50% experience buff

I’ve been playing since 2004, leveled countless characters. So i thought i’d level a rogue to 80 with the 50% experience buff. It just got cancelled. Times now are different then they used to and everything is quicker.

What do i want from wrath? Endgame content!

For the life of me i do not understand why i need to go through that tedious, overdone leveling experience once again to reach the real content. It just takes to long…

That said i’ve done it perhaps to many times before, but that 50% experience buff was a reason for me to continue to 80.

Why did you get rid of it? I’m done


Wasn’t it made very obvious it would last until the 16th ?


I open battle net, login and play. I have not ready any posts. So no…i didn’t know

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Fair enough, the exp is alot of time without the buff but not impossible.

Blizz has a track record of screwing people who do not read the forums.
Many times I have been confused, came to the forums and saw what I had missed but Blizz never learns.

I know because they merged loads of servers in TBC Classic and my chars were gone for a week, only post about it was on forums.

Except this is not one of those cases. JJ was advertised in Launcher.


Obviously you boys missed the handwritten letter that Blizzards send to quitters that stop paying their monthly subscription so they will be informed when they please to return to the rest of the plebs. Shame if you would have to inform yourself while not active.

That wasn’t the question though. It is very popular and I don’t see a reason for it to go. For those that love slower levelling, you can merely click it off.


I must say i really enjoed being able to finish stranglethorn in one go.

Still should stay in the game. They refuse to put OG LFG In cause of 0.0000001% of the playerbase. Keep the 50% buff or Ad LFG in


Jj is popular cause its limited.

If it was permanent it would just be a increase to leveling speed. But having it for a limited time causes a lot of people to level at the same time thus the world become alive.


It’s popular because it works.


Let’s increase exp gain to 50% surely there won’t be voices raised to increase it further will there?

Oh wait about a week ago we had a thread about keeping JJ permanent and increasing its value each phase.

And month ago defenders of JJ claimed it will not have any impact since 50% isn’t big enough to be felt.

JJ allows slow levellers to deactivate it if they wish to.

And Heirlooms allow you to buff a leveling speed of your alt if you’re willing to buy them

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When blizz release cata again… chances are they will listen to the minority and remove looms from the game. Cant have it too easy :sweat_smile:

You mean in the expansion where you don’t have to put a pinkie outside your continent to reach level 60 due to combination of increased exp rewards, lowered exp requirements and restructuring quests so that you basically follow a linear progression?

On side note it’s terrifying how accurate grasp I had on community here in just 2 months of playing. Before JJ was turned on I predicted that when it ends there will be cries to turn it on again. Wasn’t wrong

You make it sound bad when it is all just good stuff.

Ofc, leveling without bonus exp or RDF is painfull


Nah you were wrong, they started to cry about it a week after it even came back in, you had to much faith in humanity left

Oh there’s an easy way to make it less painful. Stop thinking about getting level 80 as soon as possible as a goal. Unless you absolutely believe you need to get into raiding as soon as possible (in which case you’re already too late unless you’re loaded enough to afford hardcore GDKP from the moment you got your final ding) stop pressuring yourself. Took me half of Phase 1 to get to level 80 mostly because I stopped seeing a point in this during Northrend and I could spend entire day just mining for ore. Without a pressure of going fast it was actively enjoyable experience.