[BUG THREAD] Bugs of pre-patch WotLk

Yeah its a bug.

“A more powerfull spell is already active”
When i try to use rip on a target i cannot, if previously used rip with some buff on my character, or if the previous rip was used with greater number of combo points, with which it is inflicting more damage that the rip that i am trying to place.

Example i use rip with motw buff active on my feral druid. Or some buff like a trinket.
And then try to use rip on the same target, without the motw, and i get the error message, “a more powerful l spell is already active”.
Same way if i use rip with 5 combo points, and then try to refresh the rip, with less than 5 points i will get the error.

At the moment i have tried this only with rip, it seems that with rake this problem does not exist, but in the case of savage roar, which is a finishing just like rip, this can be a very serious problem, because you refresh roar frequently regardless of the number of combo points.

It doesn’t seem to me that it is a punctual error of the druid, but rather from the drag mechanichs of the spells.

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Charge should only share dr with itself in wotlk.

Cataclysm Patch 4.0.6 (2011-02-08):
[Charge] now shares diminishing returns with stun effects.

Auto attacking while doing Bladestorm was possible in wotlk.


Instead Id like to add some interface issues:

  • The option to enable class color name plates can only be enabled with scripts, not with the interface menu
  • When hovering item slots in the character window and holding the alt-button in wotlk, you should see all items available for that item slot, but its not working
  • The option to display item level is missing
  • Numeric hp value of target players cannot be enabled in the interface menu

I’m willing to bet all the bugs posted here were probably also reported during the BETA/PTR, and guess what happened next.

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  • Lack of RDF.

Alright, here is a list of everything that I’ve gathered so far is broken:

  • PvP BG queuing through UI from everywhere is missing:
  • PvP Exact Enemy Health values not shown:
  • Spell / Aura issues
    • Warlock Armor cannot be switched when applied before entering BG: “A more powerfull spell is already active”. Happens with other spells too e.g. Druid rip
    • Underwater Breathing cannot be applied in BG start room
    • Amplify Curse aura effect from TBC is emitted constantly when not mounted: [Bug[ Warlock - Amplify Curse
    • Death Grip can fail with “Target too close” error. It should not since there was no range check on it in original
    • Charging as warrior through slows will slow down the charge (charge should be unaffected by slows)
    • Underwater Breathing (baseline) duration should be 3 minutes but is only 1 minute
  • Pet Bugs:
  • Engineering boots usable in arena
    • This was already mentioned in a blue post but these items should not be usable in arena as they are too overpowered for certain classes
  • Casting through obstacles on Warsong and other BGs
    • It should not be possible to cast through objects in any of the BGs. Especially in warsong ranges (mostly hunters) have a very very big advantage. Even as a caster myself this is unacceptable. There is a reason pillars are in arenas.
  • Other UI related bugs:
    • WotLK Quest Tracker missing
    • Shift Item Compare missing (Should show you which Stats you’ll lose and which ones you gain)
    • Guild events in calendar are not working
    • Nameplate max distance is still locked to 41 yards which is shorter than the default in original WotLK
    • Minimap arrows indicating different height-levels for items/players should be removed, they are not part of WotLK
    • Learning new spells does not replace the old rank in action bars for caster classes
    • Raid window is missing the class icons with their individual count in the raid
  • Equip is still damaged in BGs
    • Equip should not get damaged anymore when dying or getting hit in any PvP environment (except for death by environment e.g. falldamage)
  • PvP and arena related issues:
    • Succubus pet does not automatically walk up to players when they are LoS and you cast seduce. This makes playing destruction warlock in arena very cumbersome because now you have to micromanage your pet even more.
    • UI Bug: rating locked gear such as the belt or shoes is showing always as red even if you have the rating requirement.
    • AoE slow affects such as hunter trap or DK desecration are active way beyond the time you stand inside of the effect. When layed down close to a pillar in arena you will be slowed 24/7 even when not standing inside the effect.
    • Pet got stuck at Dalaran Arena when jumping down the pipe. Seems to be the same bug as in Eye of the Storms. It literally just stopped moving and didn’t listen to any pet controls. This cost us the game…
    • Warrior charge / intercept etc can be interrupted with a nova and the player will get stuck at the exact nova impact. Completely changes the dynamic of the game because now you can kind of completely waste a charge and even make the player stuck open field. Player should ne vova’ed at the final destination of the charge instead.
    • Judgement cannot destroy grounding totem which is wrong. Judgement is a spell and thus, should be able to destroy grounding.
    • Succubus seduce does not work on shamans in wolf form

Time for some hotfixes Blizz.


The game currently has more flaws than my ex-girlfriend.


I do love this, but I think everyone is wasting time even saying about the bugs, surely enough people reported this in the PTR or in america before the hotfixes last night ??

they don’t care

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Hopefully blizz respond to this! they didn’t respond to my numeric hp value post which you referenced here

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One more for your list.
To be removed: Carets still in Minimap (added in Legion pre-patch)

And they said Quest tracker will only come later - so not a bug.

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They never actually said later, they just said it wasn’t present on the beta at the time of writing, on june 29th. Aka, another failed promise.

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I thought bugs were only supposed to be reported ingame.

So I suggest you report them all ingame. You can use more than one bug report.

Try to read what you link:

at some point = later

I already reported all of them ingame, however I try to get this fixed with priority so we don’t have to wait a year for the fixes because these are very relevant changes especially for PvP and we know Blizzard doesnt care much about PvP.

Didn’t know what you meant but post below me clarified. I guess it’s a bug but tbh I dont mind that too much.
It doesnt cause any issues and might even be helpful for some people.
Would rather try to fix stuff that should actually be there and isnt

Weren’t the carets added on purpose in TBC? they are the little up and down arrows in the minimap.

To me playing Hunter it clutters the mini–map so that I do not see aggressive animals them then killing me :frowning:
And a bug is a bug.

Or should I stop complaining about Arena bugs, or DK bugs just because they do not concern me? I’m actually happy some of these bugs exist – Queslt helper in map not being there for one. But it is still a bug, and to be reported.

No, they were added by accident in 1.14, and just never got removed.

I don’t remember Blizzard saying it was by accident, but I could be wrong.

BB himself told me :wink:

Well I didnt expect them to do any harm. I see the issue now and added it to the list :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you for including my post, gentle soul. That non-existent BG finder has me very, very concerned. They didn’t even implement a keybind for it and I’m worried about that…

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