9.1.5 Character Customizations: New and Improved You

Would it be possible to squeeze in a couple of the smaller item changes, for prisms, potions and the like requested in here to make it in time for 9.15?

This would have a HUGE positive impact for rp and give people a lot of new ideas to work with to keep them busy till other updates come along at a later date.


No-one plays those races, maybe a bit more focus on more customisation options for Night Elves, Undead etc…

Because nightborne are janky. The wide legged idle stance and the slow-mo running kills the race entirely for me. I’d change my priest to a nightborne in an instant if not for these 2 things.

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I always welcome more customization!
It’s just a shame that these are all races I have no interest in (I do have a void elf alt, but I never play it, honestly).

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What’s a nightborne orc? :thinking:

very odd but then again there is a lack of game time card deliveries to the video game stores in my country
that usually doesnt happen often(they are apparently sold out)
and waiting for the next deliveries why is that delayed?

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Whilst I know that you have already made the character customizations for select races, if there are future customizations in the pipeline, may I ask that you may look again at an old thread, it had one of the most unique and new ways to customise that I have ever seen on the forums.

I don’t know if the authors Sigfrieda or Moira still play, but for anybody who hasn’t seen the thread, I think you will enjoy what they created :slight_smile:


Whilst i agree Undead needs more work you are wrong about nobody caring or nobody playing other race’s



Standing upright for male trolls when?


are these info reliable? void elves number are a bit low.
And are about playied chars or a total one? cause i have 20 chars of every race but i care just about 3\4 of them


Welcome back! The forum needs ya chumpion!

I would love a forsaken model similar to Baron Rivendare’s look and also an option to normally equip every boot without seeing your feet. And yeah… an upright stance would be great.


You shouldn’t lie to people.


and finally we could watch the battle “erevien VS retributor”


Can you also add some customisation for Zandalari trolls please <3


Ermergerd! This battle will be legendary!


It is a very cute little attempt, but we seriously need more options, Blizzard.

Dark Iron Suggestions:

Skin Tones:

  • Add an even darker grey-black tone.
  • A dark maroon
  • Greyish Brown
  • Alabaster
  • Copper


  • Default colour
  • Intense Red
  • Maroon
  • Fiery Yellow
  • Pure magma orange

Hair Colours:

  • Hot Pink
  • Dark Grey
  • Lighter Grey
  • Copper
  • Pastel Red
  • Yellow
  • Pastel Orange
  • Maroon
  • Extremely dark red


  • Toggle option to turn flames on beard/hair on or off
  • Additional colours: default, pure red, orange, yellow, pinkish red, for DKs also: Blue and Green


  • COlours: Black, Red, Maroon, Orange, Brown, Grey, Purple, Hot Pink, WHite
  • Body tattoos in the similar “runic tribal” style
  • More tatoos that heavily cover the face
  • Stay away from celtic designs like the standard dwarves, keep ours very angular, blocky and tribal.


  • More styles for example i’d love to see Plugs (similar to what Orcs get) for both genders and even some possibly slightly stretched ears to further differentiate normal dwarves from dark irons.
  • More colours on the metal: black iron, dark grey, gold, copper etc.
  • Spikes through ears, even “industrial” type piercings in the upper ear
  • Lip rings possibly
  • More eyebrow piercing styles

Facial Hair

  • More styles with the braids, but fuller
  • We need some more full beards, we only have three and two look very similar.
  • SHorter “full beard” styles too, as outside of braided ones we don’t have many options here.
  • Outlandish and possibly even slightly crazy (akin to gnomes almost) styles to highlight the idea the Dark Irons are a bit more eccentric and concerned with style/status than their cousins.

Hairstyles (apply to both)

  • We need some cool undercut styles, the female has a good one, but more (without braid for example) and also for the men.
  • We need a much bigger mohawk, and possibly more mohawk styles. The regular dwarves get the very cool style of multiple topknots in a the style of a mohawk, us having a similar yet different style with perhaps the hair loose in the ties ratehr than knotted (so looking like a series of fuses) would be awesome.
  • Longer hair styles for men, and women ,involving braids.
  • The men need some of the skeevy options regular dwarves get that are combovers, balding etc. We’re scummy, scheming dwarves and having these hairstyles would be cool. Also consider some of the “nutty professor” type ones Gnomes get.
  • Hair styles that cover one of the female eyes, they have a few styles like this (messy and mottled) let’s have some more! Almost like dreadlocks, but with braids.

NEW: Eyebrows

  • Many races get eyebrow options, let’s have it. I am jealous of Gnome 3D eyebrows blizzard. I want majestic, bristly eyebrows!

NEW: Necklaces

  • Stuff like simply chains (i’m talking literal chains here) and thick chunky “messy” chokers would suit.

I still play, and greatly regret forgetting to maintain that thread when SL released due to… spending time playing the new game! (Hehe)

Thanks for the link, really hope someone at Blizz gets around to read it. :heart:


:astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished: No way!A new customization options?!
Wooooow…what an incredible news …i havent expect that…

Im glad we got a blue post about this amazing awesome news…

Its almost like we dont know this for like 4-5 months already…

I cba dude.