9.1.5 Content Update Preview

Since your acting on Feedback.

Next, remove CRZ and i’ll be uber excited for the future as well!

Great changes, thank you.

I myself do like to replay story quests, but also rather on my own terms:
Will you remove the auto-teleport on reaching level 50 during Chromie Timewalking leveling? Just lock the XP instead?

I am also a passionate mount farmer:
Will the arbitrary rare mount drop covenant restrictions also be removed, or even hidden progression/buff requirements (e.g. Tahonta)?

However, i am afraid there may be no resurgence of players until the next expansion or at least raid patch. Please react earlier next time.
Even players like me who are less affected by the games issues, have a lot more fun if the player-base sentiment is genuinely positive about the game.
With an early PTR and a proper communication about your design decisions (water cooler blog), maybe even new q&a-style videos (but different: you could prepare topics based on collected PTR player feedback and answer moderated live questions about these topics in the second part), we can give you early and constructive feedback.

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Blizzard deserve no praise for these changes


That would kill small realms, lol.

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I’m praying this might lead to the ability for both the Nightborne and the Void Elves to become Demon Hunters.

It would do so much to the racial diversity of the class, even if its elven only and within the factions.


Correct. This is the least we should expect. They have to work to regain the trust they’ve lost over all these years.


Then keep it on for Small Realms but for high pop ones remove it.

There, everyone is happy.

A nice step in the right direction :smiley:

Where is the Black Hair and Brown Hair for Void Elves ?


Kind of kills the point when it’s the small realms that need people from higher population realms, lol.

This is… Beautiful. It could literally save SL. I am hyped for 9.1.5.

Step in the right direction. Thumbs up from me

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Black hair for void elves and the ability to skip unlocking the Archivist’s Codex and all the rep upgrades on alts and you’ll have solved everything I have an issue with save for a lack of content and the story being awful, but then it’s been Awful since late MoP. (Just undo BfA and Shadowlands at least please. Maybe undo Stormheim too and take Sylvanas in a less… this direction).

And please don’t go over the top with this reporting feature to the point where people are afraid to even speak. The issues you need to be tackling are bots, not words.

Then don’t play on small realms.

Legion M+??? Like actual real Legion M+???
Oh God. Please, can we keep it?? PLEASE.

Lmao, what even is this logic.

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Torghast is still a thing.
The whole edgy death aesthetic is still a thing.
The Maw still isn’t fun.

And there’s more. But I won’t lie: I love that I will be able to use the transmog I unlocked freely. That’s a great boon.


About time they made it possible to switch covenants.

The whole idea that you should be restricted and punished for switching between helping 4 realms who were all allied to each other and not in conflict was stupid from the start.

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It’s a shame you didn’t listen at the beginning when the player base told you on mass that being locked in to covenants was awful. I can’t help but feel this expansion would have been so much better if it had started flexible.


they actually did it
interesting this includes m+ for legion dungeons