2 EU (A) players lf Cutting Edge guild for SL


Me and a real life buddy are looking for a nice progress guild for SL which is realistically aiming for cutting edge.

We are two alliance players which prefer to stay on the alliance side. We are willing and planning to migrate to another server for a fitting guild since our current server is kind of dead.

Our experience:
I have been playing Vanilla, some tbc and wotlk and then stopped until 9.2 where I have been casually raiding Full heroic EP. In the expand after we have cleared Nyalotha on heroic but I wanted more so started to do mythic quite late in the expand and have been raiding with an xrealm guild which made us progress to 7/12. Unfortunately we stopped raiding cause of lacking sign-ups.
My buddy have been raiding CE in the past and had a break through the end of WoD and Legion and started again in 9.3 and progressed up to 7/12 with the same group.

Our classes:
My classes, I have been maining Holy priest in raids, main alt is a veng/havoc DH, but I also have a resto druid and prot warrior. But I am willing to try almost any class or spec.
My buddy plays fire mage as main and has a havoc Dh as an alt.

SL classes:
My plan is to level my veng dh and/or disc priest first. But I currently also looking into hunter or rogue

What do we bring to the table:
Serious players that play their classes quite well.
Players which have a very high attendance rating.
Players that always come prepared and are on time.
Players that like to play with a competitive team to keep improving.
Players that love to do mythic+ runs 18+.
Players that are flexible regarding raid days.
Players that will gear up fast.

What are we looking for
A serious but fun guild
A guild that focuses on progress and cutting edge
A guild that raids 2 days a week (max 3)
A guild that raids between 19:00-23:00 server time
A guild that also does serious mythic 15-25

If you are interested leave a message with your discord or in-game info and we will get back to you.


Hey Lunarsist,

My guild Véndetta is currently looking for more raiders to finish the raiding team for shadowlands. We play on the connected realms of Alonsus, Anachronos and Kul Tiras (alliance) and have been around since 2007.
We’re a progress based raiding guild aiming for CE but we are not a server or world race guild, we raid in our own pace. We like to raid in a friendly and fun environment, while keeping focus high to be able to clear everything while it is current.
We took a break during BfA but are back for shadowlands and ready to get back to our old CE standards.

Outside of raiding we run a lot of m+. We have players from all strenghts, from casual players doing lower keys to players with 4 alts to push keys as far as possible.

For all basic info (raid days, recruitment, expectations,…), I will link our recruitment thread:

If this sounds interesting for you both, I’d be happy to have a chat over discord or ingame.
Btag: xarial#2863
Discord: Xarial#9250

Kind regards,
Keata (officer of Véndetta)

Hello, I’ve read through your post. I think you would add up to our guild perfectly but I’d love to show you this in a conversation.
When you are up for a chat add Sealed#2123 to Bnet or Sealed#0663 to Discord.

Hi guys, thnx for your reply. Today I will be in some courses and I’ll get back to you tonight or tomorrow. Cheers

My guild Peerless would be quite interested in having a chat with you! It seems our schedules and mentalities align quite well.

Here’s the link to our recruitment thread if you want to read a bit more about us!

Would love to have a chat with you!
You can add me in the following platforms:

Bnet: Enyo#21273
Discord: Gattral#9043

if you are interested in joining a 2 night guild add me on discord @ wbwb#3125

We have been able to be a top 25 2night/guild before and we are looking to do the same again in shadowlands. So if you want quality over quantity we might be able to offer you a nice new home.

Thanks for the responds guys. I will talk it over with my buddy and get back to you.