This reaper buff is way too much


I see what you mean, I’ve been in these situations before. But these are abilities not all round damage buffs.

D.Va’s def matrix has been nerfed meaning you need to be smarter with using it, the bubbles are on large cool downs, and if Zarya is uncharged she poses less of a threat to start with, Rein has a sheild but he is a short range hero and one of two tanks which can shield sniper damage which is so important in this current meta (not counting winston’s shield here)

A buff to damage in general with Mcree and Reaper might be targeted at getting rid of these comps but the logic is flawed because to create enough damage to get through these tanks the reaction is no other hero can take the damage.

How can Blizzard genuinely believe that by making one hero that powerful one-on-one that it solves more problems than it causes?


A reaper used for destroying shields XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD c mon he is and never has and never will be a character for destroying shields XD, reaper is for creating havoc close range behind shields, and that’s how he has always meant to be .


i think the problem is with the life steal only , way too much sustain , now only hanzo and widow can head shot him , other hereos cant with this life steal , i think they should revert reaper the veryyyyyyyy old souls gatharing on the ground


At this point it’s become a case of; if you are a tank and reaper decides to attack you there is very little point bothering to fight back. Even with a healer on you, Reaper will be able to kill you and move on with very little damage to show for it. So naturally the reaction is “why bother playing tank?” and this is a legitimate question for the community to ask.


The hook shot melee doesn’t finish him unless hes about 75% health. Hooking a decent full health Reaper is suicide.


And what about those that are not in diamond? Let me guess “git gud”?


As far as I know math 25+30+2*120=295 and 295>250 so I guess yes, Git Gud.


The argument can’t be centered around pick rate.

“This hero is picked one in 10 matches” is a silly argument because during that one match it’s totally dominated by your team countering one hero. Just because Reaper’s pick rate is still low (as a side note his pick rate has seen an increase in all skill levels) it doesn’t justify broken balancing.

It’s like Blizzard are trying to create a rock, paper, scissors scenario with hero abilities and counters and they’ve created Reaper as Fire.


Tou know that rock would be pretty mutch unaffected by fire right? Also if Reaper is fire than McCree or Hanzo are freaking void making Reaper unable to shine. You keep tellling that reaper got some sustain while McCree with no particular skills except good aim can shut down any non tank character in less than second from close range and with decent aim even tanks. Hanzo with just basic aim can deal 420 with his storm up to even 840 in less than 2 seconds meaning that he can even wreck anything. But no they are fine - Reaper can sustain himself in combat while previously he was easy to kill … I understand that 50% from his max possible dmg but hey, if he is so OP take him and tilt the game … and if you lose don’t be surprised to be blamed by your teammates. Afterall you are playing OP character.


The point of that buff was to allow Reaper to be more (for some unknown reason) effective against tanks, not against dps.
Surely McRightclick and Storm arrows deserve a nerf if you feel bothered by it as a dps but they were also made to counter tanks.
Now what ? During a teamfight, it’s more worth for a tank to stay in the back, or just put a shield since there are too many abilities mades simply to crush them.
I even tried to 2v1 a Reaper with a Roadhog on my side, we had to run away because he didn’t lose any hp.
But surely that all the dps player who aren’t impacted by that buff probably prefer to blame people who realize that this is too much…


To be honest, I don’t enjoy the Mcree right click patch, but seeing as it (most of the time) requires a close proximity, Mcree can use the ability when he’s part of a strong push with his team, and if he tries to fight against two or three people it won’t matter because he could take out one person at best before dying himself.

Storm arrow is an ability on cool down so you need to be smart and fight him after he’s used it.

But neither of these heroes can fight as recklessly as Reaper can because if they’re damaged they need to disengage to heal. Plus they both have significant Tank counters, Winston against a hanzo and D.Va against a Mcree. Reaper doesn’t need to worry about fighting at a disadvantage as long as it’s close range.


You’re right, I may have expressed myself a bit poorly ^^’ but you translated what I meant with the fact that tank destroyers had ways to be countered, now it’s just “oh, a Reaper, I’m out” if dps don’t protect tanks (what is quite paradoxical).


Wait … what character where you? Also it seems your Roadhog friend wasn’t decent then as hook, headshot, melee is executable during combo + if he timed it good it become shoot, hook, headshot, melee which is enough to kill reaper even when he is having Brig Armor before he can even react.


I was playing as D.Va and I love how people defending that buff forget that magic thing named “cooldown” -.-


Well designing a game for less than 5% of the people that play it is a poor business model, which is why Overwatch is declining. Why do you think the sale price of the game keeps dropping?


But Winston can just jump away… Reaper has very little chance of actually catching a decent Winston without support.

I’m a tank main and yeah Reaper is a lot more powerful now… but his job is to be a tank killer, he wasn’t able to do that before, now he can. I’ve soloed more than a few reapers since the patch (As Orisa mainly) and hes not indestructible. Anything that slows him down or stops him from causing damage leaves him very vulnerable.

Hes meant to be the god of short-ranged tank killing, if he can’t do that, why would anyone take a reaper?


No, its not paradoxical at all!

All the team have to cover each other. This is the mistake most DPS make and think its just their job to get kills. Stopping flankers getting at the tanks and healers is one of a DPS’s main jobs.

Are you expecting the tanks to defend against the whole enemy team on their own?
There are a lot of attacks that DPS are by far the better defence against than tanks, Genji, Reaper and Pharah been 3 of the main culprits here.


Try fighting recklessly as a Reaper vs any decent team and you’ll find that doesn’t work very well. One person landing headshots will destroy reaper no matter what he is doing, if you are in sight of a couple of decent players they will take out reaper very quickly.

Reaper also has significant counters including tanks. Orisa with gravitation surge and defensive stance thingy pretty much counter him, Mei really screws him over, any team with shields, JunkRat traps, Ana anti-heal nade and so many more counters…

Even at close range hes not unkillable, just use tactics and abilities and keep an eye on him.


I understand what you mean but;

  1. Orisa is only strong against reaper while her shield is between them. His wraith form is all he needs to move within distance. Her fortify ability will just delay the inevitable considering her crit spot is so big.

  2. Mei is absolutely not a counter as her damage is close range, any reaper can out damage the freeze plus his 250 health makes it harder to freeze + icicle combo.

  3. Junkrat traps aren’t exactly a reliable way of beating Reaper because he has to actually step into one and even then he can wraith while trapped to negate damage.

I agree the ana nade helps but you have to use one of the most useful healing abilities to counter a single hero, and his wraith form removes the anti-heal meaning he can jump back in while you have a 10 second cool down.

If Reaper is really a “tank buster” then make his passive life steal active against tanks only instead of Damage or Support Heroes, this will mean he wouldn’t be crushing every player he’s up against and is forced to counter tanks specifically


What? I may not know Orissa that well but she still wrecks Reaper in 1 to 1. (Or all Reapers I’ve fight against which are ussually gold - diamond). Simply good Orisa puts fortify on herself making Reaper heal max 70 hp (59 when hit hits her armor) while Orisa is capable of doing 264 dmg per second. And if you tell Reaper would go wraith form than I tell that Orisa can go to place where she can use her halt to do enviromental kill.