15th Anniversary - Korrak's Revenge - "Join as a group failed"

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To be short, anyone without the BfA extension on his account, whether or not with gametime, meet the error “Join as group failed” when trying to join the Korrak’s Revenge (aka, the “new” old Alterac Valley Battleground bringed back for the anniversary). Over the two GMs to who I spoke about it, none was aware of such restriction, which is why I bring this issue here.

The battleground was advertised to phase everyone (from the young lvl10 to the experienced lvl120) to level 60 and also to be a great way to level up during the event, and nothing was said about a potential restriction over the purchase of BfA … because after all, even if you didn’t play during BfA but were a regular for all the previous years, you should be able to celebrate WoW’s anniversary :confused:
(i’m not talking about timewalking stuff which requires obviously max-level character and thus BfA)


Sorry double post.

+1 to this. I was really looking forward to some 5 hour+ matches to relive the nostalgia of the olden days. :frowning:

I have BfA on my main account but I really want to do it on my alts.


This is very sad, I was planning to level a char with my friend through this BG event, but since he just started playing he does not have BFA and therefore can’t queue for this. Thanks Blizz for having an Anniversary celebration hidden behind a 45 euro paywall…


yea this is very disappointing i was hoping to do this bg event too also not having bfa way to mess-up the event blizzard


Sadly true seeing that happening…
Got some friends stuck outside AV , didn’t know BG were not free that you had to pay more to play’em especially for an anniversary.
Kinda sending a really bad message here …


Got the same problem since the anniversary started … “Join as group has failed” whether or not i’m solo or in group. But had no problem with my other account with BfA … sad to see that the event is currently locked behind the purchase of BfA, when it’s supposed to be a celebration of the last 15 years of WoW, and that many people were waiting to be able to play to that hour-long battleground, even without BfA …


We should be able to enter the Alterac Valley Blizz!! Even if we do not have the bfa xpac bought, we deserve it. It’s related to our beginnings! Like classic. Pls blizz, fix this. You already fixed the new bgs that needed bfa too. Make the hotfix here too pls.


it seems to have been fixed or made to no longer need bfa to queue the bg as i can now queue for it, so thank you blizzard.


Indeed this issue has been fixed now, apologies for the time it took to get it sorted though!

For clarity, this fix means anyone of any expansion level can now queue for the new battleground and enjoy the fun of running around Alterac Valley once more.

Make sure to wrap up warm, it’s cold in Alterac Valley! :snowman_with_snow:


Thanks Blizz <3 Luv u

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This issue has returned with the 16th anniversary i get the "join as a group failed " when i try to join


I’m having this issue as well, looking above it was about not having the latest expansion but I have SLs bought already… so what the hecks blizz

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im having the same problem. group and solo. doesnt let me to queue

Same over here.

Same issue here.

Same issue here. I’ve also bought SL.

Same issue here and I have bought SL.

Same issue, even though I have every xpac including SL. Come on Blizz.

hi. same issue here,
i have every xpac including SL.

here we go again.