2.2k DH looking for healers to push higher

Ok, so, serious thread. Getting a bit tired playing with new healer every day, it’s annoying how as soon as we start getting some synergy he gtg and then he’s just gone, and then next healer ruins 1-2 games and leaves, and another one, and another one, and then finally good healer comes again, just to back to same cr I started on, and then he’s also gtg and gone. And sometimes good healer joins, then we meet duelist-geared 2.2k ww booster that oneshots us and he leaves. Oh and don’t forget ~2 hours of waiting before finding anyone.
I want somebody reliable, ideally around 1.9k-2.1k cr, that want to consistently progress together in 2v2 for at least couple of weeks. Usual playing hours: evenings 20:00 - 03:00, but can adapt to other hours if needed.
I tried many different healers and it seems priests with mindgames work best, so not looking for other classes.
Doing 3k-5k constant dps during uptime, so you’ll just need to do mindgames at right moment to get easy win.
Voice optional.
No trolls here please.
BNET: Greirat#2813

I reached 2k playing with venthyr priest and I’m now also 100% sure that venthyr priest works best with me, due to mindgames being great finisher (otherwise ppl just kept walking away with 1hp and insta-fullhealing).
So now I’ll wait for 9.1.5, then I’ll get rival 2 gear and getting duelist should be possible from there, just need a priest that knows how to use mindgames well :slight_smile: 1.9k-2.1k, can try in skirmish first if you want

Got 2.1k, was kinda easy :sunglasses:
Poke me if you want to try to push higher.

Got 2.2k, now out of healers again so just playing for fun with lower ones (couldn’t find any healer at 2.2k). Poke me if you’d like to push.

why do u think every healer is just gone lul

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Wanna play?


i can vouch for frances, super intelligent friendly player


I would but your xp too high, sorry.

You’ve done 2400 2s games this season and couldn’t manage to have a healer to play with?


everyone needs a teacher, no reason to reject him

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He doesn’t like being taught because then he realizes he is wrong on things.


Most of ppl here did 10x more games during their time in WoW, so? Some are still hardstuck at 1.8k, lol.

I’d play skirmishes if they have nothing better to do, in ranked it would be boosting so no.

Have you read his threads? He is insane and refuse to take ANY form of feedback whatsoever on difficulties he is having.


This is literally the dumbest thing to say. You should take the offer and try to learn from it as much as you can.

Tell me why
I’m stuck as a rival with rage
Tell me why
I so need a cute healer my age!
Tell me why
I never wanna hear you say
“I have a teammate!”


Its not like current 1.8 is the same like years ago, only elitists are playing

I’ve done 850 games this season, all brackets over 2 chars and I think I got 3 or 4 btags that I actually played with several times. I’m suspecting he’s got an attitude

Good deduction, Sherlock :slight_smile: Especially if you look at basically any of the posts hes written here on the forums :slight_smile:

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What? Any feedback is welcome as long as it’s constructive (and not “you need to play NF because guides say so!!!”)

Look, we all know they are plotting to secretly ‘boost’ me so that they can bring this argument on forums in every post later (“the only reason you got to this cr is because you were boosted”). Not gonna happen.

Yes I also play ‘several times’ with them, but then they are gone and I need to risk my CR with new healers again. Any progression achieved with previous healers is lost because new ones do same mistakes etc.
Also, waiting time is ~1 hour in LFG so often I have to take healer 100cr or more lower to have a chance to play at all (and that doesnt help CR aswell).


Dude. THIS is something people will always bring up. You really should stop caring about what people tell you about how you got your rating. I am BfA S4 lock. The fact that i got elite in every other season before that is usually ignored by those narrow-minded people who try (and fail) to make me shut up. There are people who tell me “you were silent when lock was op in bfa s4” when the truth is that i was one of the people who raged the most about its state and called it broken on every aspect it was. They have no clue and just assume for the sake of being able to say something.
Also, i think Zen has better stuff to do than picking some forum random and boost him so that people he doesn’t even know have something to attack you for.

I would gladly take the offer because i simply couldn’t care less about some jellous forum randoms opinion.

Also stop being so paranoid. You’re less important to people than you might assume.

Huh? Now they can’t because I wasn’t boosted ever. So I can’t let some of them to sneak in and ruin my purity like that, I must be vigilant.

But still played it?

Idk, I sense a plot.

I think forum reputation is everything.

I wish I was as lucky as yourself and had a player as good as Frances offer to play with me :frowning:

I’ll happily play with them once my cr gets closer :slight_smile: