10 hour unannounced downtime?

Anyone know why they need a 10 hour downtime? Have they said anything about why? In the middle of this brutally stupid ranking system im sure im not the only one getting completely owned by a unannounced 10 hour downtime. I know they aint blizzard anymore but this is on the funny/sad spectrum of incompetance.


Wonder if US servers got the same maintenance time and if so, how their already in flames classic forums would be…

Guess they can do whatever they want seeing their only competition is Amazon game studioes which is an even bigger joke than activision-B

Amazon and Activision Blizzard are owned by the same top holders/investment groups: Vanguard Group, Inc./ Blackrock Inc. / State Street Corporation
So… Yeah, big companies are owned by the same people, that’s one of the reasons why they just don’t really care anymore.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ4fcGTiRtI Is it possible both games then share servers? Apparently a problem in New World aswell.

I guess it was the back end that needed updating, and yes, this was announced.

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