😞 Something WoW Related That Made You Frown Today (Part 2)

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This thread will now forever say ‘System’ as the Author and not Punyelf.
System does not have a capital letter.


Who’s this “system”? Hijacking Puny’s thread it is!


The system overlord is taking over

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system… is it… over?


Well, that’s one more thread down :saluting_face:

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How dare they!

Poor system, not worthy of a capital


I find this makes me uneasy for some reason …


Something about wow that makes me frown… Well I hate how the horn in the waking shores for the dragonbane thing always shows up on my map when it’s already happening
By the time I get there its already over. And I need it for my weekly activities quest.

The Tuskar community event as well. Last time I did it I waited It said 12 minutes. But Zike! Just kidding you had to wait another 30 minutes.


Bronze farming. : ]

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That the last thread whas “automatically” closed after 5000 replies despite with 7094 being way over it.
That now the old thread will be forever locked at 7094 replies.
That the new author of this thread is system instead of System or Khadgar. Latter one would even be acceptable given his obscure numbers.

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They should do that, rename the system bot to a WoW NPC :dracthyr_hehe_animated:


Being a creature of habit, it feels strange now to be posting in this thread and not the other frown one :flushed:

Going away tomorrow for a week … looking forward to a break from work but now realised that’s a whole week of remix and I’m never going to get any mounts :cry:


The elusive Windswept Bubble Poppy adamantly refuses to spawn
At this point I think it don’t even exist! :unamused:
:potted_plant: :gun: :fox_face:

Depends how many you intend/want to get I guess. Personally I’m mostly done with Remix now, mainly got the achievement rewards (which you’ll have plenty of time for judging by my own slow pace) and 1 expensive mount, with plenty of bronze left over for more if I want. Maybe I’ll get the black yak. Most of the mounts are just a few thousand bronze each, so unless you want them all, I think you should manage.

I just saw someone pull a world boss and despawn it. Wow guys… wow.

I launched retail instead of cataclysm this morning. It was an extremely upsetting mistake and it ruined my saturday.

Hunters in PvE.

Don’t invite hunters to your keys, guys. You’re throwing the key because they’re gonna die constantly because you’re not giving them externals.

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