Azjol-Nerub / Quel'Thalas

[A] Casual Excuse (4/8 hc) Recruiting Heroic Raiders (1)
[A] Sugar Rush is recruiting for The Eternal Palace and beyond! (11)
[A] Dying like Dodos is recruiting! (2)
[H] New Day - Casual and Friendly guild, 9/9+2/2 HC ( 2 ) (24)
Old School AN players returning to Classic? (5)
LF Old Players (3)
[A] Bind øn Equip H Raid Team Recruiting For Rise Of Aszhara NOW! (1)
< Baba Yaga > New PvP Guild (1)
Stranglethorn fishing extravaganza (2)
Russians teams on pvp (2)
Warlock looking for a friendly social/Mythic+ guild(Horde) (2)
[H] <Tooltips> 8/9M Seeking Mythic Raiders! (6)
Valhall 3/9 M is recruiting (3)
[A] <Casual Excuse> 9/9 & 2/2hc LF heroic raiders (7)
Restore a deleted character (2)
[A] Bind øn Equip 9/9N 5/9H 1/9M Longstanding Heroic Raiding Guild (4)
(A) <Kill It With Fire> Friendly 2 Day HC guild LF Dps (9)
Returning casual looking for sociable home (3)
World of warcraft sound issues (2)
Pls blizzard announce classic release dates! (2)
[A] Ordo Hereticus - Social, Raids and Keys (3)
[A] Valhall 9/9 HC 3/9 M BOD is recruiting (3)
[H] - Azjol-Nerub <Angry Badgers> 4/9 H/C - LFM Casual Raiders for HC progression (2)
(H) Synergie 9/9 HC 4/9 M looking to bolster the Mythic ranks (2)
[H] Foxy Fighters recruiting (2)
Zero flocks given (2)
Death Knight Tauren Blood ilvl366 casual looking for guild (3)
[A] <A Little Bit Random> 2/9HC Looking for players! (2)
[A] Sellrun Herald of the Titans (4)
[H]Quartz is recruiting (2)