8.3 Visions of Nzoth

(Tyrandé) #1

Pretty cool lore features honestly, from exploring Nyalotha to Worgen/Goblin heritage quests (Worgen set looks amazing Time to reroll Araphant :stuck_out_tongue:)
I saw Azshara imprisoned in the raid which is very disappointing if she dies like nothing but a generic boss without Night Elves or Sylvanas getting involved.
Sadly only related Night Elf thing is going to be Heroic Darkshore Warfront, hopefully we get some lore in it, it must be the only closure for Night Elf and Forsaken players we are going to get with BFA.

(Araphant) #2

pained sounds


I can just see how the Alliance is on the verge annihilation, with Tyrande and Greymane turning against Anduin.

Right… uhm… Tyrandé, I guess?


And the inevitable introduction of Vulpera into the Horde and Mechagnomes into the Alliance… Well, I’m not holding my breath for some great lore there. But maybe some whacky adventure, cleaning out the Machinist’s Garden and going scavanging.

Doesn’t look as if I would play Mechagnomes, though, except if they can, against all expectations, become classes that normal gnomes or dwarves can’t. So… DH or druid.

(Cyrisela) #5

ive not seen anything new thats interesting lore in there at all.
even if idea is good i expact it to be handeld icnrebdly poorly like rest of bfa.


a beast in a hat is still a beast :stuck_out_tongue:

(Garruk) #7

Νy’alotha is just a raid……
I expected an entire zone made out of the old god himself

I hope the black empire is not just a patch
it deserves an expansion with the old zones changed to reflect the old god invasion and events that show the horror of the old gods not just 8.3

they can do something like the zombie invasion in wotlk I hope they won’t spoil the old gods lore like they did argus


At this point, I wholly expect N’zoth to die in that raid proper.

And then we just leave his corpse where we are along with a few powerful artifacts used to defeat him so that Sylvanas can easily swoop in, gather them all up, resurrect N’zoth and turn into the big bad for the next expansion.

(Cyrisela) #9

i hope its a patch adn then after done with old gods forever,and we focus on the world being updated,revamped(all cities aswell and like surumar being actual city aswell and gnomerang(not issue due phasing so dungeon can keep excisting).
and world finnaly repaired from cataclsym.

(Jito) #10

There could be some cool lore hooks with Gnomes and Mechagnomes. One basically preceeds the other, evolution-wise.
Wonder how they’ll fit Mekkatorque into it. His stasis…state…sort of hints at him getting some mechanisation.


I wasn’t sure what to expect but this all sounds fine for me. Nothing particularly risky, they seem to use that strategy where they just use gameplay stuff of the past and improve it and change it a bit, which usually works if Blizz doesn’t get too ambitious. The Worgen heritage armor looks terrible though.

And yes, I am glad with the Vulpera as well. xD


It is what she deserves for making herself a slave. What did you expect?

(Zarao) #13

I find it rather amazing how indifferent this whole announcement has left me.

Heritage armour? In my opinion, both look awful.
New allied races? To be honest, I do not fancy either. And given the state factions are in, what’s the point?
The raid? Well, the old god stuff never interested me much. Specially if it came in this blatant purply way.
Ingame features seem rather fine, but given I’ve personally lost interest in the overall gameplay (specially when comparing it to more engaging experiences such as Classic), those seem rather bland. Couldn’t give any less sh!t about necklace stuff even if I wanted.

Overall, I’d rate the patch with a “Meh”. Maybe there is some new info to it, but at this point, I’m just hoping for this expansion to end.
Hopefully, this doesn’t translate into Blizzcon being about this patch too.
Had hopes about them announcing next expansion.


I don’t really see what hooks that would be, the Mechagnome story is simple enough. A gnomish branch culture that diverted from Gnomeregan 500 years ago.

And I don’t see any “evolution”, either, just differences in culture. One group of gnomes chops of their limbs for whatever reason, the other doesn’t. One suffered through Thermaplugg, the other through King Mechagon. Even tech seems really similar overall, except that the new guys have HD-models for their bots.

The less the better, if you ask me. I’m afraid that they will depict normal gnomes as just inferior Mechagnomes. Like you kinda did. And I sure as heck don’t want that. I would absolutely hate to have Gelbin, representative of our normal gnomes, essentially become a Mechagnome.

(Ivydoom) #15

Oh wow the coin just dropped.
They’re gonna make Sylvanas Azeroth’s saviour because she got N’zoth safely loose from the world and has him killed by the might of Horde and Alliance combined.

(Tyrandé) #16

That story did not reach its conclusion in this patch, are you under the impression it is over? lol.

I am certain they are giving us a tease for 8.3 so they can have all the needed time to announce the next expansion at Blizzcon, if not it would be a huge failure on their part.


NEW Crapopolis

  • NEW Stage 1: Hostile Takeover
    Speak with Gazlowe at the dock.

  • NEW Stage 2: Held Hostage
    Rescue Hobart Grapplehammer.

  • NEW Stage 3: Suiting Up!
    Equip the X-52 Body Armor.

  • NEW Stage 4: Taking Back The Town
    Defeat Gallywix.

Oha. Seems that Gazlowe actually replaces Gallywix, if those descriptions aren’t misleading. That was fast.

The Worgen one does seem actually lore relevan, too… surprisingly.

NEW A Gilnean’s Dream

  • NEW Stage 1: The Hunter Within
    Wake Tess

  • NEW Stage 2: The Start of a Dream
    Fight back the Forsaken assault on Gilneas.

  • NEW Stage 3: Leader of the Pack
    Kill Dark Ranger Thyala.

  • NEW Stage 4: A Blight Upon the Land
    Track down Nathanos Blightcaller.

  • NEW Stage 5: The Fury of the Wild
    Kill Nathanos

  • NEW Stage 6: Chasing Nightmares
    Tess has taken off running towards the town square. After her!

  • NEW Stage 7: Judged by Moonlight
    Defeat the Essence of Rage.

Kill Nathanos? Hey, that should compemsate for not liking the set, at least until we know he makes his getaway xD


You said it would happen in 8.3, do not try to backtrack. “lol”


The worgen heritage scenario where you kill Nathanos is very obviously a dream sequence. Tess’ nightmare, I’d bet.

On second thought, we’re helping her transition to a worgen. We’re killing her rage so she doesn’t become feral.

(Zarao) #20

Wow…that’s rather relevant! Dealing with Nathanos in a single questline seems like a big thing.
It does seem like a dream tho.

Which seems weird, wasn’t Tess completely human? What’s that about Moonlight, Rage, etc.?
Did Genn convert her?