😞 Something WoW Related That Made You Frown Today

Something in or out of game that made you frown/unhappy today.

I’ll go first. Today my friend and I pugged my +19 key and it was a total disaster. We had to give up and go join any random +15 instead.


i wanted to get the glyph for the fancy table for my mage.
then i realised that only mages with inscription can discover it which rendered my character who was already a scribe useless. then i went to the ah only to see that its absolutely overpriced and theres no way i am paying that.

now, out of spite and stubbornness, i taught my mage inscription and i skill everything again because i apparently pretty much hate myself. :smile:

my face while herbing and skilling until the servers just went down:


The GCD on Soothing Mist.

It makes me frown every day.


The people that defend MB’ing… :stuck_out_tongue:


I was doing an invasion and went to be the first one to hop on the dragon. The game insta DC’d me. I wanted to be the one flying brightly in the lead, but got logged back in with the boss dead and everyone had left.

That was totally karma for my ego desire lol.


I was doing an AV and two people were childishly bickering who had the right strategy and who was wrong. It went on for 20 minutes and even though we won they were still giving cheap shots at each other at the end.

And a second one inspired by this:

People generalizing Multi-boxers as druid farmers and botters.


Same, I looked up a list of Mage glyphs last week and picked a few that looked cool. Went to the auction house and almost fell out of my chair when I saw it was about 35k for the mage table :frowning_face:

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I was going to be a Herb/Ache on my druid because it seemed thematically cool, and supposedly alchemy is going to be cool in Shadowlands.

Then I went to the barbershop and realized that I could only switch bear/cat form appearance. Found out your need to use glyphs to unlock different travel/aquatic/flying forms in the barber shop. So I went to the AH thinking “how bad can it be?”.

Long story short my eyes fell out my skull as I saw the prices of glyphs, so my druid is now a Herb/Scribe so that I can make my own glyphs.

Then I read this thread and found out that [Glyph of Lavish Servings] is available only to mage scribes so unless the price isn’t insane (which I doubt), it seems like I’m gonna have to make my currently Tailoring/Enchanting mage into a Tailoring/Scribe simply to get that recipe for my druid scribe.

Short story even shorter; Ugh.


Alliance / Horde players with war mode on crying about getting ganked by a max level player.

Mostly Alliance people trying to make me stop attacking their Horde “friends” by calling me many a colourful words, and telling me what various members of my family has been up to in their private life.


Left part of thundherfury didnt drop, again…

Feels like my paladin will never be electrolord :frowning:


They stopped The Day of The Dead during the morning and not the evening - I couldn’t get Moothilda her mask last night :unamused:

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Not sure how it works exactly, but my friend who has a mage scribe sent my druid scribe the recipe so you can make the glyphs on other characters, but you need a mage to give you the recipe. Might not be any use to you, but perhaps other people may know friendly mage scribes who can help them out?

Also I recall hearing that making this glyph is kinda broken now - you need mana buns to make it, but the tables now give mana pudding instead. So prices may have gone up because it’s unobtainable, unless that’s been fixed? No idea, I’m not making another as I’ve had one on my AH for months and it ain’t selling :slightly_frowning_face:


Yesterday i got a call from my grandma who after allot of bla bla asked the question: How did you and you’r husband meet again… i dont get it fully???

So… i akwardly told her i met him almowst 10 years ago in world of warcraft.

She is 84.

You can imagine the rest :flushed:



I somehow have the idea she didn’t talk about the game at all, but about some things she wanted clearing about when it comes to internet dating :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


2h frost being crap in the prepatch makes me frown every time I manage to log in. It’s funny, since 2h frost is going to be a monster in PvP at 60, but now I hit like a wet noodle, which is depressing.

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The serious amount of lag last night, made the game virtually unplayable levelling a hunter through Tanaan Jungle- I gave up after a few minutes of not being able to even do quest objectives

Can almost picture this - imagine if you told her that you were a unicorn and he was a dragon…


What makes me frown? Most of the problems with the game are player caused and players have a tough time admitting that, because their feelings get in the way.


Not logging in wow cause i’m at work and still got to do some work today. :frowning:

Mounting up on my beautiful pterrordax… Only to shrink down to half the size it and I should be.