9.0 Leaks, The Shadowlands

4Chan did it again. We either got new real leaks, or simply another user wants his/her fanfiction to be true. Sadly I cannot include the picture of the Shadowlands itself as I have not reach that level of trust.

"World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Two new continents: Dragon Isles, Shadowlands. New class: Tinkerer DPS with turrets, bombs and ‘ghost buster’ gimmicks. Also healer and tank specs. Uses mail armor. Primary stat is intellect. Vestiges of Power (secondary talent system a la artifacts/essences). Level squish postponed. No world revamp. New scaling tech that will do away with the frequent item level & stat squishing. Raid tier sets are not returning, but there will be class-specific challenge sets. Champion system: We will reunite with the spirits of fallen heroes: Uther, Cairne, Vol’jin, Varian, Saurfang, Rhonin, etc. But also certain villains. The Old Gods are not dead. They are sleeping in Ny’alotha. N’Zoth has been redirecting souls to fuel the Old Gods’ ascension back into the world. The Black Empire will rise again very soon. This is what Azshara saw when she died.

Forces of death aka “Death’s Vanguard”:
Elune, Helya and others are working together to fight the Void incursion into the Shadowlands. Bolvar brings us there. Sylvanas has been honoring a pact, waging war in Helya’s name. Elune’s night warrior also transports the souls of its victims to the Shadowlands. Alliance has inadvertently helped the war against the Old Gods in the Shadowlands. They will be reunited with all of the casualties (almost). Bwonsamdi is working for Hakkar the Soulflayer, who seeks power for himself, also by consuming souls. Old Gods: The void exploited the defeat of Argus to gain access to the Shadowlands. Xal’atath may have sold us out. Ny’alotha is threatened by the advance of Death’s forces N’Zoth instigated the battle for Azeroth to cause death & consume more souls. Sylvanas propagated the war to usher souls toward Helya instead of Ny’alotha.

“Starting point” for Shadowlands. Three minor factions: Night elves, death knights, Helya/Sylvanas. Helya is kinder now & prettier. Main goal is to prevent Ny’alotha from consuming the souls of the fallen. Huge rivers of souls run through each zone.

All the blood trolls we killed in Nazmir are here. Bwonsamdi has been roped into working for Hakkar the Soulflayer. We help him overthrow Hakkar and reclaim his title as the loa of death. ALNIR RIFTLANDS: A crucible for the primordial energies that comprise the fabric of all realities, with portals to each one. Everything is spilling in and out of rifts. Source of void incursions on Dragon Isles and Emerald Dream.

Semi-peaceful zone where spirits go to rest according to lore. Main city and sanctuary is here. Lots of questlines and two dungeons. Greek inspired, a la “Hades’ front yard”. Ethereals have a big presence here.

There will likely be 9 dungeons total at launch, 5 in Shadowlands and 4 on Dragon Isles. No names for them yet.

Dragon Isles:
Don’t know much, but it has void dragons. We will help rebuild the black dragonflight. Storylines for each dragon aspect."


its 4chan with no credible source, from someone anonymous.
Could be right but its more then likly false, and tinker is something thats ‘leaked’ evry singel expac.


Bunch of things from WoW were leaked. Even from BfA.

We have seen Tinkerers several time in this expac. This is the most likely time they can get implemented.


so what? you can just guess over and over and probably will get something right.
This is still more then likly false.
until we get actual proof its not all made up ideas from someone that calls it leaks so it gets more attention. best to do is assume it false.


Not dragon island,i hate them,worse then everything ,they bring back fallen heroes because they lack of creating new ones.pfhoa.


No it hasn’t only started being pushed in WoD and no idea why you are being so obtuse towards the OP he is just sharing a post.
That replied to wrong person it should be Arale

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I don’t believe it at all.

Well, no kidding? It’s not rocket surgery to figure that one out.

Not completely crazy but this fanfiction needs more Bolvar as an afterlife expansion can’t ignore the looming metaphysical shadow of the Scourge.

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that part, honestly, that would meen Tyrande goes evil, and Sylvanas the hero, for some reason I can not se that happen, unless something realy wierd happens soon, that we do not know of.


When Sylvanas died at ICC, she saw what is happening in the Shadowrealms. It is more likely that she know that it is under void corruption and tried to actively root it out, so she can rest in peace once she dies for good.


Pretty much this. Tinkerer has been a running “leak” since TBC, it’s almost a meme.

I very much sincerely doubt Blizzard is going to add a new hero class related to Allied Races. Anything that “leaks” it is worth taking with a pinch of salt.

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4chan lol

Are people really this hungry to circulate crap?


Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

This is complete guesswork from someone.


If this would happen I’d be overly pleased;

One can dream. Moo.

After the questline I did today I’d not be surprised if shadowlands are upcoming though.

All WoW leaks ever released more than a week before a big anouncement like Blizzcon have been proved false and only had a few guesses right, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Doubt this one will be any different.


Not saying this leak is true, but looking back in time lot of things on this and earlier expansion have been leaked somewhat right in some point. Some times pretty accuraly, sometimes leaked stuff has been spilled over several expansions. This makes it always interesting to read and speculate with the leaks, whether they are true or not or if some parts of them are true.

Just for amusement here is leak of “Southseas” expansion from 2015.


I hate how leaks have proven to be real so many times by now and still people like you act like it’s utter nonsense and 100% not true.

How do you know its crap and made up? You don’t. Just be quiet and stop acting like a pretentious child who knows it best.

I checked back and the earliest leak i could find was in cata . I still dont get why people are pissing on the OP he is merely passing on what he saw.


This “leak” is literally repeating verbatim the theories posted by certain YouTubers.

It is at best a good guess, and one that many players have guessed already.


How do you know it’s not rubbish and made up? You don’t. Cite official sources.

Right back at you.

Tryhard edgelord territory.


I don’t? I just don’t act like every leak is rubbish.

Leaks have been true in the past and if you just declare every leak to be crap you’re a moron.