10.2 already ran out of content?

How long do we have to wait for next xpac? I feel like im done with planting seeds tbh…


I like turtles!


Jan / Feb we’ll get 10.2.5 which has some content around the Worgens and Gilneas, also some Undead stuff.
There’ll be more epilogue story for DF too.
We’ll get those solo dungeons too, which I’m looking forward to.

They won’t release anything too close to xmas though.


Really you’ve done EVERYTHING have you?


yup it’s another minor major patch like 10.1 , 10.2.5 can’t come sooner tbh


wow retail world is so ded and empty is actually sad.
there is literally nothing interesting to do
nothing engaging, zero socialisation with people or anything

if you have curve and 2.5k m+ rio and 1.8k solo shuffle
you basically done with the content

lore is absolute joke
reforging tyr for whatever reason, stupid villains, power of family ! lmao
story is sad boring + pathetic

but brace yourself !
you will do this garbage once again in “fated” season

god, throne and liberity mmo couldnt come faster enough …
so i can get rid of this garbage game for a while


I am not sure the word “everything” is worth the uppercase when it is about the open world Emerald Dream :grimacing: Or i am missing something.


Time to fish


So you have R1 Gladiator, M+ 3k, Mythic clear the raid? Then yes there is no content atm for you.

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No they haven’t done everything, they’ve done everything they want to do.

I still haven’t farmed everything from ED and it’s going to take me some time.


you still have s4 incoming in 5 months with another set of reused old dungeons and “fated” raids"

enjoy :slight_smile:

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i got 2 KSM last week - and i lost all my will to farm those dungeons anymore.


As a horde I have little interest in this.

I’d rather have some good old DF content, something to farm, but takes longer than 2 weeks to do.

Yes im aware of that i wasnt actually asking.

Its the same thing every time with people saying this.

I know and I agree with you. The amount of content to appease people who really just do everything once, would be insane.

Thus it’s Blizzard’s job to come up with more REPLAYABLE CONTENT that is SATISFYING and WORTHWHILE.

Collecting every variation of chin beards for dragonriding mounts is perhaps not that, even though it is part of EVERYTHING that you can do.


For anyone that isn’t aware of everything you can do in the Emerald Dream


I cba to even do ED gearing now. I don’t expect WoW to provide me with new content to do everyday though, my hours available are the minority as I can’t work.

End game never really interested me, otherwise you have the raid/M+/PvP spam annnd yeah that’s it until new patch.

basically “im done but dont want to do the real group content”