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The Thread Collective

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Within this thread, other threads will be linked if they are noteworthy, liked and/or contributes to the game or community.

This is a work in progress and there will be lots of edits.

Feel free to link threads and say which category it will fall under (can make new categories if needed)

Customization & Races Last wish - Nightborne customization Give worgen tails :) Quel’dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race Jinyu/Hozen β€œAllied Race” Man’Ari (Allied Race) Murloc’s :slight_smile: ALLIED RACE Do not stop complaining about customizations in SL, people Player Housing could revitalise WoW Where are the rest heritage armors you promised? Night Elf Male Forward Head Posture Problem The Gnome Thread Long Beards For Humans!

Dungeons & Raids Why do people complain when you skip bosses in leveling dungeons? LFG - Dungeons linked to Expansion you Level In Training dungeons Raid and Dungeon difficulty Dungeon community is so bad

Current Expansion & Features Season 2 ksm requires both tyrannical and fortified 15s in 9.1 Blizzard should bring back Quinton Flynn and apologise to him Weekly Great Vault Of Disappointment Thread :toolbox: Can you fix the bug bricking keys already? Is the PvP Gearing System in 9.1 Really a Good Idea?

Complaint Threads Season 2 ksm requires both tyrannical and fortified 15s in 9.1 A Great Failure - the Great Vault Brainless grind fest - now sold by players - likely making me a quitter Time To Wage War: A Gametime Thread, but by Twiluna :rage: Blizzard should bring back Quinton Flynn and apologise to him SoO and Dragon Soul skip World bosses - loot? :stop_sign: Share your LFG Boost Spam Screenshots

Fun Threads [GD Lounge][Breakfast Club] :pie: Warcraft Jokes :beers: (Join In) Warcraft Memes/Gifs :rofl: :tulip: Something WoW Related That Made You Smile Today Rate the transmog above you :tumbler_glass: :disappointed: Something WoW Related That Made You Frown Today :shield: Go Get It [Achievement Game] Warcraft Around The World :earth_africa:

Useful Threads Universal Explorer Achievement Guide :earth_africa: Thread Collective :scroll: The Ultimate Forum Guide (Codes, Trust Levels, FAQ)

Appreciation Threads Vulpera Appreciation Thread :fox_face: The Gnome Thread :blue_heart: Forumer Appreciation Thread

Posting the work in progress now before my pc crashes and i lose all the work xD will continue later


Two notes.

Useful threads should link to this same thread, for a bit of inception.

And the Customization & Races section (which could honestly be the complaint section) is missing around 10 dozen High Elf threads.


No for section for gnome threads? I’m disappointed.

You can make it into a wiki thread.

Here, just made the Gnome thread requested: The Gnome Thread


need TL3 to do that xD

And the thread is very much still a work in progress, the pc im working on lag like a water turtle xD also 1MBS internet speed atm :c

The links could use some spacing. Atleast on mobile it’s hard to tell where one link ends and the next one starts.

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with the formatting its kinda hard to do, but still playing around with it :3

Whats going on?

I think op wants to link many threads.

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Ambitious thread, so many links xD

Maybe ill give it a try agin tomorrow xD

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I thought I did something bad again lol

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Just out of interest what is the issue?

Just some formatting issues when trying to bolden and enlarge the categories and then afding spaces between the threads. I have a backup of the thread just incase but still a very large thread xD

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I had great expectations on this new concept

My day is ruined and my disappointment immesurable.


i put it back for now, but keep in mind its a WiP xD

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You’re doing god’s work :smiley:

(did you just rewrote the entire thread after my post ? Oh boi)

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nah i can revert it to a previous edit luckily xD

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We don’t want this thread to be forgotten and disappear, do we?

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This thread really should be sticky. Twiluna for MVP!