Battlenet server down for maintenance?

Same problem for me for several weeks. This is my second post but no solution.

Diablo III runs perfectly but told ‘Battlenet Servers are down’ every time I try to log in to Starcraft II.

This is simply unacceptable!

my got working after delete ‘StarCraft II Public Test.exe’, thanks so much!!!


It worked for me too! Move “StarCraft II public test” file out of the StarCraft folder!!!

I had the same problem and deleting Public Test.exe solved the issue. I couldn’t even log on to this board to post until deleting Public Test.exe

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Thanks a lot!!! what a moron this Blizzard people adding this crap on patch releases.

Thx. It’s work :slight_smile: yeeeessss…

Same here, working now, LOL how does blizzard not have this figured out!!!

Thank you so much, it fixed my problem, but it is unbelievable they don’t care at all after they make such a big mistake. Stupid Blizzard people.

Yep… Remove the Public Test.exe file from the folder and it works.

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well i deleted the public test thing, and still dont work

never mind, got it working, just needed to uninstall and install the game and boom, working xd

Thank you,
It worked for me too :slight_smile:

Immediately fixed the problem! fire someone n hire this guy already.

Same problem for me, more than two week already. Can’t log in.

I removed public test.It worked for me too.


Thx man
it seem the problem that cause this is the Public test file. I renamned it then it worked just fine ;)) What a relief.


Thank you it works finally

Me too! I don’t understand it!

Thanks man. I will try that too. its so annoying

I started having the exact same problem a week ago. Where do I find this test.exe?

I can log into the American and Asian servers but they act like I am a new player, this is only happening when I try to log into the European server.

also I have unistalled both starcraft 2 and battlenet and reistalled them and it’s still persisting.