This reaper buff is way too much


Hey everyone,

Iv been enjoying reading the above posts and can only describe my opinions on reaper from what I have experienced as a DPS main.
Since the buff I have had issues countering him and keeping him off my tanks and due to the buff, there is always a reaper in the opposite team now. Does this mean he is broken, or does it mean I need to switch and learn to counter him better. Who knows?
I can feel the fear from most main tanks when he gets close but work together, get that communication up and he will be down in seconds. (Might take 1 of you with him haha).
It’s a team game, remember that. I found that to be my best counter.

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Hey, glad to see that there are some people who understand tank players ^^
Actually, yeah as a tank it’s more than problematic to encounter a Reaper now, and being forced to be protected by DPS is a bit controversial.
The problem is that there’s probably not enough communication (and if you read that Drenzul, that may be the reason why we were arguing ?)
Personally, I find sad when a character needs several enemies to be taken down, like it was the case for Brigitte in a first time.
Anyways, thx for your reply, I think it’s better to see things with positive and negative aspects than just one of them ^^



Its a forum. It’s going to happen. Unfortunately…

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How easy is it for a good reaper to get to the tanks and causes issues vs countering his play style, to me it seems a lot easier from reapers perspective.

I think that’s the issue of this game, rock paper shotgun, where some heroes just have a super easy time being effective in their role without much skill needed.



Ever had those moments where you call out using communication…
“zarya gonna grav”
“reins looking for a slam”

Same thing…

“Reapers inside” Use communication and get focus on.

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That’s a perfect situation where people do communicate and listen, which isn’t my personal experience of OW so probably not much of an issue in your matches with reaper.



Sure its more on the rare side however I try to push teamwork and communication as much as I can.
Hope it goes your way.

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Oh look, more hyperbole and the absence of anything remotely resembling an intelligent argument…

Not that I expected anything more from you.

Why aren’t they. I showed why your’s aren’t valid were as you just claimed mine out with no actual reasoning.

Oh yes, requiring team-play in a team game is extremely controversial! Who would have thought that would ever be needed!

He doesn’t and never has. The only time this is true is when is right in a tank’s face blasting them, which is the problem you don’t seem to understand, playing against Reaper means NOT letting him get in that position as a TEAM. Can you stop it every time? No of course not, if you could, Reaper would be useless again.


Yeah, lack of communication does make Reaper more powerful, however balancing a game round a team that has zero communication or teamwork isn’t how you make a good game.

As soon as you get a team that is using basic levels of teamwork and co-operation, Reaper is again at best a average hero to pick.


Tbh, I think I’ll stop talking with you, now all you do is to criticize what I say, that’s pretty childish from you (and if you really are a child, then I can’t blame you for that)


Well when you start making intelligent arguments instead of spewing hyperbole, then I’ll stop criticising you.

And thanks for proving you don’t actually have an argument by now resorting to ad hominem to further prove you don’t actually have a point.

I’m sorry you think that anyone who points out the blatant flaws in your arguments is ‘childish’, but thats your personal issue to resolve.


You make the same hyperboles, and thanks, I’m not a NPC, I’m not gonna say the same things again and again, if you still don’t get it, you should realize that something’s not right with your understanding ability, and being aggressive like that, you must be the one having personnal issues, maybe insecurity ?


Around 20-25 games into the new patch. Have yet to experience the OPness of Reaper. Maybe I am not low enough T_T


Show where please…

What is to get when you just keep saying the same hyperbole? Its not that I don’t understand, its just I’m waiting for an actual argument that doesn’t rely on exaggeration…

Pointing out flaws in an argument isn’t aggressive, throwing out insults like you have been doing however is. Perhaps you should take a look at yourself first…


For the hyperboles, you keep saying that tank abilities make them totally unkillable, give them a huge escape and that Reaper is a pure trash with 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% pick rate.
Now if you say I only say those hyperboles, I was right you only read what you want to read, honnestly you’re disgusting



I think you may be confused so you should read all of my posts on this topic. I was agreeing that Reaper is not OP… I was mearly explaining that if you have an issue with him, I found teamwork is the best counter.

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Oh look, more hyperbole, show me where I said they making them unkillable or any of that you said…

Oh right, like ALL of the things you’ve said so far its pure hyperbole… so you can’t back it up at all.

Oh and ad hominem again… please keep proving more and more that you don’t have an argument, its actually tickling me quite a lot that you are just making yourself look more and more foolish!

Its like that kid who decides he is going to beat you up, but you just step aside and let him run into a wall every time he tries, yet he still keeps trying over and over. Sad, but quite funny for everyone else.


Sorry if I appeared to be disagreeing with you, wasn’t my intent and my reply wasn’t phrased the best I admit :slight_smile:

Was just trying to expand on what you said rather than disagree.


We’re all friends here :slight_smile:

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You must not have met Undershot yet :rofl: