9/10 M healer LF guild

I currently play Mistweaver (& also have a disc/holy geared) & I am looking for a guild aiming to achieve CE. I have exp on sylv p1 & start p2.

Logs : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/draenor/niadorma

I actively play all of the healers & have been playing since vanilla, but I am looking to main shift to a healer in 9.2 with damage reduction (ideally shaman/holy pally). I am happy to play as alliance or horde.

I am online every day so I am looking for a guild who are social outside of raids & actively do m+/pvp. Who also have an organised communicative healing team.

Battle tag: Violet#21622
Discord: Gwen#5908

Hey, if you are interested in raiding during the daytime, we would be happy to have a chat, active througout the day also with M+ etc :slight_smile:

Pop on over to disc if you fancy!