[Resolved] Connecting to Blizzard services - Aug 2023

It just stays stuck on this!
The launcher sees I’m online, I’m literally playing another game online as well. What is wrong with your servers? It doesn’t say anything about an update or whatever either. Earlier today was able to play…
Nothing changed in my internet settings or anything (I didn’t even boot pc in the meantime). I play on cable.


I have the same problem, with the same circumstances.

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yea same here i even tryed to scan & rep but that dint work. i was able to play for several hours last night. but to day not so mutch. all the other games i have form blizz works fine exept sc 2

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Same issue. Can connect to US and KR aswell, only happens on EU.

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Same here, cannot get past the authentication screen


Were any of you able to resolve this issue? It has been going on for a whole day for me today.

Connects fine to US and KR servers. Specifically, EU times out.

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Same for me.
Problem persists for more than 1 hour


It’s the same here, and I played earlier in the day

same here. Don’t even bother to re-install, will not change a thing. Dang, wanted to get some games in tonight, hope they can fix it soon…

Same here, and for some time I couldn’t even login to the EU side of Blizzard sites.

To further clarify:

  • I played SC2 earlier in the day, then took a break to play D4 with some friends, then the issue started occurring when I came back to try and play, 3-4 hours later
  • I asked a friend to check if he could connect with his account to SC2 on EU and he was successful (same for US)
  • I tried to log into my account to the EU server from my PC and another friend’s PC and both attempts were unsuccessful
  • We could both log into the US servers on my account from different PCs
  • I tried all the troubleshooting options mentioned in the forums without success
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Having the same problem, can’t login to SC2…
Would be great to know any ETA for the fix :slight_smile:

same here :confused: , i hope it will be fixed fast!!!

Wow, 3h since first report. Blizzard, do you have any heartbeat check of your services? Seems they are not working.

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same here :frowning: connecting to blizz servers. still nothing

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that we are currently investigating these reports hope to figure out the source of the issue soon. No ETA on that investigation but will update if we get additional information.


I have the same issue with authentification and am not able to log in despite I played 24h ago while my brother is able to log in and play without any issues

Hi I cannot connect to US servers only Asia ones and I am in NA region also trying to play SC2. I am not bothered by universal connection to balance the loads just make sure all profiles are available in all regions. Currently I do not have any of my achievements and my progress will not be recoded when I play. Please fix this it has been several days not hours.

Matchmaking on EU has been down for probably 12 hours now, every time I try to queue it initiates then cancels after a few seconds. Co-op or team games are all I’ve been trying. NA working fine for me though but the ping sucks.

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People from my friendlist (EU) are playing.

Maybe it’s an issue with a specific internet provider like Vodafone or sth.?

I have same issue
the matchmaking drops
with message of Request had temporary problem !