8.2 Raid results !


Dont recall that, but i do recall what the boiking said.

If its about nelfs, i do enjoy it. Thats why i love the mighty queen and nathanos, such suffering nelfs been through with those two :joy:

Not all human paladins, muh frend

Is a great guy.

yeah lets start RP then?


What night elf lore fans?

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It’s a blood elf! Quick, hide the arcane crystals! I agree though. Those human paladins, especially the men. Never know when they might suddenly shift into undead monsters that need to inflict pain.

As for Baine fans? They must be into a little pain, to endure so many roast beef comments and EBIL BAINE shouts.


I write my thoughts on it, its not a nice solution, but at least it could give Sylvanas “brilliant plan” some depth:

Even if it would be cheap, I can imagine, that all this fleet destruction move of Sylvanas was not against the alliance, but a bait for Azshara/Old God to attack too soon. A Gambit if we are talking about Sylvans chess game.

The rest of the troops of the horde and the alliance would gather in barents to protect TB against Sylvanas. This could be her move too to get combined forces of both factions in place, if N’zoth would release somewhere in Kalimdor (she knows it because of reasons)… Just imagine it would happen in Teldrassil or Darkshore. N’zoth would be released on “burned and blighted ground”.

Then the expansion would end, where it begun.

EDIT: It is not what I want, but I can not see an outcome that would sorta “nice”. I just try to work with situation given to us.

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We left undead kings, demon lords, eldrich abominations and space robots dead on the floor. A tentacle elf is nothing special in the murder hobos career.

Also, to put this thread even slightly more on track: Am I the only one who actualy liked the cinematic? Sure its not “Arthas killing his father” level of cool, but it did the job.
The fish queen lives - thats a OK from me. N’Zoths voice while still too human for my tastes is used well - no stupid shouting or threats. Chains falling apart was a great visual clue for those who did Yoggy. Allso it did not have any prevous lore ruined, so thats a god thing for bfa.

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There is a point when Blizzard needs to stop hinting and trying to keep the suspense over a story that is oozing nastily from every crack.
This cinematic, should’ve been the time.

No more vague hints, no more toying with players. Here they should’ve given players an actual solid motivation and indicator regarding what’s coming.

Enough “wait and see”. We are reaching the end of the expansion, and so far it has all been about us trashing around while Blizzard tried to keep us hooked on some expectations about future betterment.

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N’Zoth is whats coming that was very clear to me.

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I wish. I want his sword but Blizzard won’t let me kill him.


and i want azsharas dress but thats something they wont let me have either


I want her champagne glass as offhand for my mage.
I want Lor’themars sword.
I want Thralls eyebrows and Jainas Hair.

but thats something they wont let me have either :wink:


I just want Azeroth to be great agian :frowning:
But seems they wont let me have that either.

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What is vague about it? They said we will know the final boss and true big bad guy when we watch the cinematic. It was N’zoth and Azshara. That is not vague, but very clear.


I agree.

This narrative makes me remember another one: " The Empire Strikes Back".

When you see the movie for the first time, you keep waiting for a proper end, till, all you get, in the final scene, is disappointment.

Than one of your relatives tells you, it has continuation.

My opinion: this might be the expansion, where will not see a proper end.

According to Bellular we can have in the end of BFA:

  • Azshara and N’ZOTH.
    Finding out what happened to them.
  • Faction war: what Sylvanas is going to do to Thunder Bluff and the rebels.

One of them, but not both of them.
My guess:
Azshara and N’ZOTH for the next, expansion.
The end of the faction conflict, as the final patch.
Sylvanas will still be the Warchief, in the next expansion.
Baine, Thrall and Saurfang will only be able to mount a plan against Sylvanas by that time, now is the time to survive, to defend Thunder Bluff.
As Vol’Jin did after Cataclysm, Garrosh was still in charge, only during MoP we saw him being removed.

Another thing: I think the loyal player that stood by Sylvanas, will be told by Nathanos:
“A pity, but not unexpected, the Dark lady, knows what’s she’s doing. You just carry along.”

As for the rebel player, Sylvanas, might pretend she doesn’t know he’s betraying her, after all the loyal player did kill Sunreavers as he did, they both are guilty of the same actions in the end.

Yup, totally not MoP 2.0, it’s Cataclysm 2.0. without being told who is the final boss.
MoP 2.0 will be in 2020.
Remember what happened back there ?

  • The Horde lead by Garrosh, was still at war with the Alliance.
  • Horde pc was still under his orders.
  • Old Gods manifestation.
  • Finding a new island and a new race (skeleton), new class from lv1.
  • Fighting the Sha and his manifestations, having the Evil Warchief, by the end.
    Sylvanas will not be the raid boss but Nathanos can, be her replacement and the entire of the Horde cast that stood by her, like Geya.

I might be wrong, as always, this is my opinion.



Well we do all wear Mythic ilvl epics and we have the heart of Azeroth and are supposedly the leaders of our entire class halls, commanders of Garrisons, Champions of Azeroth with a necklace that spits Titan mojo.

So yeah… not your typical grunts there.

Azshara trapped us cause she wanted that sweet sweet Azerite after all


This reminds me of the Hollywood plots.

How many times did Indiana Jones survived against all odds ?
How many times did James Bond survived against scenarios that a normal agent would had just died, with a bullet in his head ?

That’s what we are.


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My paladin in rags and with a crowbar apparently more dangerous then a full Alliance army.


That’s why you have the option of hiding your chest armour, bracers and gloves.

Add in the future the possibility of hiding your pants and you can go Tarzan mode.

Who needs an army ?

For the Horde: is Hulk mode.



Probably the best feature of 8.2.

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