9.1 predictions tier list

not so sure about survival that low, still debatable.

but mw is still a big question mark

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Where guardian

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Would not put unholy that high if you mean left means better. It will be just very obnoxious meme spec against certain comps.

Where’s the prot pala? They get a magic dispel, you know. Basically like a permanent fistweaver-ish, with an interrupt and a silence as well.

Arms and unholy in same tier? Buffs are looking that strong? :astonished: :astonished:

Ret/Arms/Frostmage are probably S tier too.

What makes destro suddenly S tier ?

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my opinion:

  • Destro is still too squishy for S-Tier, also need to see how much % of Hp Chaos bolt will take in the end

  • Frost mage and frost dk will probably be contenders for S-Tier but time will tell. Frost DKs pvp modifiers got unnerfed (including dragon and DS)

  • Assa rogue would be most definitely S tier. Broken dmg, broken MS and rogue kit

  • Since arms gets basically no changes, they will stay S tier?

  • BM hunter will 100% be S tier in 2s and maybe also in 3s

people may believe that havoc chaos bolts will suddenly be crazy good. Yes you get more pressure if you can havoc them but people forgot that the havoc target doesn’t take the full dmg.
Other than that they get bonds of fell pvp talent which deals good dmg but doesn’t sound super busted.
WL in general is still pretty squishy so I don’t think it will be S tier, if lucky it will be A tier.
Maybe stronger in 2s with holy priest again, who knows.

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Kyrian legendary

Yep, so as I thought, nothing at all. And you right about assa, also no way outlaw is as strong as surv.

the kyrian legendary make them stronger, if at all, so they just stay S tier. Don’t think there is anything above S tier? :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know if this is solo pvp or arena. Survival is so underrated just because noone plays it. It almost as good as BM and the haste increase and the small single target buff will help to keep up even more.

Anyway lets not forget that the only place where this tier list should exist is the 3v3 enviroment.
So while destro x assa or destro x frost will be reaaaaalllly good arms still counts better because its much more versatile. Which means it fits into more MUCH more comp than a destro WHICH MEANS you are most likely find a strong team with a warr than with a destro which means you can climb faster than with a destro. Unless you have 2 fix partner with pretty decent pvp skills and you can spam Q 1 000 games without leaving each other midway. So usually the S tier spec should be the one which fits into the most comp like warrior. Feral will break out from the jungle addiciton with the MS and we will see much more feral comps like FLX FMX FWX even FFX will work.
Mage also keep its good position frost with its slows, roots and with its pretty decent dmg will help a lot for casters that can oneshot you like destro, ele will be really good with spriest, rog, warrior, feral so mage fits into S tier aswell.

The rest should go A tier.

Enha, outlaw, Furry (haha), MM, Demo, Arcane goes to B tier which means they are pretty decent but either they lack of good comps or they just have a better spec inside the class.

BM even tho its strong in 2s in 3s it only has 2 good comp with the small pvp talent buffs and with feral/ret buffs it will probably be A tier just for the fact that Jungle/php will be reallllly good. If they nerf the feral off heal hunter can fell down to -A or B+ tier.
Same goes for DK, Ret, Sub, Fire they will be pretty decent but either they will have a better spec or only a few really strong setup which reduce the possibility to climb with many ppl or switch partners.

But again if we would say that everyone can pick one really good friend as a 2nd dps destro x frost; rmx ; jungle; destro x assa; maybe turbo; ret x warr; frost x warr would go to S tier.


They are S tier in 9.1 because they are getting a 5% damage reduction on chaosbolt.

I swear you cant make this stuff up. Welcome to the wow PVP community brain.

puh why destro from b to s tier? dont think they will be that a top 2 dps spec. no way.
arms will still be absolute s tier. Firemage will still be very strong.
Disc will atleast be a tier.
I think dh will be a tier too but we will see.
Survivial isnt thaat bad right now so dont think it will be D tier after buffs.
MW will be atleast b tier.

S+? SS? Not gonna lie, for melee cleaves the 8 second spear sounds spicy. There is no way they are not nerfing it

sad how no one is calling out the OP for being the most coached player in the history of the game

MW monk is still bottom tier? Didn’t they introduce some really broken pvp talents?

Frost>UDK besides 2s tho. UDK will have the same problems - slowly and clunky, pets can be CC’d and rooted.

Sad how some people always have to derail a thread with completely irrelevant stuff. Also being coached isn’t even bad. Being boosted is. Just as bad as posting from a hidden profile and being a challanger player who rating shames.

Anyways, i don’t think destro will be S-tier. A-Tier at best.

spending 50k$+ each season of ur daddys oil money to get coached 10 hours per day on 5 characters and then pretending that ur good is actually extremely sad.

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