This reaper buff is way too much


His a part of goats now. Remove zen for ana and brig for reaper. And boom you have goats 2.0.


Ashe is still much better. If someone needs nerfs its gotta be her.


Sigh, that would be the dream outcome.

I feel making his health 200 wouldn’t make him junk rank again. It would make the fight a lot fairer for the normal health enemies. And if his new patch continues to decimate lower tier play (or any rank of play) this would be the first change I would advise on. I’d still like to see a new effect on his ultimate to make it obvious where his damage reaches.

This is a good point, hopefully it will help.


And you’re lvl 244 while playing since launch…
The fact that you’re a reaaaaaally casual player may explain why you keep thinking wrong things, you don’t play enough to know what you are talking about.
I don’t say that as a “omg ur a noob shutup” just see the explanation.


I am confused. Aren’t only casuals and low rankers bothered by the Reaper buff because they cant shoot and take him out fast?


As D.Va I was shooting at a midlife Reaper in a range that should have allowed me to kill him quickly, and there were only headshots.
His life was going up, and he kept being full life.


So? Yesterday a Mercy killed me while I was playing Hanzo 1v1 without help. She should have been ded!


But here there’s no life steal, and Mercy’s a healer, all healer have a way to get their own HP back, I don’t want to be mean but Mercy’s HP regen isn’t constant, she needs time without damage to get auto-healed


I just came here to agree with everyone here that the buff is stupid and OP.


I’d disagree just because I can solo burst him down as Orisa when hes shooting me at close range at the moment. With better players on your team, even with 250hp, as soon as he comes at me, hes taking focused fire and his heals can’t keep up. Losing any of his buffer would make him kinda an insta-splat above the lowest ranks except in very exceptional circumstances.

Yep, I can’t help but feel that he desperately needs it.


Actually I just took a long break from OW, I probably play about 2 hours a day at the moment, around 5 days a week, more on weekends, which is hardly what most people would call casual. Also I don’t really give a crap about level so I don’t do stuff just for the boosts like getting min 1 win per day or joining random groups e.t.c. that gets you more XP.

Also the ‘noob’ answer would generally be that Reaper is too strong, not too weak since most of the higher ranking players don’t think the buff is too much… or they would be picking him…

So please feel free to keep making incorrect assumptions…

Also please show where I was actually wrong as opposed to just disagreeing with you…


So you failed to account for his life-steal increase and died to a hero whose’s LITERALLY ONLY USE is killing tanks as a tank… Not only that, if you are claiming you were actually landing SOLID headshots with DVA, at that range, hes also landing solid headshots on you… An single pellet hitting his head hardly counts since it only does 6 damage (2 per pellet, x3 crit if my memory is correct)

So to get this fully straight:
You failed to account for his increase life-steal
You let him get in the perfect position for Reaper and the worst position for you…
You made no attempt to escape via Boost
You didn’t use DM+MM to damage him AND stop his life-steal.
You didn’t get support.

How exactly is that not working as intended???

Basically you made a ton of mistakes and died and are now blaming the Reaper? Errmmm OK…

If tanks could that easily kill Reaper, what exactly is he good for? It sounds like you are kinda salty cos someone is now good 1v1 vs your favourite character more than anything!

Reaper SHOULD have an advantage vs Tanks, its really that simple. Characters have different strengths against different enemies… you don’t complain that JunkRat sucks vs Pharah or healers suck vs anyone solo(mostly! :slight_smile: ) do you…


… Paris map looks good tho.


Just want to add that they nerf’d armor more (Wanna add that i expected this one as well) and will buff heroes like Winston to do more damage to armor as well. At this point i kinda feel like Reaper isn’t so needed and a life steal nerf might not be so bad at this point. Feels like 40% life seal might be a good place to start testing. Since in all honestly they just made reaper a goats hero.


All your arguments don’t make any sense, first I tell you you’re wrong because not only me but several people proved you that you were wrong, then read what I say better, I said that you weren’t a noob, not the opposite.
And then for that story, I simply estimate that D.Va has enough damage to kill anyone quickly at close range (and please don’t come crying like “omg you’re salty because tanks don’t do damage”, they do, but at close range) so even without any support, I don’t find normal for that Reaper to start the fight midlife, get hs for 2sec straight and just finish full life.
Now as apparently all you can do is repeat the same (proved wrong), I hope you see that this debate’s not going anywhere so it’d be nice from you to stop spitting your toxicity on my face…


What debate? You are going purely by your feelings. You feel like you should have been able to kill him in a situation you cant even replicate properly and because of this one imaginary scenario you feel like you have a base to argue for nerfs. This is laughable.


Did you even read the topic ? -.-
Just to refresh your memory, it was “That Reaper buff is too much” and it’s not just emotional, just that even if a character is a counter, I think (but that’s probably just me and my vision of things) that a 2s straight hs at close range with D.Va should be able to get rid of a Reaper, even if it’s a counter
You either really laugh for nothing or don’t get what I say :confused:


Because its mostly feelings. I’ve been checking the dotabuff GM page daily and his win rate goes down. As of now he is only .5% better than Ashe and she is picked three time as much. At this point the suggestion that he is too strong comes more as a knee jerk than a legit problem.


Just run away 4Head.


Reaper is no problem at GM and M? How great, I shall tell the 90% of the player base that are in lower ranks that they don’t have to worry about Reaper anymore!

In reality, he has the 3rd highest win rate after Symm and Torb - the 2 classical situational heroes that are strong when used in certain situations and aren’t played in others. Reaper however is played - quite a lot, especially in the bottom half of the ladder.

Compare him to Brig, who despite being a support and thus having less competition for her slot was picked about as much over the last 6 months as Reaper was last week. Yes, Brig - who is one of a whopping 6 supports to choose from, who all the DPS mains whined about all the time - was picked about as much as Reaper, who competes with 15 other DPS heroes for that DPS slot.