This reaper buff is way too much


I can’t give less of a care for anything but pro play. If you don’t want to play the game right, don’t play the game at all.
On top of that they are heroes who are for low rank, reaper is one of them, and his still trash is high rank just like doomfist, yet nearly every tank and support is easier to play yet x100 times more needed in high rank thanks to imba abilities and teamfight wining ults that can be used to CC the other team when they are comboing ults as an upside…


Just been playing CTF and he’s stomping on any defence my team could muster due to the buff, and he’s even become a must-pick. He’s way too powerful now.


Funny to see that it’s not rare that Reaper’s ult makes 3k without any boost :thinking:
And you know, Reaper simply has to shoot like 3 times on a D.Va to force her to use her matrix and/or retreat from the teamfight.
And just for you to know, D.Va’s matrix isn’t reserved for Reaper’s ult, and that ult lasts for waaaaay less than 8sec.
And then what about the pickrate ? If a character is liked by pros, let’s destroy them, and full buff their counter so pros will be disgusted about them and so, let’s try to drop the pickrate to 0%.


we dont give a care of pro players, for lot of people its boring to watch them, especially OWL, we like to enjoy all characters not always the sames like they do in those leagues. We play the game the right way at our level.
The day when 95% of players would have the aim of the pro players maybe it would make sense to have so powerfull low skill hero.


Did you just call tanks and support easy? I viewed your profile and you have no f’ing right to speak about tanks or supports, you never play them nor competitive. You just spam the forums of a game you don’t play so much


But at lower ranks it’s much harder. Remember that a lot of OW is played by new/not so good players. Reaper is a very basic character that is very very easy to play - and now he can constantly heal a lot, so he can 1v1 pretty much any tank (bar Orisa maybe).
However, Widow/other hitscan players require a lot more mechanical skill. So basically, reaper can only really be controlled in the upper ranks where they have the mechanical skill to headshot him. Pharah can counter as an easy counter, but even then reapers range is so extortionate he can still kill you! With this buff, you either need to revert it back, or make it less OP: reduce the range and increase damage fall off; reduce fire rate; remove his instant wraith reload; increase reload time etc.
At the moment, he is too powerful, especially at lower ranks.


Reaper is way too overpowered right now, buffing his healing ability is just stupid of Blizzard. They should just improve the amounts of damage he does against shields. This buff is just stupid and very overpowered, especially for lower levels.
Blizzard, nerf Reaper


Really what rank you are playing on? I am gold/platinum and doesn’t feel this overpowered of Reaper, killing him with many different characters. For me more broken is McCree that can throw Flashbang and instantly kill even a tank (it is rare on platinum but I think in GM and Masters it is quite often) + have you noticed what is Reaper. He is Flanker that is mostly played as dmg support for tank.


You mean like dps mains did with Mercy and Brigitte?


I have a tank only account and a support only account and a flex account + 7 more accounts. This account is dropped thanks to random reports from back in the day just use it for the forums because if you get bann’d from them you get bann’d in game as well. Make of this as you like, i don’t care. Just as a heads up you don’t need any requirements to discuss on “general discussion” if i care’d that much i’d just hide this profile like 95% of the people who post here.


Yep. Its not like this line wasn’t used in every argument ever back in the day as well.
Still remember the people who said “just adapt” vs release date brig and when mercy had 65%+ win rate in gm…
Meanwhile the reaper everyone is crying about has 0.21% pick rate in GM, maybe try getting in there if you want to face less reapers vs rines 12%+ pick rate in gm.
Guess the players know what to play if they want to win in high rank.


“Just climb ranking 4head”

Man you’re devoid of sympathy.

Why I keep expecting you to understand the suffering Tanks and Support are stuck with I have no idea.


If reaper is that easy, play him until masters where people don’t pick reaper.


I don’t freaking get this. If Reaper is so OP why is he not in every match. Just Learn how to play against Reaper. I am plat player and sure Reaper is slighty harder to kill but if I manage to kill him as Rein, Winston, Orrisa,, Roadhog (only Wreckingball is hard as he has biggest hitbox amongst tanks and Zaria cuz I have no idea how to play her good) than it is not that hard.


Nah man, Reaper is completely “balanced”. He’s just balanced to be 10 times stronger than any other hero in the game.

Don’t worry though, the pros say he’s fine. Now Brigitte, there’s a hero who needs another nerf.


Seriously … all people keeps talking that now tank sucks against him. I am playing on plat and have friends in gold and diamond and masters and noone seems to care about buff for Reaper. And it is simple. Cuz you are tank and unless it is deathmatch you won’t be in 99% 1 v 1 against Reaper. Small tip Damage dealer is to deal damage. Tank was supposed to take it. I could give you some advices but knowing you people I will instantly got shouted that I am heartless guy that do not understand struggles of tank Meta even though I am Rein main.


Reaper can 3v1 right now. And sure, maybe you have a godlike Widow on your team who can keep him suppressed, but the point is you shouldn’t have to. He’s hell among the low ranks because he has no skill floor anymore: if you can locate the left mouse button you can get kills.

DPS are not meant to be able to brawl an entire team and win at any rank.


The fact is this buff and other changes to the game are so confusing.

To combat a tank, Blizzard have introduced high damage to melt through the health pools. Reaper’s buff, Mcree fan the hammer and Hanzo storm arrows are there to cut away their HP so quickly. But this means any character with 200HP can get shredded too.

It’s confusing why they are so determined to introduce more and more damage to the game. I can’t count the amount of times I enter a game with triple sniper, Mcree, Reaper and 1 healer.

People aren’t dumb, they realise when to exploit high damage meta over normal comps.


Because 3 tank 3 support teams wore everything players played if they needed to win, and this was a thing up to Esports/OWL.
Yes Hanzo, Reaper, Mccree can do a lot of damage to tanks, but they are abilities that stopped all of that damage like D.vas def matrix, Zarya bubble and Rine shield, Just cycling them out made every dps player useless. If you broke this def abilities they used 3 aoe healers to out heal everything. On top of that they hold team fight wining ults & ults that stop the other team from comboing ults.


I got news for you, this game is for everyone, even those that lack your so called skill. before it was just “if you suck, pick mercy and heal and get carried”. Now people actually have options. Reaper is really easy to use and making him more useful is not a bad thing. look I main Dva, Roadhog and Zarya. But I also see the need for low skill heros in the dps role. my go to dps Hero use to be soldier 76, he’s simple enough but since they nerfed him I couldn’t play that, now he’s more useful too ith the nerf to armor.

And Reaper is a brawler now, you either deal with him or you die when he gets in your face.