8.2 Flying and beyond

(Blayser) #1

Flying used to cost gold, it was a lot when it first got introduced, but it was a good gold sink.

How about in future expansions you remove the achievement requirement and put back the flying trainer in 9.1.5 or something with a gold cost again? Or just add one for previous expansions.

This would also prevent a WoD / Legion situation where people have to do all the content to unlock it. Having to pay a moderate amount of gold instead will benefit both the economy and newer players.

(Daltor) #2

God forbid that Blizzard want you to play the game and explore they give you flying. The nerve, am I right?

(Blayser) #3

So you believe new players should be grounded until they decide to complete outdated content in previous expansions? Having to go back and endure WoD to grind rep, apexis, loremaster, exploration, treasures? While a gold sink would benefit everyone?

(Daltor) #4

Yes. If they want to do the content in old content, then they should do what everyone else had to do.

Legion medallions and TW rep tokens.

Not hard and are tied into playing through the content.

A pain, I will not disagree. I wouldn’t complain if they removed that one aspect of WoD Pathfinder as it was unfun, even when it was current.

Except those without gold.
There are already enough better gold sinks in the game, we don’t need more.

(Dreamkore) #5

‘‘Good gold sink’’
If you think 5k is a gold sink you must not be aware how much gold the average wow player has access to today.

Sure if flying cost 500k, then it would be a gold sink


The flying now would cost 1M+ gold plus. No thanks I cant be arsed to farm gold for flying anymore. Classic and TBC were enough.

(Blayser) #7

5k with all these alts and allied races is a pretty good gold sink imo, let’s say 5k x20 :slight_smile:

(Terres) #8

If they’re new players then it’s new content to them and they should want to go through it as the developers intended. I think it is the people who are levelling alts that wants to get access to flying. As someone who barely played at all in WoD, I do not have access to flying in Draenor and I do not really feel all that inclined to do the pathfinder-achievement either because I know it’ll be a long, boring and challengelss grind.

If Blizzard wants flying then I’d too rather see them turn it into a gold cost. The pathfinder-achievement is just a cruel way of “encouraging” the players to do all of the content. If the content is good players should want to do it regardless, but alas. Also, a high enough gold cost might actually have a positive impact on player interaction. The first time I bought epic flying mounts in TBC I took a loan from a friend that I slowly paid back. One’s in-game economy could be a real concern back then, in comparison to today. I waste more gold than ever but rarely find myself short on it.

(Alewin) #9

This is my annoyance with everything pre-BfA too.

I skipped Legion. Now my alts get within eyeshot of Legion content and… I just can’t be bothered any more. I don’t want to go back and do that old rep grind. The refusal to swap old flying achieves for a simple gold cost is literally stopping me from logging in.

The old flying costs weren’t even that high. Back at 70, it was likely that the moment you dinged, you could get your basic 160% flyer. Faster was indeed a hell of a grind (5kg, if memory serves) but the simple slow “skip the mobs” flying was highly accessible.

I don’t mind achievement-driven flying for whatever’s current, but not for old content.

(Moritz) #10

If they have played the content they will have flying.
If they have not then amazing. They have lots of fun stuff ahead of them that flying would allow them to skip over without trying.
And since its old content they only ever really need to go there once while levelling.

(Jurgenhan) #11

Not having flying is not slowing players down, at least not in BFA, as there is hardly any content to slow them down with. When BFA first went live last August, you had players who had hit 120 within 5 hours. You also had players who had pathfinder part 1 within a week.

Unless there is a great deal of content to keep people busy, not having flying is not going to slow people down, so we should just have flying at the beginning of an expansion, free of charge.

(Lepanto) #12

I dislike the situation with old content flying with a passion. I came back from a break since early MoP, no WoD or Legion for me, and I was baffled by this change.

I did the grind on my main once I had three 120s and it was soul depleting. Not fun AT ALL. Games should be fun, Right? Takes, used to take as it’s changed, sped up, following 8.1, around 3 weeks.

Any and all changes to the current state would be good.

(Vintoleth) #13

but its not CURRENT content. and thats the issue. lets be honest, 99% of the game now is about what you do at level cap. off the top of my head, the only things that DONT need level cap are:

  1. leveling,
  2. twinking,
  3. transmog
  4. pet battles
  5. RP.

now, blizz have destroyed the first 2, and they dont seem to care about the 3rd where its almost as good as destroyed. pet battles are really niche and not to everyones liking. and RP i can’t speak for the requirement of it, but im guessing its been hit hard, but only takes place in lower level areas. i dont think theres much RP in the Burning Steppes for example. (i could be wrong).

and the 2 best ways to level from 90-111 NEED flying to be efficient. which is treasures in WoD, and invasions in Legion. plus, then if you want certain things once you are at level cap, like farming anything from WoD/Legion that needs multiple tries (eg, BRF, HFC of NH mounts), not having flying is a MASSIVE pain.

i would guess that “most” of the complaints about flying in WoD or Legion are coming from any player that have many alts, or are level 111 or higher. they are not coming from players who are leveling their first toon for the first time.

(Terres) #14

It’s an issue for people who want to play with their friends. It’s kind of the problem you get when you insist on using vertical scaling. I think GW2 has a much more elegant solution with their expansions; they don’t increase level cap or ilvl, but they do introduce new abilities necessary to traverse the new zones, as well as new skill trees. These things are inaccessible to you if you don’t have the expasion, but you can still play the old end game content with your friends (and because the level cap and ilvl isn’t increased, this content does not become irrelevant). They manage to maintain a sense of progression without infringing on the players ability to play end game content together.

That is my guess as well, though I view this in a slightly different lens. Flying is convenient, but it isn’t fun (in my opinion). I don’t often level alts, but when I do I typically enjoy the experience. It’s like a nostalgia-trip. However, for someone wanting to boost a character to max level as fast as possible in order to play the end game, I get that the experience is neither fun nor convenient. At the same time, I don’t think this was something that was questioned in earlier versions of the game. We’ve gotten used to the convenience and now players can’t live without it, threatening to unsubscribe if they don’t get their way (which is a bit childish).


WoD flying with gold sink : medallions for rep. Buy ogron cache for gold to get resources to spend on missives to complete the assaults.

You can get all the treasures in a day, loremaster in a day, exploration in a day,

I guess that’s flying in 1 day

(Gram) #16

Generally I prefer Pathfinder achievements. They are account bound and don’t require max level so my alts can level more easily.

I do think that it is introduced a bit too late. I would have had it in 8.1. My alts are sleeping while they are grounded. Also I think the rep grinds are a little punishing to players joining later. Loremaster and Explorer are good pre-reqs. WQs and reps meh.


“BUt fLyIng wiLL deSTrOY PvP!”
There, I had to say it. Simply couln’t resist :rofl:

Anyways. On the topic at hand. I am not sure that swaping the achievement grind to gold grind would be a big of an improvement.
Sure 5k might not be a gold sink so some might suggest rising the gold costs to oblivion. But remember not everyone plays the AH or grinds the gold for a living…not everyone is that rich. :smiley:

(Punyelf) #18

There is nothing I haven’t seen while levelling. I have explored and quested everywhere.

It used to be then you got to explore in the skies, take in the views at max level. But they ruined that.

(Daltor) #19

The pathfinder works quite well, especially now that they have refined it from WoD. My only grievance is how long it has taken to be released.

By the time 8.2 comes out, it will be either june/july, by the time people can get Pathfinder pt2 it would have been a year since BFA released.

I feel that, that is too long of a wait, especially in such a content light expansion.
It didn’t feel too long in Legion because there was plenty to do and player engagement is high.

(Punyelf) #20

Yeah I hate the wait time. If it was just a month or two nobody would care.