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Prevoker’s PVP talent ‘‘Nullyfing Shroud’’ needs to be removed(for Preversation). Im not trying to cancel the specialization, I just don’t want it to have a free crown for Dragonflight arena.

Instead give Preservation something else, for example:

  • ‘‘Hardiness’’ like Orc has. Which is reduces the time stunned/feared by 20%
  • reduce Quell cd to 15 seconds

Anything that takes skill. Otherwise is might just forces anyone to target Preservation permanently. There are/were many skilled healer who need to struggle against it, or just play it but i rather have the choice to heal as other classes aswell.


It’s 30 sec with 90 sec cd, which means 2/3 of the time evoker doesn’t have it. Stuff like this is to make up for less range and lack of cc, so if it goes range and cc will have to be compete with other healers.

Yes it’s so toxic to add stuff like that, it require no skill at all.
Can’t belive they remove greater fade for example as you needed to preemptively use It to avoid a kidney or anything and add a more busted spell that last 30sec.

That’s so bad they are actually lowering the skill cap in general.


and 33% of the game they are immunte to CC. Thats actually a lot. I think should make it that it immunes two CCs and 2 mins Cooldown. Or One CC and 1 min Cooldown or something.


Is it dispellable?

10 chars

Compare that to current PvP trinket we have https://www.wowhead.com/item=192301/eternal-gladiators-fastidious-resolve?bonus=7580 that blocks 2 incoming CC effects, for 12 sec and on 3 min CD and if you use this trinket you can’t have normal Medallion because they share the type.

It’s just the matter of time before this talent getting nerfed/removed.


3v3 rounds are not that long. You basically are immune for when it matters. That’s to much for playing a Priest, Mistweaver or Druid its to heavy of a disadvantage.

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WoW Broxis actually complaining :smiley:

unless most people i can differentiate and only complain about valid problems. 95% of the stuff people complain here about are “git gud” issues.

Blizzard is doing alot wrong in terms of pvp. In the last 2 years they made alot of steps in the “right” direction but it still could be way better if they would put just a little bit more resources into pvp.
But i acknowledge the good stuff like pvp gearing, soloq, trinket set boni, pvp titles etc.

which wont be until late 1st season if at all. they wont touch their new class

So you want to take away priest’s Holy Ward as well? That’s 1 cc immune every 45 seconds, not much different than 3 cc immunes every 90 seconds. In addition priest has shield, fear, stun and especially dispersion to stay alive. D-evoker has nothing except some mobility.

It’s much different. Holy Ward is a 45 second CD with a 15 second duration. Meaning that it actually requires an ounce of skill to use well and you can actually waste it.

Meanwhile evokers have 3 CC immunities on a 90 second cooldown with a 30 second duration.

When the counterplay is ‘bring a purge class or a spammable CC or else you’re disadvantaged’, it shows how garbage the design is. So yeah, they’re not much different, they’re COMPLETELY different.

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It would be extremely strong for shuffle with how short rounds are, I am a dream projection enjoyer myself :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

nevermind didnt know its also purgeable.

It’s dispellable, and the majority of specs these days can dispel

Not really. Plenty that cannot…

Its dispellable and most prevokers put it on them right out of the gates and waste it.

How is it a waste? It has to be casted, and if you get kicked on it you get locked out of healing. Rank 1 players who’re playing the class currently also use it out of the doors. Unless you’re saying Preservation should be trinketing in the first 30 seconds of the game from a CC chain

It either gets dispelled or players wont bother with cc prevoker at the start.