7 sec kidney shott

Has no god damn place in this game for the love of god



some rog stuns are too long, i agree.

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Kidney shots fired

inb4 all rogue defenders swarm in

Sorry couldnt resist the topic :smile:


Would be fine if kidney went to 1 min CD already. That ability has no business staying at 20s CD like 3 expansions ago… yet here we are.


Its funny it used to be capped. I really thought it was a bug they’d just immediately fix cos its a very odd stealth-buff.

If you think rogues will ever be anything below damn right broken then i have bad news for you. Of all classes in this game rogue is shown the most love.

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Dont forget mage, rogue and mage will never not have atleast one viable spec or even S tier in this game :slight_smile:

Its the toolkit theyre made with, take away everything else and the both classes still come with good toolkit

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The zug zug / human relentless gamers called. They don’t care about this supposed 7 second kidney.

Yep. Capped it in WoD, and the cap remained for Legion and maybe BfA as well (I actually never played Deeper on Sub or Assa in BfA so I am not sure). Uncap in SL prepatch for some reason.

Weird change… there was a reason why it was initially capped.

BrO dO yOu EvEn Orc,!


7 sec kidney and 2 sec cheap shot :clown_face:


Don’t forget the extra 3 cheapshots after… How Blizzard thought this was a good idea is beyond me.

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imagine stay in combat for 10 sec while kidney

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Yep it is well known that you can apply the same CC type 4 times in a row. Of course.


yeah not everyone plays human with relent and it’s pretty annoying to face orcs all the time bc of how you have to temper stuns.

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But kidney is different from cheapshot. Kidney Shot does not share diminishing returns with anything. So yes, you can do a full kidney, and 3 cheapshots after. Surprised you didn’t know being a rogue yourself.


You are amazing.

In case that wasn’t clear enough, no, you cannot, both DR on stuns.



Sounds like someone is in denial and defending broken Rogue stuns. :frowning:

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Either you or wowhead is misinformed on that then, very easy test inside game self tho if you find someone to duel with :+1:

I’ll give it a go on my Rogue.