Roleplay Initiative - Suggestion Index and Wishlist

Heyo everyone,
Reviving an older thread in general in the hopes that it may get some traction here rather than the underused lore section of the forums.

Not to long ago there was quite a hype about adding more allied races or customization options regarding character height among other things.
Now I think people understand that making the models, rigging them, and making armors fit etc or adding anything major especially given the current pace of content creation due to covid as well as some other issues.

Especially the roleplay community has been asking for a good few features and most pleas seem to go unheard, or if not there isn’t a healthy discussion going on about what can or cannot be done and blizzards overall view on the state of roleplay servers that have been left to themselves for quite a while now.
I understand that the majority of the playerbase may have priorities elsewhere, but with that in mind, there are a lot of people loyal to the game and their chars gladly logging in every day even in times where others find a lack of content or to much repetition, because we make the content ourselves.

So the idea is to be able to implement things that can go a long way, with little amount of work required for the dev team in order not to strain the already stretched shedule.

Roleplay Item and Tool Overhaul

To explain, offering a variety of items that could be easily put into the game, that have the desired effects without being limited in their use such as:

  • A set of potions to increase the size of the player character by 5%, 10%, 15%, etc. or decrease it.
    (While they already exist in other shapes and forms, it would let people slightly modify height without going through much trouble, adding to immersion.)
  • Appearance swap items. Now I know the prisms exist but they are extremely unfriendly to use, requiring the use of a rogue or mage to obtain the desired appearance and then the aid of other players or other workarounds to upkeep what is a 5 minute buff.
    Instead there could be a version of these to simply copy the appearance (usable by any class) of the targeted npc, (likely humanoids only) that would last a far longer time, ideally until dispelled in order not to have to deal with mid-rp breaks to reobtain the desired appearance.
    It would allow people to make roleplay more immersive by adding a huge selection of races that would be now accessable and would perfectly fit the role as mercenaries, traders or villains alike.
  • Potions/items akin to the inky black potion that would allow players to temporarily override the skybox and weather effects of a zone to use them for events when needed.
    It would allow you to use those effects to create more immersive scenes using rain, fog, snow, sandstorms and more with varying levels of severity. (Light rain, Heavy rain, etc.)
    As those visual changes are only present for the player using them, they would also cause no interruption for anyone else.
  • Small roleplay prop items akin to the vulpera tent. Such as items to temporarily spawn a tent, torch, crate or other useful roleplay props to temporarily help building a small scene such as a campsite, field hospital etc.
    (Perhaps adding a option to derender them in order to avoid possible griefing.)

You could even easily have all these function like toys do, so long as the duration and cooldown ratio would be respected to let you use them on your terms.
Furthermore, you can easily disallow use of any such items in pvp environments and instances in order to combat attempts to exploit them or optionally dispel effects upon taking damage, similar to how some other items work.

The idea is to make tools that can be used freely and frequently (without the need for upkeep). I doubt it’s perfect and probably has it’s own issues but I feel making a couple items or modifying existing ones could have a massive positive impact on player freedom.

Important Sidenote:
Furthermore, a harder stance against public erp needs to be taken and there has to be a no tolerance policy regarding any kind of illegal or predatory behaviour ingame. Especially considering WoW’s age rating, any sexual harassment could potentially target minors and should under no circumstances be allowed to fester. The mental health and wellbeing of players should be guarded more carefully considering that WoW is a social safety net for many and we should do better to ensure that it can be a safer place for everyone.

If anyone has any input, ideas or otherwise, feel free to add to it.
Thanks for reading and hope you stay safe and have a good time. :wink:

Adding ideas below that have been mentioned in the thread below so far…

  • A way to use dungeons and raids in a enemy-less mode which groups larger than originally intended could utilize for rp.
  • Ways to use more expressive emotes of which several are restricted to npc’s such as leaning against walls or over bar-counters
  • Allowing grey and white items to be tmogged, as well as adding previously npc locked armors for a greater variety of looks. Perhaps offering more civilian/casual clothing to offset the amount of combat orientated armor sets.
  • Looking into party synch to to allow raid groups to enter the same phase for the sake of not splitting the party should zone population or quest progress hinder seeing each other.
  • An option for a typing indicator to easier identify if people trying to respond or are currently waiting for the event/conversation to progress. (something akin to a ‘…’ above characters for example)
  • Possibility of introducing a mentor or guide tag/system to allow people to answer questions of newcomers, helping direct them towards rp events and explain do’s and dont’s for a better experience.
    (Likely has use beyond rp as general game or dungeon/raid/pvp specific guidance could also be given.)
  • The ability to write notes/letters and your own book/diary to help narrate and enhance roleplay. Perhaps adding an option to use ingame screenshots for wanted posters and news leaflets and similar options by adding captions to them.
  • Adding back the ability for classes such as warrior and rogue to shoot a ranged weapon. It’s odd to have the ability to collect mogs and equip those weapons still but not having access to a basic ‘shoot’ skill anymore which would be neat for rp.
  • A ambassador/neutral mode to turn enemy faction npcs unfriendly (orange) instead and remove the automatic pvp flagging from entering certain areas. It would allow for smoother cross-faction rp and encourage people to band together, regardless of their characters race, thus promoting more roleplay.
  • A few items or toys to apply visual effects to your character for rp purposes, such as poisoned, bleeding, cursed, or similar. (N’zoth corruption effects for example)

Lovely ideas, great initiative.


Add a “astral projection” NPC in most zones and dungeon entrances.

When talked to, this NPC offers you the opportunity to phase yourself to a shard of the location you’re in devoid of all hostile mobs, nodes and lootables. NPCs and players in the shard remain. You cannot fish in these shards either.

This would allow RPers an opportunity to use locations with vibrant locales for DMed events free of disturbances and clutter, and open up dungeons in this manner as well.

The astral projection is a buff, when cancelled you teleport back to the NPC back to the original shard, to prevent using the effect to skip mobs and/or content.

Characters in war mode cannot activate this feature.


Excellent suggestions. Two ideas I would like to add:

  • Toys with longer durations that are also longer than the cooldowns (!) and with zone restrictions removed.
  • New commands that let the players do emotes that are restricted to the NPCs, or specific classes/specs (like the staff-over-shoulder stance of Brewmaster monks, or the leaning-against-the-wall that some NPCs in Kul Tiras do).

Play another game where devs put resources in rp

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And while you’re at it add increased breast size and the bulge aswell but you’ll need to vertify your age to be able to see it.

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That would be super nice… its kinda crazy what you can do with animations and restricted emotes if you have a look at addons like ‘Narcissus’. It lets you use those emotes for posing purposes to take screenshots and such.

I agree with the toys, which is kinda the same issue with the prisms. The cooldown is usually vastly higher than the actual buff uptime, or the buff-time so low that it is a pain to maintain.

That is the main problem though, other mmos do not have the vast amount of options and resources WoW Addons offer to players.
Look at all the functionality trp3 for example offers, letting you map-scan to find other roleplayers, create profiles, glances, etc.

In no other mmo do you have the ease of finding other likeminded players willing to rp and even if RP servers in wow are seemingly unmoderated and have a ton of people who don’t even partake in any rp at all, the fact we -do- have RP servers to begin with is a huge thing.

The thing people wish for is simply a little support on top because content creation caters to raiders, collectors and other player types alike, yet the rp community feels left behind.
I would think that the simple reason for that is that the decisions are made based on subscriptions and a new raid or mount or armor set would get more player engagement than adding things for what may seem like a minority of the playerbase.

But we don’t ask for much… just throw us a lifeline every now and then, a little communication. Players would be so much happier if there was at least that.


Some little things could go a very long way, what’s needed most is that people are vocal enough about it to be heard.
Often enough some people say ‘oh that’ll never happen’ or ‘devs only care about m+ and raiding’ … if you go into it with that mindset you’re already accepting defeat.


Good ideas honestly. If any of that made it ingame I would spend a bunch more time in retail and I reckon other people would too.
Might actually repopulate rp servers a bit or make them seem more lively.


Also I’m gonna go for a big swing here, its a combination of a lot of things.
You got roleplay servers, you got add-ons that greatly enhance the experience but even those reach their limits of whats feasable or allowed, but most of all people get really attached to their chars and the world which is why they want it to be the best it can be.
And that counts for both RP and WoW overall.

I’m all for changes that cater to player freedom and letting people express themselves in different ways because I think one thing thats vastly underrated and noone seemingly talks about openly is the fact that for a lot of players wow is a very important part of their life.
I’ve heard plenty of stories from people that through meeting likeminded people in wow and creating their chars, they were able to experience things they otherwise wouldn’t be able to in a safe environment and the result being a huge benefit to their mental health and overall well being.
Theres a lot of people who even if they can’t express it openly irl, are able to play characters and be accepted regardless of gender, sexual orientation, skin color, or race (in terms of wow) and that is something SO very important.

So by all means, I feel allowing people to immerse themselves a little more in the world is probably something that a great lot of players would welcome.


I like the idea so why not. Seems easy enough to do.

And yes potions and foods for 5 10 and 20 % size increases and decreases exist and some can stack but its a pain to farm them. Firewater isnt THAT terrible but don’t get me started in pigmy oil or the feast , meanwhile the seesaw doesn’t spawn the ogre when you don’t have flying in the zone you’re in?..
Could make all of that so much simpler and better… prisms included.


I’d be cool with that cause there are still a ton of factions we can’t directly play as.
Also just playing neutral races like a tortollan storyteller, sethrak poison merchant, ogre bodyguard, a ethereal trader of curiosities, Arrakkoa scrollkeeper… you’d have SO many possibilites!


Please add this! Would solve so many issues honestly.


Yeah supporting this as well.
It seems like such an easy thing to implement.

Does that game offer the Warcraft lore background and setting? If the answer is no, your point is moot.

This is akin to suggesting that if a tennis player petitions his club to invest in more small changes to make tennis better to play there, it’s good advice to tell them to go to the kitted out football club across the road. I mean it’s a sport, it’s the same thing right?



Got to agree with that one. For people that rp its cause you want to immerse yourself in the lore and the World of Warcraft.
Its why shadowlands has been such a bummer cause while offering lore it isn’t necessarily relevant to the majority of people inhabiting azeroth and neither would they venture into the shadowlands for any particular reason (if they even could, other than dying).

Anything to make the world feel more diverse and vibrant goes a long way to help… it’s why id love players to have the ability to play as people from all over the place with super easy to use prisms that don’t force a timer on you.


Still better that watching your character doing nothing while you write custom emotes

Maybe just consider that it’s not something you enjoy and prefer to do something else in the game, to each their own.
Nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t bash others for playing it differently :3


See above post.

If someone wants to immerse themselves in Azeroth, going to a game that isn’t Azeroth even if t has ten thousand emotes is pointless.

Unless you’re suggesting that it’s legit a good idea to roleplay Warcraft in FF14 and just pretend with all the settings, races, lore, narrative etc by virtue of the game having a better RP infrastructure.

Don’t get me wrong WoW to accomodation is shocking and I understand that RPers are a very niche group, but stuff being suggested here isn’t huge. A vendor that sells size pots? A guy who sells consumable assets that are in game? This isn’t a big deal.
Look at the elixir of tongues vendor. Most players probably didn’t notice it. RPers did and it made a freaking huge difference to them. Very small change, big impact.


Doing things that are easy to implement but have great positive effects is the way.
Would be a lot more fun if we actually had some roleplay centric tools to play with… we got roleplay servers but without any official support there’s going to be less and less people subbing every month to rp if theres no real incentive to get creative.
Give people a hammer and some nails and they’ll build you a castle.