368 Horde Prot Pala LF Late Night Raiding Guild


Hey there, 26 year old player, playing on and off since Vanilla. I’m looking for a late night raiding guild, and an active Mythic+ community having started a new job last year I can raid at normal times anymore. I miss raiding and it’s affecting the enjoyment of the game for me.

Cleared Legion in a hc raiding guild, and have yet to clear HC this tier, hoping to do so when the new raid opens. My main is my paladin, also have a rogue and shaman alt, geared for hc uldir. I would have no issue realm swapping if the fit is right, really just looking for the chance to raid and progress again that fits with my schedule. Can contact me through bnet at Exiaa#2174


(Poisonenvy) #2

Hiya … you didn’t mention what times you can actually do, as “late night” can mean different things to different people and, of course, also depends on your time zone :stuck_out_tongue:

We may be a bit early for you, but we raid Normal and Heroic raids twice a week (Wednesday & Friday) between 21.30 and midnight server time.

We are a social/casual raiding guild, accepting applications from people aged 18+. We have a good range of people from students, to people with families, jobs and responsibilities, to retirees. In game interests range from regular raiding to never raiding; concentrating on one or two characters or going for the max; Dungeons, M+; Expeditions; achievements; mount and pet collecting, etc.

If this sounds of interest you can read more about us on our realm post:

(Enyia) #3

Any chance you would consider alliance? We are greatly in need of a non-dh tank!
We are AnV on Frostmane 3/8 M, just back from Xmas break and looking to strengthen our roster for the new raid. Raid Mon/Weds/Thurs 22.00 - 0.00 server time.
Interested in joining the blue side?
Add me for a chat and further info: hellykins#2114