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Welcome, Please Read Before Posting! (3)

Welcome to the Looking for Players - PvP section. Here you can search for players to join your PvP team, or search for a PvP team to join. Please take some time to read through the following pages before posting: World…

[H] Kazzak <WarCrest> PvP RBG guild (1)
[H] Resto Druid LF 3v3 team (2)
[A] New player looking for a teammate for 2v2s (1)
[H-RBG] LFM Season 2 HERO push (2,2k xp+) (10)
[A] LF RBG team to push HOTA, I'm pala/mage (1)
[A] 2,5k+ RBG lead recruitng for main team!! (4)
[H/A] Unranked, New to PvP. Looking for Guild! (Will switch to Alli if wanted) (1)
[A] [Turalyon] Mature long time player looking for some folks to PVP with (1)
Resto Shaman LF Steady RBG Team and 3v3 Partners (1)
[H] 2.2BFA xp Ret/2.6Lxp Rsham Looking for Third (1)
[H] 3v3 2538lsxp Thundercleave/TSG LF longterm Healer (1)
[A] 2.3k xp warr and 2.4k xp MW LF blood DK for TSG (1)
(H) Rank 14 HW/1.9k exp Raid leader RBGs LF team (1)
(H) 2k experienced RBG leader/TC lf guild (1)
[A] Demo/Destro Lf partners (3)
/ this can get closed (1)
[H] Healer lf team (1)
LF Arena 3V3 Partner (2)
(H) DK lf glad push s2 (3)
Ret/Rsham Looking for Third (2.6lxp 2.2BFAxp) (1)
[H] Frost DK looking for a fairly casual RBG's and Arena's (4)
2.65klsxp surv hunter lf teammates (1)
[h] lf pvp guild (2)
Holy pala lf rbg team (2)
New to pvp looking for guild (2)
Returning player looking for solely pvp guild (2)
Draenor-PvP Guild Exordíum- RBG/Arena (1)
[H] Stormscale <WARMONGER> PvP Guild LF RBG Players (3)
Monk LF DK for 2’s and DK healer for 3’s (1)