40-49 bracket

Thanks for all the fun in this bracket!
Unfortunately my inner noob shined today, as I discovered ZF, and thereby leveled up. However, I want all to know that I had an insane amount of fun in this bracket.

Thanks to all who participated in the fun games.

Fahlruk, top noob of the horde :frowning:


Glad you enjoyed err… the bracket.

How much time/money did you spend you spend twinking that rogue out for this to be the end? :laughing:


49 twinking isn’t actually all the expensive, a lot of the rogue gear is from dungeons. I think the only BoE items are Skibi’s pendant, Precisely calibrated boomstick and Doomforged Straightedge for OH. Most other pieces are dungeon gear from ZF/Mara or quest items.

Only spend 50 gold or so. Hammer of the Northern Wind was the biggest investment with 20g.
It’s not the money though but I feel stupid because this is the place I’ve had the most fun in all of my wow career.
I’m not even sure if I were a twink, as only my weapons had enchants, and most of my gear were greens. My AB boots only got enchanted with speed earlier this week.

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I did the same in Vanilla, played 50-59 bracket up until Rank 10 (had intended to get to Rank 12), one day while farming thorium I dinged 60 just from exploration experience.

Normally dinging 60 is a happy moment, but it wasn’t for me. :neutral_face: Had to leave behind my friends in the 50-59 bracket! Was gutted.

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Eh, don’t those boots come with what is basically a +speed enchant on them already?

No you wasn’t a twink, HoTNW isn’t BiS for rogue you could have got Thrash Blade from a Mara quest which is much much better and other twinks would have a lot more health with 100 HP enchants on helm and legs, 9 sta bracers and +4 stats on chest (330 HP more health from enchants alone) plus probably more health and offensive stats from having BiS dungeon gear/rep items/quest items. Items like Rune of the guard captain (1% hit, 20 AP) and Blackstone Ring (6 sta, 1% hit, 20 AP) are big items in the 49 bracket. If you are running without speed enchant on boots your also at a big disadvantage as melee and you don’t need to put speed enchant on AB boots since it’s already part of AB boots effect ( Equip: [Run speed increased slightly]) so it’s better to put +7 agility on boots or +7 stam on them, thats what makes them so good.

Saying that however I feel the difference in power between a twink and non twink in that bracket is at it’s smallest compared to other brackets.

I started twinking in the 49 bracket and also realised how fun it is! I’ve played in the 39, 49 and 59 brackets now and still my fondest memories are from the 49 bracket. I feel a lot of players don’t explore this bracket including twinks from other brackets but they should, it’s the best bracket to play in!

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I only got the mara ring yesterday after turning 50. I also agree that there are better weapons than mine, in dps terms. However, the utility from mace spec is pretty awesome.
I never considered myself a hardcore twink, but catagorized it as semi twinking, due to the endgame enchants.
I know a lot of people have wondered and laughed at me of one reason or another. Maybe because of my burst dps which was next to non existing, however the machinegun speed could deliver quite a lot of stuns which was the key to fun for me. Stunning people to death was just awesome, and pretty nice for defense in wsg

Anyways, I only made this post to thank all who participated, specially alliance who underestimated the power of maces :slight_smile:

The 40-49 and 50-59 brackets aren’t as grotesque as say 10-19 where the power of a +100 HP enchant or Crusader 100 strength proc are just busted.

You can still play as a semi-twink or even a dad gamer leveller and stand a chance.

Unfortunately that all goes out of the window when you hit 60. Enjoy those brackets while you can.

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The 59 bracket is actually quite a big difference in power since you got people running around with ZG class sets and craftable items that are insanely powerful like Arcanite reaper throw in trinkets like HoJ+2% crit (BB) and Myrm signet, SGC chest etc and they can do insane damage completely smashing through cloth classes in a single swing. I haven’t played in the bracket for a few months as I got to R11 then I dinged 60 to finish ranking but it will be an even bigger power gap now that players can also get T0.5 combined with ZG set items and some of the new juicy loot added to some dungeon bosses.

However most people that play the 19 bracket are twinks, since it’s so easy to do while in the 59 bracket you get a lot of leveling andys still in ZF gear. I remember one Warrior in the bracket with full BiS (probably spent around 4000g) with a pocket paladin healer and they would often take down a full team of Pug Horde in WSG with little problem.