10.2 Shadow PVP

Okay so,
I know PVE is the main source of income for Blizzard but…

We dont have insane mobility outside of fade + feather run, we dont have low cd kick, we have a long cd stun, and than we have a fear(from melee range ofc).

The mobility is insane in this xpac (and its been for long) for other classes, + micro cc too, yet the early s1 “instant cast” build got deleted few weeks into the season.

Micro CC is out of hand and yet, they nerf our “dmg uptime” with the:

“Surge of Insanity now triggers from every 3 casts of Devouring Plague instead of every cast of Devouring Plague”
This should be applied to PVE only.

SP received couple of “PVE Nerfs” which are applied to PVP too, mindblast hits for 20k in PVP ( we have 600k+ hp btw, and its a 9 sec CD spell)

And now! There we are, they are buffing SP in PVE, which are ofc not applied to PVP combat?
//Shadow Word: Pain damage increased by 17%. Not applied to PvP combat.
Shadow Apparition damage increased by 17%. Not applied to PvP combat.
Vampiric Touch damage increased by 25%. Not applied to PvP combat.//

The amount of times classes got gutted because of PVE balance is crazy, these should apply to PVP too, like these DOT dmg is also the same of some classes basic healtregen.

Rerolling is not fun, how can a players (whose are not r1) contact the devs about these random changes? Does any developer plays pvp actually? Or they just looking at excel infos whole day?


I will say this buff is like 3%. Its not any saviour or anything, though I agree with what you’re saying overall.

just give us a door of shadows if both Damnation and Void Origin are not coming back for us.

You know that door was a CASTED abilitx from shadow school right? I kinda dont get why you put in the same sentence with VO and damnation. If youre looking at stuff that would help against melees massaging you…doors wont do anything since it will just be another ability that get kicked and even if not the gap would be closed faster that the animation of your displacement ended. It had a long cd too. It wouldnt change anything for priest in terms of “not beign a punching bag”.

there is a reason why I asked for Door of Shadows and not an instant unstoppable teleport like mage blinks. We all know who’s gets mad at a mage teleporting.

I think it’s a good sign if Shadow is weak early when the inflation didn’t kick in yet as it will get buffed most likely. It still works well with Warlock when you combine Mind Trauma with Curse of Tongue and Curse of Weakness against some meeles.

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