1.14.Fresh Patchnote :

  • Burning Crusade Classic died by the end of phase 1 , no refunds tho

  • Total servers amount will be kept at minimum , plus populations will be monitored and automatically merged if some servers get below a certain number 3 months in a row.

  • The idea of reaching naxx in 6 months by speeding up progression and adding catch up mechanics is abandoned, plus the guy who had this idea is now back to retail team.

  • World buff storage item is removed, plus the guy who came up with this idea is now back to retail team ( it was the same guy )

  • Nothing particular against bots, the overall lack of human customer support, actually don’t expect us to spend any more money than the bare minimum.

  • After all video games are a privilege in the world we live in you spoiled idiot

  • Still 13 bucks a month tho

  • Bugfixes like code shenanigans LUA error C++ database windows core you know what it is

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Good and bad mixed … what are you trying to say?

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i’m saying F R E S H will finally rise but it will have the bittersweet taste…of life :yin_yang:

I STILL don’t get what you mean. Just forget it bro. If you want to play the mysterious type, it’s all yours.


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