and by using his ult), buffing his self healing up to 50% will just make a snowball effect: that Reaper is better than you ? Then you have no way to kill him.
Btw we’re all talking about 1v1 but add any healer to that Reaper and it’s done, I’ve already seen Reaper ults being cancelled because 6 people did the necessary to kill him, but now, Nano him and you get an unkillable monster, with huge HP regen, damage reduction and damage dealt.
Honnestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Reaper getting more healing done than a Zenyatta.


I main tanks and I main reaper. The only thing I can say for sure is that this is way too early to cry about the reaper changes. Of course everybody’s picking reaper right now because he’s buffed. But here’s the catch: Reaper is still Reaper, and Reaper has A LOT of counters. Reaper simply cannot do any damage at long range. So if you see a reaper on the other team, you can switch to literally any long(er) range hero and counter that reaper. So that’d be Widowmaker, Ashe, Hanzo, Mccree, soldier 76, torbjörn (to a certain extend), hell even Zenyatta when Reaper isnt focussing him, or what about Ana nade? removes all the self heal. Or you can hook him as hog and focus him down as a team. Also, reaper ult is cancelled by: matrix, hog hook, ana sleepdart, brig stun, doomfist punch, mccree flash, any shield, (not sure about soldier rockets and sombra hack), and then i havent even touched all of the ults that counter reaper’s ult (such as zen ult).


If you want to kill an ulting reaper that has nano, all you need to do is high burst damage. So that’d be a widow headshot for example. He’s not unkillable. He’s not a monster. He’s just your friendly neighbourhood freak that has a passion for environmental waste and death.


I’d like to argue that hanzo is nowhere near a widowmaker, simply because hanzo shoots projectiles and widowmaker has hitscan damage. With hanzo, if you can hit a headshot all the way across the map, the same way that widowmaker can, then you either have godly prediction skills or are insanely lucky. Hanzo simply cannot utilize very small time windows the same way widow can. I’m talking about when rein drops his shield for a split second. A good widow can headshot the support in that split second while being on the other side of the battlefield. A good hanzo simply can’t do that, unless he knows rein is going to drop his shield that exact moment.


Just click the head 4Head


I would be saying what things? the things I said in my post? I’m sorry but I really dont have any idea what you’re trying to say.

edit: or do you mean I wouldnt say these things because I should hate reaper with my entire being? I’m sorry, but I dont. What I see, is that reaper isnt picked very much. He wasnt picked when tanks became huge in meta, and he wasnt picked when tanks basically became the meta. Now bastion has a spot in the meta, as a goats counter, which is nice. But reaper wasnt picked to counter goats, and I trust the pro teams they have their reasons for that. now suddenly a huge influx of reapers come into our game, just like when a new hero is announced, and how everyone is crying about reaper being too strong. but reaper isnt too strong. And I know that because, as a tank main, I dont go alone to 1v1 a reaper. I wait for my team and I try to do my job as a tank, which isnt killing reaper, but providing space for my team so that they can kill reaper for me.


They also shouldn’t work EVERY time, reaper is a tank buster. You also never mentioned his healthregen other then vs hog. So what stopped him from killing all tanks before?