8.3 known issues and information

Since the AH update…my game crashes a lot. About every 4 to 5 minutes. So…is that something that will be fixed also? Am in the pandoria area and I know its busy but I was there most of yesterday with no crashes.

Update: as soon as I posted…it stopped

My game crashed three times in Pandaria last night.

First time WoW has ever crashed for me.

So is the Unearthed Artifacts bugged? I see a lot of people saying they cant find the titan artifacts. I watched wowhead and camped one of the sites for 15 min plus and no spawns.


Tbh this content drop has already bored me to tears, frustratingly low spawns tied to quests with high numbers of players in the zones is just plain stupid. I have spent the entire of my morning off trying to get to rares in one of the zones, finally abandon the quest and popped to the other zone. Not enough mobs in the area there either for the 2 kill quests and pick up X item quest was bugged. i WAS having a good morning until i came on and played WoW 8.3 Annoyance of N’Zoth! Oh and the 4th time i went into a “whoaaa oooo AAAHHHHH scary Visions of N’zoth” to basically run in kill 3 things get cloak upgrade i just though wow, thats proper crap. Have cancelled as of today for the last 3 days on WoW have really been dire.


After a few days of 8.3, I feel like I need to point out some issues which could tremendously help making WQ better if they were solved. The 4 rares quest for 75 rep is obviously overkill. No one has enough time to roam the area for 2 hours in order to find rares that get killed in a matter of seconds. Regarding all the quests that require people to interact with objects (obelisks, cages…), why sharing those between people ? The areas are overcrowded… Just allow everyone to interact with the objects regardless of the interactions of other people, similarly to what’s done with most quests. Also, I know that the patch is supposed to last for a while, but the overall reputation gain is not enough of an incentive to try and complete the dailies (especially on several characters) considering the state of said quests.

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Can confirm. I’ve scouted every area that the artifacts are supposed to be at for over 30 minutes, and I haven’t found a single one. Someone told me that they spawn for those who haven’t finished the assault though, so the quest is definitely bugged at the moment.

The Legendary cloak will have an on use effect on it later on in the progression of it, so it’s intentional that they’re not allowing you to have Goblin Glider on it.

I didn’t receive any gold from my sold auctions on this character and realm. It was fine in the beginning of the patch but now I’m not getting anything in the mail and the auctions I posted are not shown up on the auction house.


I know other people have had this problem aswell,but so far i have done 4 Horrific Visions and my back is currently at rank5 however from these visions i’ve done i have gotten 1 piece of gear at 430 ilvl and it didnt have corruption on it. So far i have 1 corrupted item ( the bracers they give everyone ) useless to me while some of my guild mates have like 4 already, one of them even got echoing void rank3 for his guardian druid,needles to say he is doing insane amounts of damage in dungeons while i am using flasks potions elixirs on cd just to try to get to his damage. What bothers me tho is that in a few days the new raid will come out and i will still be without any corrupted items and probably lose my raid spot… FeelsBadMan


IMO 10K corrupting essences is a high price for a vision. At least we should be able to stay in there if we die. I am still trying to farm up another 10K for the note quest.

Mobs needed to complete dailies in Uldum and in The Vale 8.3 area’s need to respawn much quicker. I flew an insane time round and round the area, just to try and spot mobs I needed to kill. Others did the same, obiously. That made the mobs even more rare to spot. I like to do more than one char a day but the slow spawnrate is rather annoying and frustrating.


Maybe if Actavision hadn’t fired 800 Blizzard employees there would have been better quality control, and this piece of crap patch might not have been as bugged, this was the patch that was supposed to change BfA from utter sh!t to a decent expansion, and it just blew up in your face, making me seriously consider if after 15 years its time to call it a day and find something else to do, it seems that maximizing profit at all cost is the key motivator for Actavision, even if it means that the game they earn their money on is ruined, you guys are pissing your pants to try and keep warm…


How about making some qol changes.

Make those dailies in such a way that so people can finish both zone dailies in Max half an hour.
Also fix bugs in daily quest with improved spawn rate of rares as per shard population.

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Sort the HORRENDOUS respawn AND drop rates.

The Eyes of the Empire daily yesterday took the cake…

And while you’re at it lower the daily rare quest from 4 to 1… or better yet set the respawn rate of rares to 5 minutes.

Also encountered a bug where ALL my dailies got deleted from log when the game crashed… even the one for the mount/pet, and I couldn’t pick them up again. :frowning:


No vision reward loot towards cloak upgrade. Even tho you dont die.

Horde seem to be unable to queue for heroic warfront: battle for Darkshore. Tried to queue heroic warfont: battle for Stromgarde for alliance which was successful, but when I tried to queue for horde the option to do so wasn’t even there. The only option available was to queue for arathi higlands patrol.

Noone is able to queue for heroic Darkshore, as the new season did not start yet.

• The Darkshore Warfront now has a Heroic difficulty, with item level 460 gear rewards.
o Please note: Heroic difficulty will become available in the first Warfront that begins in each region after the Season 4 transition in that region.

No update yet for Mac users? We haven’t been able to play since the release of 8.3.

Sad that stuff like AH gets full prio instead of thousands of Mac users can’t even participate in any content at the moment. If u are able to complete the daily emissary without a total crash you are one of the lucky few.

Nothing yet?