8.3 Memory leaks

Same here, regadless of which addons i disable or not, or which Dx i choose the game will be freeze and i will received GPU warning from Nvidia that the driver stop working :frowning:.
Win10 Pro x64/Version 1511 with Gtx1060 3GB.

i havent addons… someone tell me, should change display settings. I have macbook pro 2019 (13) (2560 x 1600) resolution. i changed in wow this resolution and 100% scale, it seems good, play 1 hour without freez.

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I am also experiencing this after last nights patch/hotfix. It’s incredibly unplayable and considering how good my specs are completely unacceptable.

I have the memory leak issue but also a GPU issue. My GPU is generally sitting at 50% in wow and it will spike up to 100%, completely locking up and then stabilize after 3-5 seconds.

Fix it.

This is not on my end, for the doubters:
3dmark . com/3dm/43074908?
3dmark . com/3dm/43074322?

I have tried DX11, DX11 Legacy and DX12. I have reinstalled WoW and also reinstalled my gpu drivers. I’ve tried without addons as well.
Lowering graphic settings helped a bit but the freezes still occur.


Mate it has todo with Nvida chip Graphic Cards and direct X. Its not that hard to figure that out, dont let us do all your job. At least answer some stuff seriously….

Still no answers from blizz on this?

Changing to DX11 legacy has stopped the freezes but i’m running mythic plus with 20 - 30 fps regardless of what my graphics settings are where as before I would always be over 60. It makes it incredibly uncomfortable to play.

Just popping in to let you know that we’re still looking in this.

There are a few theories as to what is actually causing this (one involved particular OS versions, hence asking for that earlier) and it is actually quite possible that there may be more than one factor that plays a role - or that there are multiple different issues that just happen to look very similar in terms of symptoms.

We’ll let y’all know once we have a clear answer - until then, please do hang in there, and let us know of anything that stands out in the way this happens.


Playing on Windows 8.1.

For me it seems to be connected to the game loading the environment/assets. Like if I’m flying somewhere and at some point the game is trying to load the buildings, trees, etc. WoW freezes for about 5 seconds, both my screens go black for a split second (sometimes multiple times, as in blinking), then it goes back to normal and suddenly all the things it was trying to load pop up really quickly.

An example is me flying around Dazar’alor. If I’m at The Great Seal and want to fly down to the Grand Bazaar (or vice versa), it freezes.

EDIT: Just had my first crash while this was happening. No error message, the game just shut down completely.

EDIT 2: Just now I was flying around Dazar’alor and it froze again, and I got an error about something with the memory. I tried to Print Screen it, but my whole computer actually froze, then WoW crashed completely and I got a “critical error” message. I couldn’t click on anything or even Ctrl+Alt+Delete, so I actually had to shut off my computer.

EDIT 3: The issue was not fixed for me after the “emergency maintenance”. I decided to try switching to DirectX 11 Legacy and it seems to work for now. Only a temporary fix, though. And like others have reported it comes with a FPS drop.

Hopefully this issue gets resolved soon, as the game is pretty much unplayable now.


What i’ve noticed, is that after the mini patch from yesterday , the random 1-5sec freezes stopped.
But for some reason, opening my gear/char window “C” m still makes the game freeze or minimize itself to windows taskbar.
Maybe it’s smth wrong with the new corrupted gear ?

Anyway, that’s only happening when im running DX11/12 .
When going for DX11 legacy, everything is fine for now, but slow AF, cuz of the fps drop


Do you have a Nvidia Graphic Card?

Same issue … worked fantastically before the patch … now game unplayable… my machine is fine with any other game, just poor old wow that is broken …
Memory goes mental when it starts to hang … hope Blizz get a fix soon was looking forward to a few hours of WoW this evening :confused:


For me it seems to be connected to the game loading the environment/assets

I think so too. Not moving at all doesn’t seem to trigger it as much. And often loading into new zones will not work at all (the loading bar will not load and it’ll be stuck forever until I alt f4)

Yup i do
, already tested all DX versions and tried 3 or 4 newest versions of drivers.
Done almost everything ppl were saying in this thread, nothing besides swapping to DX11 legacy helped.

Yes. A GTX 1080.

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I haven’t experienced it getting stuck on loading screens, actually. Well, not yet at least…

Judging by the forum threads, it seems like there are a few slightly different issues that people are experiencing. They’re very similar, but not identical. I’m wondering if they all stem from the same source or not. Hopefully Blizzard will figure it out soon.

Well thats what i wrote to Blizzard via Ticket ingame. but the ticket is gone, they dont listen to the people and anyways their ticketing system is now trash, no more gamemasters and nothing, what can i say. Just stupid paying costumers and no administration anymore, just self service and cash cash cash. This game is not worth the 12,90 EUR a month anymore with that lack of support no joke.
And at the end thers only a appologize and not even a free game time for that crap they design.

Ok now about the issue, It has to do with Nvidia Chipsets.
As far as i saw and talked to people i can tell, those who dont have a Nvidia graphic card got no problems at all. And those with Nvidia have major issues, because for whatever reason all the graphic memory gets overflowed or buffered in the windows System in the RAM and Pagefile, which makes the entire system instable and causes freezes until the harddisk is full. And then the system brakes down. The CPU is going up the RAM is filled up to max no matter if you have 8-16-32 GB of RAM. And after that the Pagefile writes the harddisk full till the end so windows (no matter what version) cant work anymore.

Its Like the graphic data is not addressed correctly or not getting dumped when not used anymore and is getting saved in the systems memory instead.

So for me the workaround helped, in game settings - System - Advanced - Graphics API - switching from Direct X to Direct X legacy with the freezes. But its of course not the solution. They should just test the dammn client with a PC that got a Nvidia GC instead to ask people what windows version they got. The feedback should be clear enough already…. I am a IT Technician my self and if i would work for such a company with all that IT Teams around me, id had the problem solved already thats for sure….


The game runs smooth as butter, N’Zoth is playing with our minds…can’t you see it’s already begun.


Directx 11 legacy worked for me. I hope others can solve too. But still it cost 2 vessel :frowning: i want my vessels backk :’( (and i just notice one thing. I checked memory usage when i playing wow after pacth Antimalware Service Executable pumping randomly when i played wow. After change the dx11 to legacy everything turn to normal. And im using win 10 pro)

Game is unplayable for me.

Freezes every 10s for 10s.

  • 10s freeze
  • black screen
  • Back 2 windows

Going to play other games.

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the mini patch today did not fix it

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I have a RTX 2070S and no problems.
My friend hast a GTX 970 and no problems.
On DX12.
Just saying.