1% mount farms

(Storozhevoi) #1

i have had 3 Spawn of Horridon drop, and not a single clutch of ji-kun the horridon is supposed to be a 1% drop and the ji-kun a 2%,

i have had over 200 madness of deathwing runs and a not a single life binders maiden, i have experiment 12-b, i am so done with the spine fight

i have over 400 ulduar runs and not a single mimiron’s head. i am totally burned out of doing ulduar. ever since MoP i have been doing ulduar almost weekly on 2-3 chars.

i am so done, so so done.


welcome to the law of averages
despite at least 300 clears to ICC i don’t have invincible.
on the other hand i got my ashes of alar the first time i went on a run with my fresh dinged level 90 mage back in MoP

(oh and btw, 400 runs at a 1% translates into ~53% accumulated chance statistics wise, so, yea…)

(Naxxos) #4

RNG is horrible. I got the llifebinder in less than 10 tries (very lucky) experiement 12-B in 150 but the other mount from madness took over 400 goes (in which I got several ‘bonus’ lifebinders) . I’m on 280 runs for Heroic zul’drak and I’m yet to receive either mount. Invincible and mimiron’s head are both over 200 goes and counting.

1% chance seems optimistic to me.

(Shammoz) #5

263 Kills of Ragnaros across my account and still no Pureblood Firehawk… /sadface


440 blackhand kills and no mount
Beat that

(Lepanto) #7

1% farms are frustrating and rewarding for exactly the same reason. Rarity.

(Blindingsun) #8

Mount drops don’t stack as far as I’m aware./ so EVERY time you enter the place you have 1% chance of getting the mount…it’s always been that way

(Xénon) #9

doesn’t seem that rewarding seeing everyone on invincible when i’ve been farming it since cata on multiple chars and have yet to get it


It does tend to balance itself out roughly. I got Stonecore drake in 8 runs and rivendares charger in 30…but then North wind drake took 434 attempts!

(Lepanto) #11

13% of people have Invincible. Hardly everyone but yes, a lot of people own it by now

(Alexima) #12

For me the same happened with firelands. The first mount dropped twice. Ragnaros didn’t.

It’s RNG dude.

(Xandrolar) #13

i got pureblood firehawk 1st hc kill, I’m still waiting for the other one


It’s 1% to drop for the Raid

I have formed the opinion that the solo chance is much smaller

Though I do also have experiment 12-b


I was at well over 250 when I got Ji-Kun.

On the upside, there’s not much more mog for me to get from there. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Laineth) #16

I had 5 Horridon mount drops, and im there for the Ji-kun 0 mount drops.
RNG knows how to anger me.

(Vintoleth) #17

i have seen people on here who have 2k+ kills EACH for the 4 MoP world bosses and still yet to see a mount :frowning:

true. but isn’t this information from wowhead most of the time? while they do what they can, without blizzard giving us HARD numbers on drop rate, any figure we come up with is always going to be off. but its also reached the point that blizzard have misled and lied and abused us so much at this point, that even if it was them saying it was 1% drop, i would not believe them because a) their misleading and lying behaviour in the past and b) cause so many people farm these things but keep not getting the mount.

someone theorised that only a tiny amount of people who have that mount actually got it when it was NOT 100% drop rate. when you look at the amount of guilds that killed blackhand mythic before the drop rate was reduced, then also that they would have gone multiple times to get more gear/get the mount for other guildies/sell mount runs, there may be a good argument for saying that almost no one has got that mount in the 3-4 years since it was reduced from 100% to 1%, which is bad consideing that he is one of the easiest mounts to farm with the teleport system (like HFC) when compared to something like Lich king, Yogg saron or garrosh, where you have to clear the whole raid, which can be VERY long like in SoO.

we agree on a lot, including the distribution of gold from people leaving the game, but rarity from legacy content is a thin ice defense.

  1. how many people do we see these days riding on the original vanilla racial mounts (white kodo etc), black scarab, black proto drake, the TotC mounts or any of the gladiator mounts pre Legion? next to noone. thats cause these players have mostly quit. rarity stops being a “thing” when it cant be seen by others.
  2. but again, most of these mounts post ICC are reskins and people might not even notice them in passing. without looking, whats the mount that drops from sha? for most people is it REALLY any different from any of the other cloud serpents if you dont hover over it, then look to see where it comes from. thats not like ashes, black scarab or mimirons head. they were all unique.
  3. also there is the final point that as these mounts are anything from 2 to 13 years old, many people who have them, would have them from farming, rather than from getting them when current, which is when rarity and bragging rights actually matter.

i think you are right about how it is now, but there should be something for rare items that the more you farm them, the better your odds become, so it would be a cumulative effect each time you kill the npc. a lot of mounts are looked behind a weekly reset anyway, and not everyone has an army of alts farming the same thing on every alt, every week. for a “normal” person with only 1 toon (rare these days i know) thats only 52 attempts a YEAR they can try. and if people are not getting drops after 2000 attempts, you really have to ask yourself maybe is it even worth trying?

overall, i dont like that blizzard uses it as a way to manipulate us into playing rather than giving us an actual good reason to play.

that is an interesting point and one i never considered. i wonder how many others have considered it either?

a perfect example is mythic kara mount. it is a 100% drop rate, but thats only when there is a full group there (5 players). otherwise it is 20% drop rate.

maybe it is the same for other content? ashes for example might be 1% for the raid, but thats a raid of 25 players. the actual drop rate for a person solo farming now would then be 0.0004%. (maths?)

thats just insane. and wrong :frowning:


WELL, I have been after Invincible since Wrath on various chars… still haven’t got the damn mount


1.U can share lockout for icc/ulduar on multiple characters… and it has much more confirmed drops,meantime in past 2 years i’ve seen only few confirmed drops of blackhand mount while in same time i’ve talked with ppl having >700 kills.Its not theory but fact,there is a reason why so many consider this mount drop as bugged…

2.Vanilla mounts are worth so much exactly because only few ppl have them and that makes them rare,if everyone will have everything then there is nothing special.

(Someoneelse) #20

My brother had it drop twice and he occasionally taunts me with it.

I got the unicorn from the Dreamweavers cache so I’m happy.


Just play druid, you don’t need those stupid mounts.