8.3 known issues and information

The Visions of N’Zoth content update is now live. Please read on for a list of known issues that we’re working on, and further information about the update.

As always, Blizzard Customer Support is here for you! If you don’t see your issue in the list below, Get help here, 7 days a week.

Updated January 15, 2019

Auction House

It is possible for the Auction House to send more items in one letter than are visible to the player.


Stormstout Brewery: Ook-Ook dies too quickly for players to earn the achievement Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’.


  • Some older items may fail to cast their effects.
  • Transmogrfying items to look like the Fangs of the Father (Golad, Twilight of Aspects and Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages) is not user-friendly.


Several legacy recipes are miscategorized in the User Interface.

Teeming Islands

  • Characters that queue separately may not be placed into an instance group.
  • You sometimes receive an error when trying to enter a game.
  • Players are not rewarded with any Honor for participating, winning, or losing.
  • When the game ends, players cannot leave the brawl.
  • This feature uses the Dungeon Finder queueing system.


It’s possible for players to be moved into a new instance of the world while they’re engaged in combat, which can lead to progress resets.


Allied Race DK’s apparently have no DK style voice


The quest Urgent Care for Mechagnomes are bugged for ALOT of peoples as the NPC isn’t spawned / Phased

Quest = https:// ptr.wowhead. com/quest=58214/urgent-care

Please Hotfix this asap! for those that wants to unlock the Allied race me included!


Add the fact that Mechagon’s two parts on Heroic are both locked upon finishing one part of them, now locking me out of finishing that last quest to unlock the Mechagnome quest line for yet another day.

I finished Junkyard, should’ve done Workshop…

I cannot see where to hand in paragons for mechagon after completing the mechagnome questline

Thank you! This one has been problematic for a while. One single barrel would one-shot the boss. :frowning:

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The Auction House lost it’s queuing function, which makes posting hundreds of items around half an hour instead of 10 minutes. Don’t know if it is intentional or not.

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TSM 4 sniper is also unable to function, as my bank character is getting phased left and right.

Ingame message form the devs: “You’ve been phased which has caused the AH to stop working due to a bug on Blizzard’s end. Please close and reopen the AH and restart Sniper.”

Return to Karazhan when enter the dungeon you start at Menagerie and you are unable to start Nightbane event. Someone on US servers facing the same problem


I’ve just come here about the same thing. Thought it was just me being stupid…

When is a hotfix not a hotfix? When it’s ‘“Against Overwhelming Odds” now grants credit for slaying enemy players in Uldum when Assaults are active.’ I have credit for my Uldum kill quest, but not AOO. Assault was active. Have reported it as a bug but not sure what else I can do.

When searching for battle pets in the AH the uncollected only filter doesn’t really filter the pets I already collected.

During an Horrific Vision, getting the stuck in combat bug, will prevent the player from using an orb to restore sanity.

This happened to me after killing Anihilator Lah’tek (or something like that), I still had over 200sanity, but even though there was no enemy around attacking me or with aggro, I couldn’t leave combat, which in turn prevented me from using an orb to restore sanity, causing a failed run.


new feral druid sounds are worse than bad


Quest Soulbound is bugged, you can’t kill quest mob Grand Ma’da Ateena, she just stuns with Bonds of Blood for 15 sec and dissapper at half hp but quest is not progressing. Please fix it.
(Realm, Quel’Thalas / Azjol-Nerub)

Any news on the quest Surfacing Threats, or will you just keep ignoring the issue and wait till next assault so it gets fixed by its self? :disappointed:

Also the legendary cloak doesn’t let you install an goblin glider on it for some weird reason this needs to be fixed asap, to make legendary cloak useful.

As has been said elsewhere, that is not a bug. At cloak level 6 you get an on-use effect (the corruption ignore one) and an item can only have one on-use effect on it.

WAI as far as I know.

Had exactly the same problem