This reaper buff is way too much


Brigitte’s problem was how she created a whole meta centered around her and how she deleted certain characters completely. So far Reaper has done neither.


Dude, noone ever played Brigitte! Yeah, pro games had GOATS, but the majority of the player base never played in GOATS nor against it.


Thats untrue. GM was filled with goats(I did watch streams and check overbuff from time to time). They were also in my games. When the enemy team was shown to be inferior they’d often go 3-3 and stomp over us. Its not hard to play goats, Brigitte herself is one of the easiest characters in the game. The only deterrent was how most people at lower ranks(platinum and below) always want to be DPS.


Again, noone cares about the 2% of the player base in GM. At least noone should care. Yeah, I encountered the odd Brig in plat or high gold every once in a while, but they always got stomped, because most people can’t actually play tanks/supports. I never had a single game where I felt that an enemy Brig was in any way oppressive, because it’s usually the cheese lords DPS mains that pick exploitable heroes, and they lacked the game sense to play her. Reaper is by definition forgiving with an escape ability, life leech and high damage against everyone. Reaper can delete you quickly, Brig gives you enough time for your team to come, that alone is a huge difference for the main player base (the 70% from silver to diamond).


Let me put it this way.
Dive is way harder to execute properly than goats is.
Dive was only truly popular at the highest ranks and in tournaments.
Dive nonetheless got nerfed heavily by Blizzard.
There is no way to imply that goats was not a problem or that Brigitte was not the biggest cause it became a problem.

So yes, she deserved the nerfs. Reaper has yet to do close to what she did to the game.


Oh please… There are far better heroes in the game, Hanzo, Widow, Ashe (Sniper gods), Genji, Pharah, Junkrat, heck, most are better than Reaper.


Where did any prove me wrong, I saw some people who disagreed with me but no-one posted anything remotely resembling proof.

You not finding it normal doesn’t in any way mean Reaper is OP which is what you were implying. I never said in any way that tanks shouldn’t do damage, I did say that 1v1 an anti-tank character like Reaper SHOULD be stronger than a tank… particularly when the tank isn’t using their most powerful abilities…

Again, show where I was proven wrong please… You can’t because you are talking nonsense or you have no idea what the word ‘proof’ means…

I’m sorry that you find someone pointing out when you are talking nonsense “toxic”, but thats your issue.


So you seriously want to balance the game around people who have no clue how to play?

Also pre-nerf Brig was pretty much the best character to play at any rank. Seriously, she could 1v1 pretty much anyone reliably, then shield herself to retreat and heal her team. It wasn’t by any means only the high end she was wrecking at.

Nope, pretty much all of the other DPS characters do more damage vs smaller characters and some of the tanks unless you are literally at zero range to them… Which should never happen in a real game.

And hes only forgiving IF you get close without using Shadow-walk, otherwise you have no regen or no escape ability. As tanks will generally have support, to NOT be a complete trash pick he has to be able to survive incoming fire-power to some degree.

Reaper can’t delete a supported tank quickly. If you are running off on your own as a tank, you’ve made a big mistake or your team has (not following the tank), which the Reaper can take advantage of. A Tracer or Genji can do exactly the same thing to an exposed tank. Also if Reaper runs into another flanker, Reaper is at a massive disadvantage since they can hold him at range where he can’t do much too them at all.

Even as a Tank which is my main, I still worry about Genji or Tracer more than a Reaper.


If you want proofs, just check the stats that Purpleraini sent you, for instance.
Then yeah it may just be me but a counter isn’t an “totally unkillable character”, Reaper is a tank buster, true, better than Hanzo or McCree, also true, but here, it shows that for Reaper, tanks are just walking 200 to 300HP health packs (and even more if they’re getting healed), what I didn’t find normal was not that he has the advantage, it’s that he was like 50HP and ended full health in 2 shots…


You know DF wasnt a problem in GM as well but now his dead for that rank. Most dps are just a joke once people play the game right yet it to hard for them to be ask to do that so that we all can enjoy a balanced game.


You know that avarage pick rate of brig in ranks lower than GM was 2% while Reaper pic rate was like 0,5% now it is much higher in lower leagues but still OW dev focus on what players from higher leagues suggests


30% up to 50% heal is a 65% increase, yeah a bit too much.


So if it was from 20% to 50%, more than a 100% increase, that would mean he’d be in even more desperate need of a nerf?


I did and replied and showed why they weren’t actually relevant. Perhaps you just failed to read the thread?
Seems I was right that you don’t understand what “proof” means… Just to help you, “proof” proves somethings, those stats were at best evidence and yet I see you are also ignoring the stats which contradicts your belief…

Reaper is so far from been “totally unkillable” its silly. The only people he is unkillable to are unsupported tanks at very close range…

You forget the conditions around this… If the tank
1> Doesn’t use defensive abilities like DM/Fortify/Shields e.t.c
2> Lets him get close
3> Has zero support

Your whole argument is based around a single specific scenario where Reaper is most powerful and ignores all the other times when he is far far less powerful, not to mention that scenario should ONLY happen in games where the team has very little clue what it is doing.

Your complaint isn’t that Reaper is OP, its that YOU haven’t adapted to the changes yet… Everything you have described so far boil down to:

1> You don’t like the way he was made more powerful
2> You haven’t taken account of the changes while playing

Nothing you have said so far in any way indicates he is OP… There is a massive difference between been powerful in limited scenarios and been OP.


Welp, talking with you starts becoming boring, you’re totally playing on the words and thinking false things.
Yeah a Rein, D.Va or a Winston should probably be able to take down a Reaper at mid/long range, where they’re the most effective to deal damages.
And I love how you think tanks are OP, let me tell you: no, fortify doesn’t give a 99% damage reduction until Orisa dies, no the defense matrix doesn’t last forever, no shields don’t have infinite HP or move to always stay between Reaper and the tank, even though Reaper is coming to melee.
That’s pretty clever from you to realize that, as a tank main, I don’t like the idea of not being able to support my team because of only one enemy.
You can think I’m wrong, and I may be, but just admit that:
1> Everything I say isn’t trash
2> You’re not always right neither


It’s just a blizzard thing, hit it with a big hammer, don’t bother to try and use any finesse. 50% just seems too much, my point was that they jump from one extreme to another, a 65% increase on an ability that was a little underwhelming could have been a 25% increase, nope this one goes to 11. :game_die::game_die::game_die:


Ah, I see you don’t actually have any serious argument beyond “waaa waaa I’m right” so are now resorting to hyperbole and making up nonsense.

Where did I claim tanks are OP? Nope I didn’t.
Again, more hyperbole on your part.

Did I claim either of these? Nope, but so far everything you have said only applies in very specific conditions and aren’t relevant to if Reaper is OP or not. Just because Reaper is powerful in specific situations, doesn’t mean hes OP, particularly given how weak he is in other situations.


can you tell me in what situations is Reaper weak?
thanks in advance…


Whenever he is not at close range
Whenever he runs into another flanker
Whenever the enemy uses shields e.t.c. that he can’t life steal.
Whenever his movement is restricted.


Yeah, ok you definitely only read what you want to read…
And if you didn’t say tanks are OP, I didn’t say Reaper was neither, you simply just said it implicitly, claiming that Rein’s charge is an easy way to get a kill/escape whenever he wants, that the defense matrix is always available and can block billions of damages (be used for hours then), that Orisa under fortify is literally unkillable, as even her best counter can’t do anything, that Zarya can put bubbles that block enough damage to survive a Reaper for 10sec whenever she wants. So no sorry, tanks aren’t the unkillable walls you describe.
And in case you forgot, I claim that tanks are walking health packs for Reaper now, and I experienced it, probably not like you who prefer to hide behind numbers like the GM stats (btw 90% of the players are not in GM, and balancing a game doesn’t mean making unpicked characters being picked in the best rank/league/world cup)
Anyways, your arguments aren’t viable neither.