3 Strikes rule in M+

Here’s what happened: i spent 30 mins waiting and making a group for a M+ making sure all party members had the right experience for the key for a push. Finally after the group was set, we go to the dungeon, ready check, all is good, and go…

The Russian DK tank pulls 3 trash packs, dies immediately, goes “lol noobs” and leaves.

I feel like key holders should not get punished immediately by having their key depleted the second they fail to time the run, i think it would encourage people to take more chances with their keys if they don’t pay the price for the mistakes of others just from one run, or in case they’re being trolled.

That’s why I’m suggesting that the key gets depleted after your 3rd failed attempt.

I know some people will say don’t pug then, but it’s not always that you’re group is on at the same time, and it’s fun meeting new people.





Aha. My thoughts.

Also, the higher the io, the bigger the ego I’ve discovered.


I don’t understand how people think that they can pull half a dungeon and think that they can survive…


I don’t think he wanted to survive, because a few hours later i was talking to a friend and he told me the same exact thing happened to him (Also Russian dk tank with 800+ rio) so maybe just some guy trolling people.

There are two problems here.


Vodka 10char

The higher the Io, the higher standards they are used to…

Maby 3 packs is “Normal” in the grps that tank usally runs.

Which is also called ego :slight_smile: If you pug and expect perfection then you have a screw loose, or very very new to the game

Literally textbook definition of ego: a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.

The only problem I see with your suggestion would be that in the future, people would ask for 6 or 9 or unlimited “mulligans”. Eventually, this could lead to a complete undermining of the M+ key system.

Well, that kind of removes the point of the timer, doesn’t it?

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I honestly don’t know why the key gets depleted or demoted in the first place if you don’t finish the run. If you wipe on a mythic boss, you don’t have to go back to kill the earlier bosses. If someone wanna spend 10 hours trying again and again to time a key … well it’s their decision.

The whole depleted thing is stupid. You wanna demote a key? Right click on it and click demote. Wanna upgrade? Well that’s when you have to time it. Simple.


Exactly this

Oh sweet summer child… 1st rule: We don’t invite anyone who’s name can’t be read without Google Translate.

2nd rule: Even with high RIO score, you HAVE to check their last runs to see how many runs they timed or failed. I just learned that one. Reasonably high RIO score, rogue, did the dungeon on 6, we’re doing a 7. Sub Rogue, didn’t use any of their AoE skills, didn’t stun or kick through ALL the dungeon… we failed the run. Technically we boosted that good for nothing idiot for a free 7 vault…

Sadly not even RIO can save groups from boosted lazy idiots. :frowning:

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A pug is a pug, there’s no guarantee.

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It would mean three chances to hit the timer. Not really a good idea IMO.

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It’s too abusable by premades and boosting communities

To be able to sell the same key 3 times. Or farm the same key 3 times by intentionally failing 2 of them

The reason puggin sucks is because the moment you do anything for the pug world. It goes wild in premades.

At the end of the day: quit pugging content

The content is no longer puggable. That’s just the fact now. Pugs are going to have serious problems pushing anything now


That is literally, like literally ( !!! ) what happened to a group I was in, some weeks ago. And guess what? Tank was Russian, except this one was a Paladin.

No hard feelings, but I made a “self rule”, that I will not party up with Russian Players again, except if their Rio is very, very decent.

I would say out of 10 runs with Russians, I think 3 were decent.

I know “them” from HoTS. Oh man, you should see how they behave in that game! :)))

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I think if a player leaves before atleast the first boss is dead, they should have a penalty, e.g. they can’t enter an instance for an hour. Also the key holder doesn’t pay a price until after first boss is dead.