This reaper buff is way too much


Honnestly, I’m right since the beginning, you always read what you want, say things that don’t make any sense and spit more toxicity than the whole community.
You try to say that everything I say is sh*t, but let me tell you something, your arguments aren’t viable neither, and what you say here is what you say since 5 messages, I don’t know what I’ve done to you to deserve your hate ?
And btw that “LmAo YoU hAvEn’T mEt UnDeRsHoT” is again, another proof (yeah proof) that 1) you probably don’t know how to read what doesn’t please you, you’re the first dumb I have an argument like that with
2) you say I’m foolish, but you must be 5yo to tak like that about people (or you have no education but here it would be bc of your parents), acting like that, you just look like those kids who keep saying “shut up” because they don’t have any repartee…
I guess being behind your screen gives you wings and make you feel so powerful while you probably aren’t…


hi, why you defend Reaper so much, you are the only guy from this forum who do that,Reaper is very op now, it must be nerf, you cant kill Reaper whit Rain or Hog, 1 vs 1,i see Reaper killing Hog and Soldier so 2vs1 and Reaper wins because of to much life steal,Reaper its destroyng this game and people will stop play the game.what is wrong whit you?


Reaper is meant to reck tanks, even in a 2v1 tank vs reaper scenario i see no issue with him having a chance of winning, if the tanks are not utilizing their utilities correctly.


Really… how come you never manage to back-up anything you say then?
Screaming “I’m right” at people doesn’t make it true you know…

And yet again with the personal insults, then you accuse me of been childish?
You should really take a long hard look in the mirror… either that or you are desperately trying to troll me and failing hard. Either way, I’m afraid you are the one who ends up looking foolish.


It’s fun you say that, because screaming"I’m right" is your strat.
Btw, those personnal insults were just as a reply to yours…
So don’t worry, I’m not narcissistic enough to simply look at myself in the mirror without other reasons, and you’re the one trolling anyway…
Honnestly I’m bored of talking with you, I came here to debate, defend my point of view, and I end up with some trolley kid, think what you want about me or about yourself, I’m not gonna reply to you anymore as you don’t seem to realize that this doesn’t go anywhere.


If you could kill Reaper 1v1 easily with Hog or Rhein, then he would be completely useless. He is a tank killer, hes meant to have an advantage vs tanks. If he didn’t have the advantage against Tanks, what EXACTLY do you think Reaper’s role in the game is? Hes not good vs support, hes not good vs ranged characters. A couple of the DPS characters he can kill, but not as easily as others.

There are a TON of characters he is weak against as well…

And there are quite a few people who agree with me, so I’m clearly not the only one. Learn how to counter Reaper he stops been anywhere near as powerful.


No, I presented arguments why I believe hes not OP, you haven’t, big difference.

No, I criticised your argument, you insulted me personally. Again, big difference. The first is part of any normal debate on a subject, the second is just been insulting and normally done when the person doesn’t have any points to actually argue on.

I’m not surprised any serious self-reflection is beyond you to be honest…

Oh and screaming I’m right, presenting no evidence and trying to rile up the other person which is clearly what you are doing are standard troll tactics, so either you are deliberately trolling or you just don’t know how to have a civilised debate. Which I can’t be sure.


Sorry, I don’t know against which mentally disabled reaper you’ve won as rein, but I can assure you if he is any decent, dropping your shield in front of him is suicide. You can in no way out DPS him. You would be draining your own HP effectively… Only and if ONLY some of your teammates have any common sense they will focus him down.
And as a Rein player in plat I can tell you that it’s not always the case. I sometimes was literally begging in voice so they would turn around for once and shoot him before he runs past my shield


It’s nice how I’ve read through this long topic and every one of your comments boils down to: “I don’t care about the lower ranks. People should just get good so Reaper won’t be a problem lul”
That’s quite an ignorant mindset you have and seeing how there will be no Overwatch at all without those 90% “trash players” shows that you really should reconsider your attitude. Games aren’t designed for pros exclusively


No, competitive games are designed to be balanced. The only way to balance them is to observe how the best players play each character to the fullest then make changes based on the information. Balancing for lower ranks is an oxymoron anyway. Who are you balancing for, the people who cant hit a headshot on a stationary target? The people who are not aware how to group up? The people who simply don’t care about improving and want to click buttons and win?


You don’t need to be a pro player to deal with a 250 hp melee dps.
You make it sound like Reapers die to pro players only.
And then again, why must Reaper be dead at the higher ranks just because some people in lower ranks don’t want to improve?
4 Season of goats only was enough and still goats ate getting pick’d a lot… this game needed someone who was good vs tanks, and still his not as op as people make him sound. He is good thou, ill give him that. His actually worth picking up vs Tank heavy teams like goats and quad tanks, and that wasn’t the case before.
I love how it was ok that Reaper the dps who’s job is to be good vs tanks wasn’t pick’d at all vs quan tank teams and goats… Mind you his still meh at that.
His still much more healthier then Brigitte was.
If a Reaper is next to 6 opp and they don’t kill him, its not his problem.
This game isn’t meant to be casual it’s meant to be Esports competitive.
Casualty kills games, just look at what casualty did to WOW and HOTS…


Dude, 90% of these pro-reaper players have arguments so bad, that anti-vax kids get autism…


after playing with the new reaper buff for a while, i have to say that it’s very hard to fight against him, indeed. However, reaper has been dying for more staying power in a fight, and this does fix that, but I think it’s a little bit too much right now. I dont want Blizzard to revert everything, but just as with the bastion buff, It’d be nice if the numbers could get tweaked a little bit more.


Old Bastion could tank ultimates. Can Reaper do that? When Genji is slicing him can he heal himself right back up?


Um, yes the current state reaper can, when ulting, tank A LOT of damage. When Genji uses his dash ability, he deals 50 damage. I think that, if reaper can get a good shot on genji, which he should get quite easily because genji literally just dashed him, he should be able to get that 50 health back pretty easily.


Genji’s ultimate actually. He needs 3 slices to kill of Reaper, not 5.


Also, let’s not forget about Ana. Her grenade causes Reaper to heal more quickly, her ult causes him to do more damage, if she ults and nades him, he can deal a lot of enhanced damage AND get enhanced health back.


The big difference of course is that Bastion can shoot throughout the entire map and Reaper cant.


And her grenade also renders him useless.


Yeah but that means that if you want to counter him, Ana is a must pick. And when a character become a must pick to counter a dominant one, that’s going to cause problems. because not every team will have the discipline to pick ana to counter reaper, causing reaper to run rampant.