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Welcome to the Looking for Players - PvP section. Here you can search for players to join your PvP team, or search for a PvP team to join. Please take some time to read through the following pages before posting: World…

LF 2v2 and 3v3 partner(s) (4)
Selling 2v2, 3v3, coaching / boosting ( 2 ) (24)
Frost Mage Lf Long term arena partners (1)
Mage LF people to play with long term (Alliance (1)
LF Healer for 2v2 arena (5)
Fire mage RBG LF Static (1)
<NewGen> |Hardcore|EU|PvP|Horde| (1)
Lf friends to climb arena with (5)
<newgen> |hardcore|eu|pvp|horde| (1)
(A) JugsandWine RBG community (3)
2k xp player, LF RBG team or guild (1)
New Player (1)
Lf 2 PvP island expedition (1)
Casual pvp community <Salty PVP> (2)
Returning players LF Raiding Guikd (1)
<newgen> |hardcore|eu|pvp|horde| (1)
Returning player LF pals (13)
Looking for Random Battleground Groups (14)
LF PvP'rs for Classic (2)
<NewGen> |Hardcore|EU|PvP|Horde| (1)
LF resto druid for 3s (rus only) 2.5+ exp (1)
<Newgen> |hardcore|eu|pvp|horde| (1)
Healer to rated 3s (1)
<NewGen> |Hardcore|EU|PvP|Horde| (1)
<NewGen> |Hardcore|EU|PvP|Horde| (1)
<NewGen> |Hardcore|EU|PvP|Horde| (1)
[Horde] (Frost) Mage LF 2s/3s Teammates (ger/eng) (1)
2650 BFA Glad Hunter/Hpal LFM 3s [H] (1)