7k Titan Residuum is way too much for specific pieces

(Rezista) #1

I don’t understand why it is so expensive. That is over 10 weeks of M+10 for a single piece, 30 weeks for a full set. It is basically meaningless to try and farm it, because the moment you do get the 3rd one, the season is over and you have to refarm them again. Specs that rely on a single trait are basically forced to galmble their way, which is never fun to do, when you can obtain one Azerite piece every 3 weeks with no guarantee you won’t get a duplicate. Yesterday I bought a 415 shoulders with the worst traits possible, scrapped them to rebuy a 400 ones, just to get the same Shoulderpads. This system has to be fixed!
The price should be cut in half. 1.7k for random 3.4k for specific is more than fair.


no it’s good

(Akurenia) #3

Because they’re the best Azerite pieces in the game, and getting the exact one you want is a pretty big thing so the price is going to be fairly big.

It makes sense, and if you want more 415’s then you’ll need to do the content that gives it instead of relying on a vendor to do it for you.

Ps. All the content is doable without getting the absolute BiS azerite in each slot so don’t worry if you can’t obtain the exact pieces you want.

(Rezista) #4

Sure, but how, when M+ do not drop Azerite :rofl: ?

This is meaningless argument, it is the exact same one people used for the RNG Legendary obtaining.

(Akurenia) #5

Raiding will give you 400 and 415’s. Warfronts are another source of 400’s along with PvP if you’re into that. I believe at some point Emissaries will scale up to 400 aswell.

But Azerite aren’t Legendaries. Azerite are this expacs tier sets whilst Legendaries were either massive upgrades or disappointing. You’re basically asking to get the best gear in the game by doing one easy dungeon each week for 3-4 weeks.

(Rezista) #6

Capped at 385 right now, so no.


I’m not.

No, they are more important. A single legendary was 5-6%, some classes like Ele shaman, Frost and Arcane mage are unplayable without their bis traits, I’m talking 10% dps per slot xD. Such a huge difference between traits that 415 item is worse than 385 one, which is why I scrapped it.

5-6 weeks. That is 15-18 weeks for a full set, which is totaly resonable. That, or make 385 and 400 specific pieces .

(Psjohly) #7

7000 cost, 625 for the dungeon. That is over 10 weeks per item.
I want a piece that drops in dungeons. It is basically not obtainable.

(Akurenia) #8

They’ve been said to cap at 400 which is why I said “at some point”.

It’s not much but the Darkshore warfront can give 400’s every time it’s up.

Then you won’t be getting any from there then.

Well that’s one reason the entire system is being overhauled for 8.2 so we won’t have this mess anymore.

Well it’s very unlikely to change, but as your guild does more and more Mythic raiding, there’ll be more and more azerite going spare which disenchants into what… 300-400 residium a piece? It’s all I can suggest as there’ll likely be little to no changes before the overhaul now.

Uhm that was said in the very first sentence. of the very first post. The bit you want is sadly obtainable over the 10 weeks you mentioned if you don’t actively scrap additional pieces.

Go above 10 to get even more though.


Raiding will give you 415 but only some of it, and there is no guarantee those are the best pieces. For some classes, azerite from m+ loot table is better and that can be sourced at 415 only via the vendor.

I’m agreeing with the op, 7k is too expensive.

(Psjohly) #10

You said 1 easy dungeon per week.

(Kátárinä) #11

Stop complaining, blizzard put in a system to get specific gear and now people qq it is too hard.

(Akurenia) #12

Eh, easy is different from person to person. OP is in a mythic raiding guild so a +10-13 is very easy for him. For the average person it really depends on if they’re pugging or not.

(Psjohly) #13

I have asked on the forum in multiple topics to make 400 specific pieces available…

That sounds like elitism from the mythic raider…

(Rezista) #14

“can” also know as good luck with the RNG.

Again, doesn’t help with the issue. Also it is random when you get an Azerite quest and with which faction and then a random slot, so again, pray to the RNG Godess.

Still doesn’t help the current problem.

Yeah, that is not happening (it’s 365), because everyone needs Azerites for OS. Very very late into the season, guilds can afford scrapping 415 Azerites.


100% up for that.

(Akurenia) #16

Elitism? I’m speaking for him as someone else who also mythic raids. If +10’s aren’t easy for you then that’s fine, it means the post was not meant for you >_<

Yeah I know, like I say it all sucks a bit so we just have to wait out for the 8.2 patch really. For now it’s just focusing on kiling bosses/dungeons each week and hoping for the best :frowning:

(Rezista) #17

I am, I wouldn’t mind a hotfix to cut the prices in half xD . I spoke to a GM about the issue, he said that he will put the feedback forward, it was an interesting topic to bring forward, how long it takes for getting 3x 415 specific pieces and I should do a forum post :smiley: .


I think main source of azerite gear should be Raids and doing M+ so you can farm it quick, but if someone is lazy, or doesn’t have time to run m+ constantly he can do m10+ once a week and wait for currency to come.

(Psjohly) #19

Fair enough :purple_heart:

(Yinke) #20

You can get more than 625 if you did 11 or higher. There are also other sources of residuum. However i would strongly support specific 400 armors. Im tank and defensive 4th traits on 415 require 41-42 level on neck which i surely reach later than get bored with m+ this season.